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Please do a hub on the tabernacle of Moses

Updated on June 17, 2016



THE OUTER COURT - The fence, the brazen altar, the laver.

THE HOLY PLACE - The table of shewbread, the candlestick, the altar of incense.

THE HOLY OF HOLIES - The ark and the mercy seat.

IT Always faced EAST - looking toward the SUNRISE

THE TABERNACLE OF THE Old Testament was temporary - used only 400 years (Ex 25:8).Then, THE TEMPLE (2 Chr 5:14) was for a time the dwelling place of God here on the earth, (will be restored for the Millennium)..

Fourteen is the number of TESTIMONY. The Tabernacle is a place of fellowship, communion, and TESTIMONY. Each material has a typical meaning, the meanings are the same wherever they are found in the Tabernacle. Below are the fourteen major tabernacle furniture.

[1]. GOLD (Ex. 25:3).

[2]. SILVER (Ex 25:3).

[3]. BRASS (Ex 25:3; Num 21:6-9).

[4]. BLUE (Ex. 25:4).

[5]. PURPLE (Ex 25:4).

[6]. SCARLET (Ex 25:4).

[7]. FINE LINEN (Ex 25:4; Rev 19:8).

[8]. GOAT'S HAIR (Ex 25:4; Lev 16:20-22).

[9]. RAM'S SKINS DYED RED (Ex 25:5 )

[10]. BADGER'S SKINS - (Ex 25:5; Isa 53:2)

[11]. SHITTIM WOOD (Acacia) (Ex. 25:5).

[12]. OIL for the LIGHT (Ex 25:5).

[13]. SPICES for Anointing, OIL (Ex 25:6).

[14]. ONXY STONES (Ex 25:7).

The FENCE was of FINE, TWINED LINEN suspended on sixty pillars (posts) of brass resting on sockets of brass, caped with

chapiters (crowns of silver), held in place with linen cords and pins of brassThe .


[1]. For seven years the soil is prepared before the flax seed is sown for this high grade, finely twined linen (other crops are raised and plowed back into the soil

[2]. The special seed is sown (flax will grow anywhere, in contrast to cotton or silk

[3].Harvesting is done by hand, (flax has been sown closely together ) to preserve the fine texture (individual salvation) and laid in pools of water for the flax plant to die and the linen fibers to "come alive-separated"

[4].Cleansing and combing come next, much rough treatment, but many short hairy bits are removed .

[5].Finer, and finer combing brings soft, silky finish .

[6].Spun into thread, wetted and spread in the sun to bleach.

THE PILLARS - (posts)

Sixty in number, made of brass sockets, silver chapiters.

[1]. 60 - composed of five twelves.

[2]. 100 cubits long.

[3]. 50 cubits wide (Lev. 25:5-17).

[4]. Brass - divine judgment - Christ took the divine judgment of sin for us (2 Cor. 5:21).

[5].The CHAPITERS of SILVER (Ex. 30:11-16).


The Fence was continuous, except for the One Gate in front.

A. It was a BARRIER - Unlawful entrance is prevented.

B. It was PROTECTION - Kept enemies of righteousness at a distance, but inside you are surrounded by righteousness.

C. It was a LINE - The camp outside, the Tabernacle inside; a positive mark .

It was a WAY OF APPROACH - man must come God's way.


There was only ONE OPENING in the FENCE - THE GATE

A. THREE ENTRANCES - Gate, Door, Veil -

[1]. VEIL - Downward from God.

[2]. DOOR - Outward from God to man.

[3]. GATE - Upward from man to God.

[4]. ALL THREE equal in size - 100 cubits square; Gate (5x20); Door, Veil (10x 10).



[1]. 20 cubits wide, 5 cubits high, supported on 4 pillars.

[2]. Fine twined linen embroidered with blue, purple and scarlet.

[3]. BLUE - Heavenly origin, nature .

[4]. PURPLE - Royalty .

[5]. SCARLET - Sacrifice, death .

[6]. LINEN - Righteousness.

[7]. FOUR PILLARS - (North, East, South, West) -

Tabernacle of Moses Study

A large number of the measurements are multiples of fives. What does this mean? FIVE is the number of Death!



60 pillars (12x5)

Gate 20 cubits wide (4x5)

60 chapiters (12x50

Gate 5 cubits high (1x5)

60 sockets (12x5)

Door 10 cubits wide (2x5)

20 pins (24x5)

Door 10 cubits wide (2x5)

100 cubits long (20x5)

Door 5 pillars (1x5)



30 cubits long (6x5)

10 x 10 x 10 (2x5)

10 cubits wide (2x5)

10 cubits wide (2x5)


100 silver sockets (20x5)

5 x 5 cubits (1x5)

15 bars (3x5)

5 vessels (1x5)

5 bars each side (1x5)

5 animals (1x5)

10 curtains (2x5)

5 offerings (1x5)

50 taches (10x5)

In the Ark:

100 blue loops (20x5)

10 commandments (2x5)


20 cubits long (4x5)

10 cubits wide (2x5)

10 cubits high (2x5)

ESTIMATED VALUE (Exodus 38:24-31)

GOLD 29 talents 730 shekels = 1 1/4 tons SILVER 100 talents 1,775 shekels = 4 1/4 tons BRASS 70 talents 2,400 shekels = 4 tons

A talent of gold was about 120 pounds, a talent of silver about 100 pounds, a shekel was one-half ounce.

Adding to this the cost of the wood, fabrics, priestly garments, precious stones, it has been estimated to be valued at $10,000,000.00 without labor.

(Exodus 12:35,36)


A. First Covering - BADGER SKINS (dull, bluish gray).

One verse is all that is given for the coverings (Ex. 26:14).

These skins protected the Tabernacle from the rain, sand, and sun.

Weather-beaten, dull and bluish-gray, it was unattractive, no beauty was in it (this was all that could be seen from the courtside).

Isaiah 53:2,3 - "no form, no comeliness, no beauty".

B. Second Covering - RAMS SKINS (dyed red).

Mentioned in same verse with badger skins (26:14).

The ram was the animal for sacrifice; also used in the consecration of the priests.


A. First Curtain - GOAT'S HAIR (black - Exodus 26:7-13).

Also called the Tent".

It actually was a set of (11) curtains joined together in two pieces (5 & 6), and the two pieces joined by FIFTY BRASS TACHES and ONE HUNDRED LOOPS.


The goat was used as a sin offering (Lev.9,16); and the Palestinian goat was black (Gen. 30:25-43) depicting the blackness of sin.

10 of the 11 sections were covered by the two outer coverings, the 11th was hanging and seen. The meaning of number ELEVEN: ELEVEN IS THE NUMBER OF DISORGANIZATION.

B. Second Curtain - FINE TWINED LINEN (white, Ex.26:1-6).

[1]. 10 curtains sewn together in two sets of five, joined by 100 LOOPS OF BLUE and 5O GOLDEN TACHES.

[2]. Woven (cunningly, skillfully worked with BLUE, SCARLET, PURPLE, and CHERUBIMS.


(a). LINEN - spotless, sinless, righteous .

(b). BLUE

(c). PURPLE - royalty.

(d). SCARLET - (Color: possible way they obtained: Scarlet was from the bodies of cochineal (insect) baked in ovens; Purple from shellfish in the Mediterranean; Blue from shell of fish in the Red Sea.

(e). CHERUBIM - of gold, expressing HOLINESS, above the Mercy Seat and on the Veil, guarding the place of God (Gen. 3:24), barring any from God's presence unless they came by His provided way.

(f). GOLD TACHES, BLUE LOOPS - (making one perfect whole curtain) - the loops take hold of each other here (while in Goat's Hair the brass taches link the loops, thus the golden taches become a double security.

(g). THE NUMBER - TEN (two sets of FIVE): TWO - (number of division).

[1]. FIFTY - The number of Pentecost (Lev. 23:15, 16; Acts 2:1).

[2]. The fifty loops rested over the golden fillet that held the Veil.


A. THE DOOR- (Exodus 26:36,37)

[1]. Colors same as the Gate (see Lesson # 2), hanging on FIVE PILLARS (shittim wood overlaid with gold, with brass sockets and gold chapiters).

[2]. The Gate is WIDE (5 cubits by 20 cubits) - "Whosoever will may come".

[3]. The door is NOT SO WIDE (10 cubits square) - The way of salvation is wide, but the door to close fellowship is narrow (higher) and nearer to God (the high and Holy character of God).

B. THE VEIL - (Exodus 26:31,33)

[1]. Same color as Gate, Door; hanging on wood overlaid with gold, gold fillets, silver sockets.

[2]. Veil means "separated", communion with God was only in the Holy of Holies, behind the veil.


TABERNACLE OF MOSES - Built by Moses and the Israelites.(Exodus 34:33-35) It concealed God's glory from mortal eyes.


CHERUBIMS - emblem of guardianship, man alone cannot approach God.





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