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Planets: the Jupiter

Updated on November 13, 2012

The planet of good luck

In traditional astrology, Jupiter is the planet of happiness, good luck and big possibilities. It is, no doubt, very beneficial. Studying it more attentively, however, we become aware of some hidden dangers.

Jupiter manages the process of one's connection to a social group by hobbies: be it science, art, or a person. This means new possibilities, career growth, or a sudden new job, sometimes money that comes from nowhere and helps improve a social position by solving the problems of the house rent, or the purchase of an isle in the Indian Ocean. Jupiter rules the first period of romance. Active Jupiter means the eyes of a person shining bright when one enters a new period of life. And although no life is completely happy, Jupiter does not seem to care for this: it gives promises without caring for the fact if they come true. Emotional animation that happens at the beginning of the love-affair, or a new activity, often does not correspond to the difficulties and hardships that follow. And in this, Jupiter is a big cheater. But not like Neptune. Jupiter does not turn your eyes away. It just turns on the lights, creating a rainbow-like reality, and then, gradually, turns the lights down, and lets other planets, the ones that incarnate the principles of hard work, discipline and necessity, take its place. Why this happens, there is no knowing, but it looks like a social egregore invites us actively to join in, like to be a guest, but, in fact, to work hard on its field. On the outside, though, it looks like a beautiful arch, or a celebration, or an orchestra that welcomes us. 

What the gifts of Jupiter mean

Imagine the situation. A young woman who has been left by her beloved, cannot forget him. Her thoughts go back to her past, and all the time she has a desire to come to the window and check if the silhouette of her beloved appears there. Men do not interest her any longer. The world has become gray, and the feelings have withered. When this state continues for two years, her friends start to loose the hope of healing, and look for the psychiatrist that can help her. The psychiatrist states the norm. She understands all the abnormality of her inner state and behaviour, but she can change nothing. And one day, she wakes up and sees the trees outside that look bright green and even silver. Suddenly, she understands, that the old life is over, and the new life, fresh, breath-taking and attractive, begins.

In the inner life, Jupiter represents the subconscious programs that are difficult to reach for for a usual person. Even a psychoanalyst will have difficulty understanding them, as his work lies within the planets of the first and second levels, and Jupiter is that of the third level. It's just like we can struggle for happiness and love for a long time, but, to really become happy, we need huge luck, the fortune's and God's help. Jupiter rules the subconscious programs of people in this way: these programs are turned on not with the personal effort, even though one can help oneself by a self-analysis, but with the help of other people, groups, and events, and this brings a tremendous change to the psyche.

The gift of Jupiter is always very generous
The gift of Jupiter is always very generous

Jupiter is generous, it always gives a lot, even if it stands together with Saturn in the natal chart. It is even better than anything that we can imagine. Jupiter gives, requiring nothing in return. But, in fact, it only offers additional ways of working on karma. It does not replace this work. The free solution of the inner problem is probably only another possibility that is offered in the exterior life to use with new material, with the help of a certain delay and switching of the interests. Jupiter casts light on the tired, tortured person, but it is only the beginning of the way that must be fully accomplished.

Taming of Jupiter

On the first level of taming of Jupiter, any representative of the next social step is perceived like God in flesh. This leads, especially if Jupiter is strong, to an impossible vanity as far as all the lower classes of society are concerned, combined with self-humiliation in front of the upper classes. Actually, Jupiter extends horizons but here, it is viewed very narrowly: it is good to be rich and have power. Scientific or religious ideals do not appear so far or seem ephemeral. 

Any representative of the next social step is perceived as God
Any representative of the next social step is perceived as God

On the second level of mastering of Jupiter, we still take all the gifts and benefits that we receive for granted, especially the mercy of Jupiter that one does not get punished for the karmic debts, and every error is somehow forgiven. Now we can perceive more layers of society than before. The prayer still has the meaning of begging. During visiting of the church the thoughts go in directions that take us away from earthly matters, the obscure idea of charity appears. So far, a person forms the ideas of luck, happiness and extension of possibilities using social stamps. But their set becomes wider, and it is possible to combine them consciously. For example, a goal must be set: I would like to be a director of a company and have a village house. On this level, real world of human achievements becomes available: the world of art, the world of abstract thought, and somewhere, far away, we can distinguish subtly the philosophy and religion which are so far unexplored and unknown depths.

After visiting of the church, thoughts concern other than earthly affairs
After visiting of the church, thoughts concern other than earthly affairs
The important issue is that we understand that overcoming difficulties makes us grow spiritually
The important issue is that we understand that overcoming difficulties makes us grow spiritually

On the third level of mastering of Jupiter, we partially realize the narrowness of the social representations about luck and happiness. Mentally (and rarely essentially) we do realize that happiness is the work for others, and for this, we have to learn a lot and work a lot on ourselves. The luck is a piece of work that came in the right moment, whether it is work that we accomplish inside ourselves or outside. An important moment as far as the spiritual growth is concerned, arrives: we realize that we can only grow spiritually when we come across difficulties. And we start greeting difficulties, knowing that, overcoming them, we evolve. Only now we can appreciate the luck from Jupiter not as a gift from above but as a piece of knowledge that can help us evolve, because there are opportunities. This is a creative approach as far as one's destiny is concerned. 

Now the interest in the church and rituals is growing. We can feel relief and help after visiting of the church and talking to a priest. Some religious and philosophic thoughts that come across our mind sometimes are appreciated, but do not play an important part in our life. 

On the fourth level of mastering of Jupiter there are people who were considered saint before. Nowadays, we can say, that it is a very very good person, and even strange, not from this world. On this level a person is able to get detached independently from the social ideals and concepts of happiness. We find our place in the process of evolution and obtain real faith that would guide us through life. Now we can work for different groups of society and understand their ethics. But we would not necessarily obey this ethics because we can now receive information and energy from a higher source. However, to attain this new level, we need to pass the course of impersonal service. And we must work on the subconscious programs that respond positively to the standard ideas of happiness and overcome this, and then devote ourselves to our personal karma. A person of this level spreads spiritual light around. The Jupiter of this person is turned on and turns on the Jupiter of other people. Many of their problems get solved as if by themselves, but the most important thing is the expansion of possibilities of the inner work and evolution that this planet, so waited for, but so misunderstood, can bring. 

The person seems to be not of this world
The person seems to be not of this world

The kingdom of Jupiter

Jupiter symbolizes a sponsor, good luck or just huge joy.

Jupiter rules Sagittarius and Pisces, and it culminates in Cancer. From Sagittarius it gets highest tendency and religiosity. From Pisces it gets mercy and kindness. It receives from Cancer the deepness of emotional and spiritual penetration into the essence of a human problem, which is not realized from the start.

A Jupiter situation is, for example, the amnesty for the prisoners on the occasion of a national holiday, for example, the ascension of an inheritor to the throne. Any adventure novel is full of Jupiter situations: these are different miraculous rescue episodes in disasters and getting away from different enemies. Jupiter manages mercy in its social revelation: orphanages, free lunches for the hungry and unemployed, religious missions putting stress on the practical help for the outcasts. The situation of Jupiter of the highest octave is the Transfiguration, in human life this means connexion with the higher reality.

Jupiter manages orphanages
Jupiter manages orphanages

Jupiter is absolutely necessary in the scientific research, where it expands the viewpoint of the scientist, gives luck, and almost a miracle, that is important for any scientific achievement. Also, Jupiter reigns over a serious conversation or a lecture about philosophical issues. Jupiter manages socially approved ways of expansion of consciousness: books, libraries, home and foreign cultures, foreigners, trips, exploring foreign countries. Jupiter takes part in any situation of abundance, be it harvest, obese body or a flood. We are nearing this important circumstance here that "a lot" does not mean "good". For example, the over-abundance of chains and wire in a country can be related to the harmonious Jupiter of some minister.

The Jupiter person

The person in whose natal chart there is Jupiter dominating, will provoke either adoration or hatred in the hearts of people. The thing is, there is always too much of this person.

When Jupiter is harmonious, this person is really impressive: imagine a thick, very kind-hearted and joyful person, full of energy and ideas, always active, surrounded by the abundance of people and things. At his home they feed you with different dishes which seem never to come to an end. The house is full of furniture and knick-knacks, not to mention books and works of art, that would be enough to make a library or a museum. If the owner is good in music, then there are many musical instruments that he plays on. This person observes the others in a patronizing way, and if you survive it, examining this person more attentively, you will see that, in fact, he is self-absorbed and considers you something between a siamese cat (he has two of them) and his favorite last century piano. However, he offers you his personality in a very disinterested way. Isn't this enough?

Harmonious Jupiter can give a person a constant desire of parasitizing. The life of this person is like a constant celebration. Within some time, however, the taste gets dumb, and the person stops perceiving luck as such and takes all the gifts of Jupiter for granted. But even if the person does not want to lift a finger, and exploits the gifts of Jupiter totally, the influence of this planet does not cease. Another thing happens. The law of karma starts working through other planets (especially Saturn and the Sun), offering more and more difficult tests, teaching the laws of life in an existential way, making him know something from experience.

Jupiter means "sponsor"
Jupiter means "sponsor"


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      Anna Sidorova 

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      Thank you, too, for the comment!

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      thanks for this nice article, its a piece of art, voted up


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