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Potty Training Is As Christian Growth

Updated on June 21, 2018
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Gabriel is a dad of four, and a CLI Christian Leaders Institute student and plans to further his education in the pastoral ministry.

1st Corinthians 3:1-3

We'll be learning how potty training actually goes hand in hand with the Christian walk in our daily life. First an adult which is normally a parent starts to teach the process of potty training to a child and then after time passes in the learning stage the young kid begins to do as he or she is taught. With in potty training their is steps that is in this very process that first must be done to insure the child is learning correctly.

Christian Growth Is As Potty Training

In the Christian walk after we are saved of course we will start going to Bible studies and really pay attention with open ears to hear so that we learn all about our new relationship with Jesus Christ. You'll listen to the teacher teaching from the Word of God and in those moments you are already on your way to gaining knowledge of the Bible. Hopefully you will be growing closer to God and you'll be learning at the same time how to live your new life just as the Lord wants us to.

This process of the teacher teaching and the new convert learning is known as discipleship. In this is a process like no other.

New Christians Are Babes In Christ

Have you ever tried to teach a child something and yet all they wanted to do was fight with their brothers and or sisters instead of actually learning anything?

Well the apostle Paul in the above Scriptures called the Corinthians babies in their Christian life because they was not yet spiritually healthy or mature in their faith. Instead of taking the time to be discipled and really grow closer to God they chose with their time to argue among-st themselves like children.

Carnal Minded Christians

Immature Christians are controlled by their own desires and wants and yet there brain does not think spiritually yet. This is due to them either being new in the faith or their growth has been stunted in carnal or fleshly thinking still.

Mature believers seek not their own wants, but instead God's. In this is because they have allowed the Spirit to teach them in various ways and have learned to be led by the Holy Spirit.

Drink Milk And Then Eat Meat Without Becoming Stunted

How much influence does your own desires have on your life? Your goal should be to let God's desires be your own. Just remember that being controlled by your own desires stunts your growth in your Christian walk and will until you let go and let God.

Paul because of there stunted growth in their lack of actually wanting to grow in God could only give them small things to learn from. He could only give them small amounts of milk, but yet he desired that they grew passed that stage so he could deliver to them real meat. Just imagine that big juicy t-bone steak! What he was talking about was giving them deeper truths of God where they could digest it properly. Kind of like a child not wanting to learn how to potty train. Just imagine the mess that would be in their adult years.

So therefore let's not camp in stunted growth, but instead let us desire to learn and grow and in doing so who knows, you may get to the point where you are discipling others. Would it be great to see the Church get passed the baby stages and then start to build on the firm foundation of Christ Jesus our Lord as we are suppose to be doing by following God's Word?

The Great Commission Taught By Jesus Christ

In Matthew 28:19-20 Jesus gave a command called the Great Commission. Within this is for Christians to be discipled and to disciple others as well afterwards. To learn and to grow.

One thing to take into consideration though is just as each child grows by learning and eating, they each have their own individual speeds in which they do so. Not everyone learns at the same pace. That would make us robots basically and not unique.

However all children of God have a common teacher which is the Holy Spirit and He can use others to teach just as well. That should be our goal! To be used by God ro impact other people's lives.

Put Learned Knowledge Into Actions

When someone dies and or is leaving his or her last words are what is most payed attention to because they are pretty important to them. Jesus at this point left the disciples with these last words of His instructions. They was under His mighty authority. They was to make more disciples, baptize them and teach these new disciples to obey Jesus Christ. With this He promised He would be with them always.

How is Jesus with us now? Jesus was with the disciples physically until He ascended in to heaven and then spiritually through the Holy Spirit. You can find this in Acts 1:14.

The Spirit is Jesus' presence that never leaves that is with us always .That is in John 14:26. So Jesus continues to be with us today through the Spirit.

In previous missions Jesus sent His disciples to the Jews first. However now their mission from now on end would be world wide. Jesus is Lord and He died not just for selective people, but for the sins of all people of all nations that will accept Him!

How To Keep Growing

One way to grow after you learned is to put your new knowledge into action and do it. If a child never actually goes to the bathroom they'll never grow out of those big boy or girl pull ups.

We are to go! Rather it is next door or even another country. Letting the Spirit lead us and make disciples. It is not an option, but instead it's a command from God to all who call Jesus Christ Lord!

We are not all evangelist, but we are all to do the work of one and all believers have received gifts that we can use in helping fulfill this great commission. As we do this we can know with great comfort in the knowledge that Jesus Christ is always with us.

Another step in growing is getting out of our comfort zones. I think I may have hurt my own selfish ways on this one. Talk about a slap upside the back of the head. Because sometimes in our Christian walk with Christ we can get comfortable in just staying the same old way and in this we get stuck in deep ruts or ditches where it's so hard to get ourselves out of.

I for one was stuck in this rut myself. I was teaching and preaching, but did not want to get out there and go witnessing to others outside of the church walls. Talk about a major conviction lay-ed upon me.

My own growth was stunted in this area and I was comfortable in it. That ditch felt good. Until the Lord worked on me enough to where I realized I needed to acknowledge God in all my ways just as the Bible says for us to do. Since then it's hard for myself outside to even stop talking about Him and His Word. However now that God got me through that issue in my life I've noticed people actually come to me now for advice with their different situations on their life. I honestly do not say any of this to brag, but I say this to show you how God has changed my life and improved it far greater than I could dream.

When others come to me worldly wisdom really does not cross my mind any longer, but instead my head and heart floods with spiritual wisdom where I'm able to point others to God and His Word. You know the saying don't rock the boat? Please by all means rock mine! Show me in God's Word if I'm ever wrong where I can be corrected and let's search it together to learn and grow with one another.

I want to learn all that God has for me and I want to be the man of God that He wants me to be. Then when the doors open for the calling He has given me in my life then I want to walk right in. Yet I never want to be satisfied with the knowledge I've obtained. I always want to continue learning and growing maturely in Christ as much as I can until He takes me home to be with Him. However I'll never do that if I do not do what I've learned!

The Bottom Line

The bottom line here at this point is don't just stop at the child pull up stage, but instead grow past it. Let's get potty trained and get into the big boy or girl pants that is waiting on us instead.

How are you going about growing in your own Christian walk in your daily life?


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