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Practical Metaphysics - Law of Attraction

Updated on April 1, 2014

What is Practical Metaphysics?

To first understand Practical Metaphysics, we need to understand what metaphysics means. Metaphysics is defined as what lies beyond physics. I find this definition to be confusing though and prefer the definition of what is the nature of reality.

Aristotle wrote a work called Metaphysics which dealt with the subject of being or what we would call the essence of something. He felt that their was something beyond reality that was perfect and unchanging. Today, we would probably consider that something to be ideas, concepts or abstractions and the realm of ideas and abstractions to be the platonic realm.

For example, take a circle. Many things form or contain a circle. What Aristotle (and Plato) believed was that the idea of a circle existed independent of any circle. This concept of a reality that ideas exist apart from us is incorporated in the language of mathematics. A mathematician would say that he discovered a new principle rather than saying that he invented a new principle.

Practical Metaphysics goes several steps further. Not only do ideas exist apart from physical reality, but those ideas exist in a form of cosmic mind. Finally, practical metaphysics says that we have the ability to influence the cosmic mind. In ancient days, this teaching was known as the occult. Today, it is known as the law of attraction.

Mastering Magic

In a way Practical Metaphysics might be considered magic. It says that we can bend or influence reality to work for us. What we think about we draw into our reality.

This is not to say that we can violate the laws of physics, only that we can work with the laws of physics to make coincidence work for us. This goes back to the law of attraction or the occult. You could also call it serendipity.

You might think of this reality as a type of dream. When you are asleep and dreaming, you will often experience seeing something after thinking about it earlier. The same effect, but to a lesser degree takes place in this reality.

For instance, a person that thinks and worries about cancer constantly may actually give themselves cancer. On the other hand, a person who has cancer and dwells upon getting well may see their cancer go into remission.

This effect of the mind is so powerful that scientists actually have to adjust their experiments to compensate for it. They call this the placebo effect. For instance, a new drug that cures warts will have to be given to both a control group and a test group. The control group will show a high percentage of spontaneous wart elimination even though they are only taking a sugar pill. The scientists have to compare the placebo control group to the actual drug group to see if the new pill works better than the power of the mind alone.

People who suffer from multiple personality disorder will sometimes suffer an illness like high blood pressure or diabetes as one personality, but no illness as another personality. Their mind has a strong effect on their health and well being.

Power of the Mind - Taking Control

The power of the mind may be limited by the laws of physics, but this leaves a tremendous amount of control in your reality. You have the power to make your dreams and desires come true.

The greatest influence your mind has is on your own health and the status of your body. After this, your next sphere of control is on your possessions and wealth. Your last sphere of influence is on the relationships that surround you.

There are ways to amplify the power of the mind when using the law of attraction. Meditation is an amplifier for sending your thoughts to the cosmic mind. Seeking truth and an understanding of the laws of nature will enhance the power of your mind.

When seeking to fulfill your dreams, let your mind work on the problem. Search out new ideas that can help you form a road map to your desires. There is a word for when things start working together. It is called serendipity. Although this word refers to gifts not sought for, it can refer to gifts that arrive through unusual means.

If you are skeptical about practical metaphysics, I suggest you try it on something simple. When I first started experimenting with this, I would visualize things that I rarely saw, but were of no importance to me. I didn't want to get my emotions involved. I also didn't count any result that I sought out.

One of my experiments involved a type of knife that I remembered seeing as a child. I avoided a knife shop that I walked by a few days later because to me that wouldn't count if I happened to find the knife in there. The next day though, an acquaintance was showing off her new tattoo. I glanced at it and to my surprise there was a tattoo of that knife just as I had visualized it.

I made a notebook of these experiments including dates visualized (while meditating) and dates when the visualizations came into my reality. My success rate was very high and I was also surprised at the speed at which most of my thoughts manifested themselves.

Ever since I shifted my thinking to myself as a spiritual being having a physical experience instead of just being a physical being, my life life has drastically improved. And for me, this is the power of practical metaphysics.

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