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Pictures Of Ghosts

Updated on April 29, 2010

We All Love A Good Haunting

Every Halloween we scour the internet for pictures and videos of ghosts, but the search never stops there. Year round we hear of this haunting and that haunting and find ourselves scouring the internet for proof. After all, if it really happened we want to be a witness, right? And these pictures of ghosts (and videos) are the only way we can share in the experience.I have even heard there was a Michael Jackson ghost floating around the net.

So, why are we so interested in ghosts? After all, loud firetrucks frighten us, so why don't we seek out pictures and videos of those? You want my opinion? We seek proof that there is life after death and ghosts would offer such proof. If we absolutely prove to ourselves that ghosts exist then we can say with certainty the afterlife exists, thus the reason we keep searching.

Perhaps, the better question is ... why do these pictures and videos frighten us so? Well, there's always the question of whether the spirits of the dead can interact with the living, and that uncertainty can easily cause us all a bit of a fright. :)

Ghost at the door
Ghost at the door

This first picture is a watcher through the door that isn't really there. The fact that it appears human would stress us out further as we got to the door and found no one was there. These kind of ghosts are reminiscent of stalkers and often will keep us awake at night.

A guardian
A guardian

Guardian ghosts will often stand in a certain place, almost as if to ward off the living. What makes these spectral sights so freaky is that they often appear at random times, but typically in the same spot, which seems to make one believe they are bound to that place for some reason.

Though guardians can freak you out, they don't tend to do anything malicious, which is a good thing, considering their capacity to make one frightened.

A free-floating apparition
A free-floating apparition

Okay ... Here I have to be honest. If I saw this one I would be more than just a bit freaked out! As this ghost is more detailed than most it gives one the idea that it might be more upon our plane of existence than most, and therefore, possibly able to cause us harm. Regardless, this is not a picture to stare at for an hour before going to bed as it won't help you sleep very well. :)

Videos Of Ghosts Are More Fun

Let's face it ... we can tell ourselves the pictures could be fakes, but could we convince ourselves of the same thing if we were offered video proof? Let's test that theory by looking at some pretty interesting videos of ghosts ...

Our first video seems innocent enough unless you look at the center of the door real carefully as it's closed. I won't tell you what to expect. Instead, I will have you find it yourself. Trust me ... it has a creep factor of nine once you see it! :)

This next video appears like nothing, but there is an interesting surprise in the end. Are ghosts real? This video makes one being to wonder ...

And while you might be thinking all ghosts prefer to hide behind closed doors, we offer this video that they are also more than willing to roam the halls when they believe no one is looking. However, the security camera catches it all, allowing us to see that which would normally have went unnoticed.

Are you looking to get spooked some more? Well, good! Here's a nice video that incorporates many different unexplained sightings of ghosts!

And my final video is one I am certain you will want to share with everyone ... both believers and non-believers alike. And while it's not conclusive proof that ghosts exists, it is certain to spook you more than the others did. Listen carefully to the sounds in the background as you watch the chair.

Did you like that one? Good! Be sure to share this page with others as we all no someone needing a good fright, and remember ... the spooks are out there ... all you need to do to see them is believe. :)

And if you're interested in seeing more ghosts, check out this article:

And while you're at it ... you can look at pictures of Bigfoot, too. :)


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