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Planets in Pisces Part One: Ascendant and Mercury

Updated on November 30, 2015
Pisces's glyph
Pisces's glyph | Source
Astrological Natal Chart
Astrological Natal Chart | Source

I have been playing this scenario in my head based on the other 5 personal astrology planets (other than your sun sign). When you first meet someone what planet do you see? Do you see the sun sign, moon sign, ascendant sign, etc? It is tricky to say what sign you meet first but I’ll take a go at it. Perhaps maybe this scenario can make sense to others as it makes sense to me.

When someone first meet you (and vice versa) they meet your ascendant sign. After a while once they get to talking with you they meet your mercury sign. It is on this occasion you laugh, joke, and get to know each other more. After you both depart, deciding that you both like each other and want to meet up somewhere. You both suggest places to go and agree on a place. Later on they meet you, decide that they like you even more and meet several times with you. It is on these occasions when they meet your sun sign and your basic personality. You hang out, have fun and they get to see your Mars sign in action. After a while they get to know you more personally, soon becoming close friends. It is there that they get to see and notice both your Venus and Moon signs, while getting a taste of the darker sides of your mars and mercury signs.

In this scenario I will be talking about Ascendant/Rising, and Mercury in the zodiac sign of Pisces. This does not specifically refer to the sun sign in Pisces (some similarities may apply however).

Stamp of Ukraine: Pisces
Stamp of Ukraine: Pisces | Source

Ascendant/Rising in Pisces

Your ascendant/rising is Pisces, so your first house will most likely be in Pisces and ruled by Neptune. Pisces rising is quite a dreamy, sensitive sign. People will often say to do that you look like someone they know or remind them of someone they know (usually both). This is because Pisces are the chameleons and shape shifters of the zodiac. They tend to morph themselves into the persons you need them to be. They can be who they want to be, but you will never know who they truly are. Elusive and otherworldly, they are not completely there. Talk to a Pisces rising and they will often be elsewhere, in a place you cannot see. Their clothes, words and actions become them, you can see their vision in the way they present themselves. The Pisces is the bohemian hippie with a love for nature and animals. Disorderly and messy in appearance, Pisces rising looks innocent and have delicate, soft features. They prefer comfortable loose fitting clothes and shoes. If anything they prefer to be naked and as close to nature and the earth as possible.

Oh when those Mercury in Pisces talk
Oh when those Mercury in Pisces talk | Source

Mercury in Pisces

Your Mercury in Pisces, so you communicate and think in a Piscean/Neptunian way. You have a very visual mind and have a good imagination. You like to daydream and tend to think of elaborate scenarios. You are not really direct and logical in speech, you make your own logic up. Your mind and communication is emotional and sensitive, colored with a Neptunian spin on facts and details. You tend to hold back, create little white lies, and not say the things you want to say because you do not want to hurt any ones feelings. Mercury is detriment in Pisces and it is there for a reason. Logic and directness is not something you can master like the other mercury signs. You think in a unique way and find it hard to place words on visions, and dreams you had. To you it sometimes makes sense and sometimes doesn’t make sense, and it is hard to define and explain to others the visuals, ideas and visions that play in your head. So you tend to be quiet and say things without uttering a word. You create and show the things you can’t say.

For example take Lady Gaga, she has her mercury in Pisces and she communicates through her music and the way she dresses. How can she explain the meat dress to someone? Or her coming out of an egg in an awards show. The only way she can explain it, is for you to see and interpret it yourself. Mercury in Pisces does not like to discriminate or alienate using their words. Mercury in Pisces gives you the permission and allows others to speak for them and to interpret the things they say for them. This can lead to a lot of confusion, but this is the best way Mercury in Pisces can communicate.

Pisces in the Sky!
Pisces in the Sky! | Source

Overall this concludes the first part of my Planets in Pisces Series. Look out for my hub, Planets in Pisces Part Two: Mars, Venus, and Moon. Thank You!

What planet do you have in Pisces?

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