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Planetary influence on human beings and Karma theory!

Updated on August 16, 2016

Some planets influence good qualities!

Planets do influence human beings!

Many people believe that planets influences human life. But, none is aware how much influence planets exerts on mankind? If we are aware of the karmic effects of human beings due to their own deeds in this as well as past births, they will realize that one takes birth at an appropriate time which synchronizes with our past effects. Hence, after death of an individual, his future birth never happens immediately. Sometimes, it takes years before he takes another birth! The planets do influence every individual according to his own past karma. Hence the astrological texts points out that the time of birth, place of birth and the planets in the sky during the baby’s birth have a marked influence on the life of the baby. Hence we find many differences between each baby. While one baby is born to wealthy parents, the other one is born to poor parents. One baby is born healthy while the other baby is born with some defects in health. Thus babies born in poor countries have to struggle much for everything.

Babies born even with minor time differences show marked differences. But twins almost share the same fortune throughout their life since the parents are same and the ways they are brought up are under similar circumstances. A peculiar case was recorded in astrological studies. A prince and a baby to servant maid were born at the exact time within the same compound (area). The life of the prince and the life of the boy born at the same time to the servant mind shared similar events ln life. They were married on the same date and had children born on the exact dates. The prince married a rich girl and the servant boy too married a girl on the same date. The children were born on the same dates to both! This proves that the time and place of birth influence each individual. In ancient days, immediately after the birth of a baby, the time is noted and the Pundit who is expert in horoscope charts is given the data of the birth. Within few days, he consults the almanac and calculates the ascendant house and marks the planets as given in the ephemeris. The almanac contains the planetary positions for each day of the year and their houses. Also the movements of various planets throughout the year in various houses are given with the accuracy of seconds.

The influence of moon!

Planetary qualities which influence man!

In Western astrology, the movement of Sun is noted and based on which different houses are named but in Indian astrology, movements of moon influence the casting of the horoscope! Both the systems have valid points. We believe that only human beings are influenced by planets. No! Each country or Nation or a political system has horoscopes based on the time of their formation. Hence based on the movements of planets, many expert astrologers were able to predict the fortune of different countries around the world, natural calamities, diseases, economical condition, and productivity etc. Thus we can understand that the affluence of certain Nations gives them more power in the decisions of world politics. We term them as ‘Big Brother”. It is natural for them to meddle with the affairs of other countries under one pretext or other. Then there is capitalism, communism, social democratic countries and those ruled by Kings and autocrats. We have all system existing in the present political scenario. Even the industrialization is due to the effects of certain planets like Mars and Saturn.

Mercury is one planet which is associated with sciences and other subjects which are more intellectual; the IT sector is due to the strong influence of Mercury on many parts of the globe! Jupitar, Mercury and Sun are three main planets which are responsible for learning. While Mars is associated with valor, those who serve in the military have strong influence of mars in their natal chart. While the sun represents the Self, the moon represents the mind! The moon waxes or wanes after each passing day. Similarly, our moods too changes as well as fortunes. On some days we receive bounty and on some other days, we lose whatever we have. On some days, we are brisk with full of energy while on some days, we become ill and bed ridden. Even the food we consume depends on the influence of planets as well as the digestive system. During certain nights, we get a nice sleep and on other days, we are deprived of the regular sleep. We exult during certain days and crestfallen on some other days. The planets pass through different zodiac divisions and pass through certain stars. The stars are sometimes favorable and at other times, they are inimical. Each zodiac division or house is ruled by a planet. Some planets are friendly with other planets and inimical with certain others as well as neutral to certain other planets. Generally, the planets are grouped as ‘malefic, benefic or neutral.

Rahu and Ketu are nodal points!

Good, bad and neutral planets and their influence on our life!

In day to day life, we come across many individuals. We like some people, we hate some people and we are neutral to certain others. This is like magnetic theory. Hence the astrologers have grouped two sets of planets as malefic or benefic. Thus Jupitar, waxing moon and mercury placed alone and Venus are considered benefic planets. The other planets like Sun, Mars, waning moon and Saturn are malefic planets. Mercury associated with the malefic planet is considered malefic. There are two nodes which are termed as Rahu and Ketu in Indian astrology. They have no equivalent in Western astrology. Both Rahu and Ketu are considered as malefic since their origin is ‘snake’. One is head and the other is tail. In a country with billions of population, we have very few leaders. If we examine their charts, there will be certain powerful combination of planets! These combinations favor one with many fortunes and powerful positions. Whatever they utter, people simply follow! For instance, Hitler was one leader, none dared to disobey him. He was ruthless, powerful and dictatorial. Take the example of Mahatma Gandhi! He was humble to the core, practiced Truth and Non-violence throughout his life. He has shown the world that non-cooperation movement will achieve ultimate freedom from colonial powers! He followed his consciousness and he was a staunch believer in Truth. The world honors Gandhi and not Hitler! No doubts the planets in their birth charts given them so much of power!

Whether one believe in astrology or not, he too is being influenced by planets on earth! Otherwise, he could have chosen his time of birth or death!

Astrological science!


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