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Power of Subconscious

Updated on October 1, 2009

Ascend the heights of joy through power of subconscious!

Power of Subconscious -- Your Own Magical Inner Genie

When you were a helpless infant and your very survival depended upon the care of others, you naturally turned outward in your focus. But as you grew up and became more capable, instead of turning within to access your innate power of subconscious, you were culturally conditioned to remain outwardly focused. In order to sustain this external orientation, you had to actively ignore power of subconscious, the vast infinite intelligence that resides right within your own being. Your inner giant receded into the background, waiting silently to be recognized.

I am here today to tell you that power of subconscious is a real power and that it is within each and every one of you. It has always been there and it will always be. It is your own magical inner genie that can solve your problems, answer your questions, provide ideas for brilliant creativity and reveal the wisdom of the ages.

You are so much greater than you ever imagined yet you absolutely do not know it. If you did you would be expressing this greatness at all times and in ways unique to your true self. Instead you have been trained to see yourself as small, as less than, a fragile biological entity dependent on the good will of others. The cultural denial of the existence of the true self engenders a subtle and chronic feeling of inadequacy which gives rise to most of your problems in life. But you can reclaim your power, if you are willing to look within.

To activate your power of subconscious you must quiet your mind. A quiet mind is the fertile soil for receptivity to truth. When a mind is filled with the voices of others, the blaring radio, the noise on the television, the opinions expressed in the news, the books asserting ‘fact’ on every subject imaginable, there is no room for truth. Truth can only be found by turning away from the outer world and looking within. When you enter the silence and access the deepest recesses of your own being, you will discover the place where power of subconscious resides.

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