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Updated on October 29, 2012

When I go , then the world goes

The world is a reflection of me

When the individual self goes, so does the Universal Self

When 'I' the ego goes, so does I the Observer

Where there is an I, there is a disppearance of I

Without sangsara, there would be no Nirvana

For sangsara to cease, there must be sangsara first

To reach the end, you must traverse the way

The bridge crosser destroys the bridge

For the one who has crossed has no more use for the bridge

The wisdom of the farther shore is different from the one on the periphery

When there is no Universal Self

There was no individual self

There was no beginner

No striver, no act of striving, no suffering, no end of suffering

There was no journey

No travail

No eight fold path

No suffering

No four noble truths

No Nirvana, no sangsara

No thing happened

There was no transcendence because

There was nothing to be transcended

There was nothing to begin with, so no end

That is why it is said:

gate gate paragate parasamgate bodhi svaha

O Wisdom gone Beyond, gone Beyond, Gone forever Beyond

O Bliss Everlasting


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