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Getting Philosophical on Personal Philosophy

Updated on October 5, 2008

"I said to the almond tree, 'Sister, speak to me about God,' and the almond tree blossomed."-Greco

Every culture is the manifestation of the ideas and attitudes of its people. These ideas and attitudes come together in both people and cultures to form "philosophies." Our own generation is one of great philosphical poverty, and as a result, we live in an age of tremendous confusion.

We, each have our own philosophy. This idealism is comprised of a set of our own beliefs, ideologies and learned behaviors by which we choose to live. These are many and varied, just as we are many and varied. Someone might believe for example that there is one God, that the earth is round, or that you should never go anywhere without an umbrella. Another person's beliefs could be very different, but we can co-exist, understand and respect one another's personal philosophy.

While we may not be able to articulate clearly our own personal philosophy, we can call upon this "rule of life" many times each day. Everyday we make hundreds of decisions. Some of these decisions affect everything from what we eat to what we wear, still others affect the very direction of our lives. In every instance, these decisions are determined by our personal philosophy.

The enviroment of a community (yes,even here, we are in a community) is made up of the collective philosophies of the people who make up that community. A philosophy in the easiest of terms is, a rule of life. As a memeber of this community (ever notice that community is a combination of the words common and unity?)I would like to dare to ask:

What is your philosophy?

And whether you believe that we have built our culture or community on a "rock like the wise man, or on sand like the fool?"


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  • KutWrite profile image

    KutWrite 9 years ago from At-Large

    Mr Humility said:  "...we are heading towards destruction..."  Boy, do I disagree! 

    Yes, we are told we are in constant danger. This is to sell newspapers and ad time on radio and TV.  It's also fear which gives government more and more control.

    Most of any danger we do face is caused by governments.  Governments do nothing useful that can't be done peacefully and cooperatively. They keep us in a state of fear in order to continue taking the fruits of our labor.

    Our salvation, if we need one, is in using our God-given talents to further peaceful and useful ends.  If we ignore the force and threat of government as a goal, we can quickly see a beautiful result. 

    No, we're not doomed.  But we can do better by focusing on our own lives.  Let's learn more about why we're here and we can live happily and intelligently.


  • profile image

    thequestfortruth 9 years ago

    as you are asking, my philosophy is to follow truth, or as close as i can get. but the tree summed it up well. when it blossomed it was truth - "the truth is out there" the best our minds can do is to create a map of external reality which is going to be more or less close to the real reality out there.......yea verily :)

  • thishumility profile image

    thishumility 9 years ago

    I don't think so, we are heading towards destruction and I hope philosophy could change our minds and realize....