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Pluto: The Basement is Talking

Updated on October 22, 2019

Dive into the night

October is near its end!

It is almost the end of Libra season and this planet has been very active these days. In fact, during the first days of the month, Pluto “woke up”. It means that it spent a couple of months in its retrograde phase and now it is direct: it is back on track. From April to the beginning of October, we all had a chance to go deep (because so is this planet) in ourselves. I hope we all had a meaningful opportunity to find treasures deep within ourselves.

Pluto is the beauty of the dark side

Although Pluto is considered by many as a dark planet (because aspects associated to it are taboo, hidden, secret and mysterious), it also has a bright side: soul purifying processes. It could be painful, but not necessarily. It all depends on what needs to be cleansed. In its dark side, it can be destructive or reactive. This is why, we sometimes express its energy through fear and aggression, but let’s not panic! Everything is for the best, because if something is emerging, it means that it needs attention. It is coming to light, to be seen, to be understood, and in it, we can find freedom, wisdom, the way to be reborn from the ashes.

What to do if Pluto's energy feels overwhelming?

If you are feeling Pluto’s low energy, do not worry. When working on this planet, three virtues are required from your heart: honesty, with yourself; patience, with yourself, and last but not least, love, and now you know with whom. If you feel that it is difficult to feel such things for yourself, imagine yourself watching a movie. In every scene, you are the main character, the protagonist. Wouldn’t you feel that he/she needs a little help? A little empathy? A little support to go through the difficult scene? Well, now you are the character, and by so doing, you would be redirecting such lovely feelings towards yourself.

Pluto's lessons are not the ones we plan to have, but they are unavoidably necessary

Pluto is our scary but necessary friend, our friend at whom we do not feel comfortable looking. That is exactly why we place things in the basement: because we do not want to have them at sight, upstairs, where every visitor could see. What do we place there? Throughout time, the answer has been clear: what makes us vulnerable, what is truly valuable for us, what we fear would be taken from us, what we fear. Not an easy place, right? But it is still a place. It exists. It is up to us to see how we can live with it in a healthy way.

The basement is the place for what “cannot” go upstairs, and cannot has quotation marks, because who said they could not be there? This is why, we need to go the basement of our lives. When we avoid going there, life grants a chance for us to need to go there: our subconscious mind. Let’s not avoid it: let’s take the courage from the love that we have to ourselves (because we want to see ourselves moving on, living a loving life) and let’s go down there, let’s dive deep, but let’s be conscious when doing so. We do not want to drown.

Do you want to go downstairs?

Having a clean basement is a wise choice. Taking care of the basement of our thoughts and feelings is something that we will thank ourselves in the future. It is not easy to go deep, to explore our subconscious mind. Can we actually do it? How? Are there techniques? That will be another Hub article. So far, let’s just not be scared when Pluto moves our basement, and instead, open our heart and mind to see and hear what needs to emerged and be spoken.

Perception of Pluto

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© 2019 Miguel Andrés Díaz Cortés


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