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Portents of 2010: Start with a Blue Moon Lunar Eclipse plus Solar Eclipse January 14th

Updated on January 7, 2010

There is an English idiomatic expression "once in a blue moon" meaning very rarely, but has there ever been a year begun with a blue moon? What are the portents of a new year beginning with a Blue Moon Lunar Eclipse followed by the Annular Eclipse of the Sun on January 14th? People have followed the heavens for portents, meanings and signs since mankind became conscious. According to some New Age Guru’s we are in for an energy shift unlike anything seen in millions of years.

Full Moon at Solstice by Lindsay S Godfree
Full Moon at Solstice by Lindsay S Godfree

Cosmic Wave of Energy and Change

According the Welcome to the, “With this Blue Moon of December 31, 2009, comes a great force of energy which continues to clear anything which will not go on to the New Age."

Metatron, or Mark and Beth at the Galactic Round Table say, “This is a wave of immense energy coming to the Planet from the Cosmos. To some this will feel like unbearable pressure. There may be challenges with finances, relationships, career, health and others. Anything you have not attended to will be brought up for examination. To those who have done their clearing and cleansing this period will feel like love and joy and bliss.”

The year 2010 is here and in the first 15 days of the New Year we are seeing major astrological events.  According to some, “there will be the greatest changes that Planet Earth has ever seen in all of her Story.” Whether you are into cosmic energy or not, it would seem to be an excellent time to actually commit to new resolutions for change in your life.

December 31, 2009 - Blue Moon Lunar Eclipse

On December 31, 2009, we experienced a BLUE MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE and at the Era of website they post the following revelation:  “The Beings of Light have revealed that this is going to be the most significant New Year we have experienced since our fall from Grace, millions of years ago. This is a vitally important time for all of us to empower what we want to co-create in our individual lives and on this planet. Not only will our hopes, dreams, visions, and Divine Intentions be expanded a thousand times a thousand fold by the Company of Heaven, they will be exponentially expanded by the tremendous influx of Light we will experience on that sacred day.”

January 14, 2010 - New Moon Solar Eclipse

And further they state that, “These gifts of Divine Intervention will expand in power and might until January 14, 2010. On that day, we will experience an incredibly powerful New Moon Solar Eclipse. During the Solar Eclipse, the patterns of perfection we have empowered will be permanently sealed in the highest frequencies of vibration possible. From that moment forth, they will build in momentum daily and hourly. When our visions reach a critical mass, an unstoppable shift will occur that will bring our co-creations into manifestation.”


Having grown up with repeated predictions of gloom and doom prophecy regarding the new millennium beginning in the year 2000, I am not moved by psychic predictions. Still, you have to admit that the advents of the New Year in the heavens are impressive. At the very least, it can be seen as a sign that positive change is coming and after a hard year in 2009, we will take whatever positive reinforcement we can from the lunar-solar movement above us.


New dawn is a display of color and light symbolic of new age
New dawn is a display of color and light symbolic of new age
Sunset and moonrise in Arizona at Solstice
Sunset and moonrise in Arizona at Solstice
Arizona sky by Lindsay S Godfree
Arizona sky by Lindsay S Godfree
Molton sunrise of a new dawn by Lindsay S Godfree
Molton sunrise of a new dawn by Lindsay S Godfree


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    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Yeah, it's going to something striking. And i also love how effective solar panels come to be, maybe the ultra thin, flexible solar panels. We would love for solar power to be the solution. Actually, all of our energy is a kind of power with the sun, such as oil.

    • Peggy W profile image

      Peggy Woods 

      8 years ago from Houston, Texas

      That last "molten sunrise" photo is amazing!

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      What a great article. Very Interesting. I knew about the Blue Moon on New Years, but had no idea it would be followed by a lunar eclipse. Awesome Pictures!


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