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A New Perspective with Ancient Roots

Updated on October 2, 2011

God is Love. This is one quality of the Divine upon which all religions will agree. God is Love. The problem seems to come from deciding what that means and how it impacts us humans.

And judging from the mess we tend to make of things, it seems there is a huge barrier between us and the concept of God being Love. The fact that He is Love seems to have little impact on us as we interact and relate with each other.

Throughout history, how many wars have been fought in the name of religion? How many have had at least some religious aspect to them? It’s the 21st century and we’re still fighting them in the name of God.

When all is said and done, how logical is it to have soldiers pray to the God of Love before they go into battle with other human beings who have just prayed to their God of Love?

No matter what is said in defense of such a situation, the bottom line is that there is a disconnection between how we humans understand the concept “God is Love” and how we live our lives…and view our world.

There is a story from the annals of Christian Church history regarding King James and the concept, God is Love. It seems he challenged his translators of the Bible to make the biblical message as simple as possible so that the greatest number of people, educated or not, might understand its true essence. After years of struggle and unsuccessful attempts, he finally ordered his court theologians to come up with the essence in one sentence. In exasperation, one threw up his arms and blurted out three words: “God is Love.”

If God is Love, then the inverse is also true, Love is God. This understanding makes it possible to use the terms interchangeably. God is Love, Love is God. God, Love, Love, God.

With God and Love being one and the same, it follows that if God/Love made everything in Creation, then it can be said with assurance that all Creation is made from Love and is, therefore, an expression of Love. All Creation. No exceptions.

If God is Love, and all Creation is an expression of Love, then we humans, as beings of Creation, are also expressions of Love. We are of Creation. We are of Love. We are Love -- all humans in equal measure. No person gets more Love made available to them than another person. It is. It is there. It is all around us. And It is us. We are Love.

So why is it we, as humans, persist in thinking we are separate from Love, that we must receive it, must make ourselves available to it, must ready ourselves for or become worthy of Love?

Because we remain disconnected from the reality of Love due to our continual misunderstanding of it.

When speaking of Love and its relationship to God, don’t we typically say, “God’s Love”? The problem with this grammatical structure is that it presents Love as something God possesses, as though it were just one aspect of His personality. But Love is not something God possesses. He IS Love; Love is He. There is no separation. One cannot exist without the other. They are one and the same.

How else do we talk about Love? We describe relationships as “falling in love.” Many people believe there is no love in their life if there is no significant other. Many of us believe there are times in our lives when love is lacking or absent.

But if all of Creation is Love and we are Love, then Love is not something that can be withheld, sectioned off, partitioned, relegated to a distant location…or avoided.

Love IS. And God IS. They are existence itself and, therefore, existence means being with and in the presence of God in equal measure, wherever, whenever. There is no place that God and Love do not exist within existence.

This means we, as Humans – and as entities of Creation – are made of and from Love. We exist because of Love. We exist in Love; we exist as Love in corporeal form.

God is Love… and all creation is an expression of Love.

This has huge ramifications for us Humans and how we live -- because it runs exactly counter to the way we have built our societies and civilization.

With God being Love and everything being an expression of Love, no one is special – and everyone is special.

There is no special knowledge. There is no special keeper of the Knowledge. There is no Secret.

We have just been led to believe separation from Love and God is possible. We have been led to believe there is a disconnection.

But disconnection is an illusion. Separation is impossible. We are always connected to, by and in Love because we are of Love.

Connection is the reality.

Connecting with this “new” picture of reality means there are some powerful, commonly held, concepts that need to be completely re-thought. One of those is the concept of God’s will for individuals.

The fact that God’s will has to be presented in a possessive structure – as the object of God, as a possession – is the first clue that there’s something amiss with this concept.

If God is Love, what more is there? What else would He have to possess? He created everything as an expression of Love. The belief that God has an individual will for each person’s life would mean that God is not being true to his equal-loving nature. To have a will/plan for one person to be wealthy and filled with life’s riches and a will/plan for another to live in abject poverty doesn’t sound like an expression of Love -- because it isn’t. To explain elevated status in life as God’s will/plan for someone is to uphold the belief that some people are favored by God and other’s aren’t.

By the same token, fretting over the need to discover “God’s will for my life” is an exercise in futility – because there is no individualized plan for your life. To have one would mean God was playing favorites. And why would a person need to discover this wonderful plan? Would a Loving God really hide His Plan for your life or make it cryptic?

The problem is we want to believe there is such a personalized plan so we feel special and specially connected to God.

To believe this is to hold a belief that is counter to who God is.

There is a will of God, however. But not what we think or have been led to believe. It is an expression of Love – His Nature – and therefore, is constant, consistent and applicable to all, regardless. No exceptions.

This “Will of God” is simply that we, as His Creation and expressions of Love, remain connected with, by and in Love. We are to live in Love and as expressions of Love, which is to say, live as He created us to live. Live as the fulfillment of who each of us was created to be.

This brings us back to the Garden of Eden story and the concept of original sin.

What was the original sin? To not accept ourselves as Created by God, to feel inadequate and, in order to ameliorate those feelings, desire to add to ourselves, to make ourselves better, or special, or more than who we actually are.

All He has ever wanted for us was to “just be.” When He created us, when he created mankind, what was His response? “It was very good.”

What happens when we take such a view of God’s will and our status in life? What happens when we alter our view of the world to better match God’s view?

We realize the tremendous diversity of life and therefore, Love. Everyone is different which makes all of us both unique and the same.

We are all brothers and sisters. We are all important. We are all contributors. Our skills make us interconnected. We need each other.

And, therefore, because of that, we need to honor one another and rejoice in our diversity, celebrate it and remain connected.

But it doesn’t work that way…

… because we are not in the world that was created that way. We are not in the Garden. We have been taken out of the Garden to exist within the realm of inadequacy that drives us to seek to be special and define ourselves, not by appreciation for diversity and “the other,” but by adding to ourselves and distinguishing ourselves above “the others,” by elevating ourselves and focusing on ourselves so that we feel better, different and special from everyone else.

This is the Great Illusion.

The true reality is that we are already these things and always have been. God has created each of us different – as snowflakes – which means we are inherently special, inherently unique.

But that’s not enough for us. In fact, we tend to fight against this with all our might because we exist in a fallen state. And our perceptions are tainted by this state and they tend to work overtime to reinforce this fallen state.

We choose to continue to believe we are disconnected from that which is around us and continue to live in that belief of disconnection and not only act out that belief, but work diligently at reinforcing it. But this belief is a myth…one we hold so tightly that our disconnection becomes our reality.

The irony is that what we truly long for – the salve for the yearning of our souls – is to simply re-connect to who we really are and have been created to be. What we want, is, in actuality, who we really are. We just need to make that connection.


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