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He said, "The Lord doesn't speak in our time"

Updated on August 4, 2013
Betty singing "in the garden"
Betty singing "in the garden" | Source

We want you to sing, not speak of God

You must not say….

Who would have ever believed I would be in a position to be told not to speak about an experience I had as a reborn Christian! To understand what I mean you would need to know that I am not comfortable speaking in public. Give me a mic and I can sing with no fright and that is how I share my feelings for God-by singing His music. However, as a new christian I was not at all comfortable of speaking, just let me sing His praises!

I am also not comfortable praying aloud in a group of people, however, to be with someone privately who needs a friend to pray for them, I have no problem bringing their problem before our Heavenly Father.

Well, let me back up a little and tell you of my experience that happened a few years ago.

While attending a Women’s bible study, we were studying about the fact that if we live for Christ, sooner or later we will be in a position of being persecuted. I thought at the time, “We senior ladies are not likely to have to worry about that.” Within that class, we were discussing various ways that could be considered persecution, in every day life, ie,, being censored regarding our beliefs, being rediculed by family and friends because of our beliefs, being told to refrain from telling of experiences we have had if it was not acceptable to a specific worship group. .

I was asked a few days later to sing at the next Senior luncheon and had committed to do it.

A couple of days before the luncheon, Gary and I had a visit at our home from one of the leaders of the church who had read my book “The Lord still Speaks, are you listening” that includes my testimony of how the Lord had spoken to me, telling me to write inspirationally and it would be published.

The man who spoke to us said, “We would love to have you sing at the luncheon, however, we are aware that you claim The lord has spoken to you and we all know He does not speak to people in our times. You must not say this to our church members while you are on the stage.” As I sat there listening to him, I realized I was being tested to stand up for my beliefs.

I replied to him, “I have committed to sing at the luncheon, and I will not let John down. He wouldn’t be able to find someone on such short notice, however, I may not say a word while I am on the stage if I have to be careful not to tell of my very special experience with my Lord.”

After he left our home Gary and I talked about the situation and I said, “Gary, I may not say anything and just worship through my music, however, you may say whatever the Lord puts on your heart .”

The day arrived and we began our concert, singing the old hymns, some of the Gaither’s songs and some of my original songs. Then, Gary announced that everyone would remember the next song and we would love for them to join in with us. The music began and as Gary and I sang, “In the Garden”, at least a hundred people in the room sang each word with us, very loudly—“ And He walks with me, and He TALKS with me, and He TELLS me I am His own. And the joy we share as we tarry there, none other has ever known.”

It was sometime later that I realized God took care of the situation. All I did was sing a very old Gospel song that I sing in every concert and all those church members grew up singing it as I had. He walks with me and He talks with me.

What would you do (if you had the choice) with audience singing along

Books of the Lord speaking to folks like me and you!

He Said "Press": Hearing God Through Grief
He Said "Press": Hearing God Through Grief

Great book of hearing God through a time of Grief. Patty is a tremendous writer.



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