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How To Pray Effectively

Updated on April 23, 2010

Why Pray?

 I grew up in the church as my father was a baptist minister, so I heard all the time that we should trust in the Lord for all things. I believed this then and continue to believe it today, but I felt there was something missing. I felt like my prayers weren't really getting answered. So I thought I know I should pray and I will continue to pray because it is what I am supposed to do.

As followers of Christ we are supposed to make our requests and petitions made known to God through prayer. This is how we communicate with our Lord. Jesus taught in the New Testament that prayer was very important and even taught the discpiles how to pray! The purpose of prayer to me is to feel closer to the Lord and communicate with Him. Often I use it as a wish list instead sounding like some whiney child sitting on Santa's lap explaining what he wants for Christmas.

Here are some tips I have found through studying God's Word and interacting with other Believers on how to pray powerful, Spirit filled prayers. This more of an outline rather than a step by step process. God will grant us our desires, but in His time, not ours. We must have faith and know that there is a spiritual battle going on all around us that prevents our blessings to reach us in a earthly timely way.

Ask For The Holy Spirit

 We cannot have a great relationship with Christ if there is sin in our lives. The Holy Spirit is extremely sensitive to sin and will not abide in our hearts if it is present. So, we must confess all sin first to Jesus and ask for true forgiveness. Without this we have no link to God. It is clouded or severed.

Now we invite the Holy Spirit into our hearts. I say something like "Holy Spirit you are welcome here and I invite you into my heart right now". You can say this however you'd like but the purpose is to invite the Holy Spirit because it will translate our prayers to Jesus who will then petition God. The Holy Spirit is our direct connection to Jesus. We have a personal relationship with Christ through the Holy Spirit, so we must invite it into our hearts to bring our requests and petitions to God.

Make Your Requests and Petitions Known

Once we have achieved the first two steps then we must spend some time in the Holy Spirit and realize we now have a direct connection to the Lord of Lords and King of Kings! We should start our prayers by giving thanks to Jesus for shedding His blood on Calvary and thank God for His mercy and grace. It is because of His awesome grace and mercy that we have a relationship with Him. I say something like "I come to you Lord through the Holy Spirit who will translate my requests and petitions to Christ whom I belong to through the sacrifice of His blood. Thank you, Lord for your sacrifice and your mercy and grace for I know without it, I would not be able to communicate with you right now". You get the idea.

Let your requests be known before the King of Kings. "I humbly come before your thrown and ask for healing....." or whatever the request. Be sure to include details and your feelings about the request. The Lord wants to have a relationship with you and wants to know your hearts, not just your wants and needs. Speak to Him lovingly like you would your best friend or close family member. DO NOT BE AFRAID! 

Ending The Prayer

 After you have made your requests and petitions known to God. It would be wise to thank Him again for caring so much and listening. I would also ask specifically that the answers would not be hindered by any evil spirit or demon. Acknowledge that there is a constant spiritual battle going on all around us and that sometimes that angels sent to deliver our answers are hindered by evil spirits. I say something like "Lord I know there is a battle between good and evil in these last minutes and I know these requests I have made have been answered in the spiritual world. I ask that your messengers would not be hindered by evil spirits or demons while delivering the answer. Please send one of your archangels to allow unimpeded travel of the messenger you have sent." This is very powerful!

The bible is full of God's promises to prosper us and give us good things. But, in order to receive them we must have a clean heart from sin. We must also have love in our hearts for ourselves, our Lord, and our neighbors (yes, even the annoying and ungrateful ones). Lastly we must pray with faith and courage. We have full access to the creator of all things! Let's act like it!

I hope this was helpful. Please email me or leave a comment.

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  • yeagerinvestments profile image

    Shawn Yeager 5 years ago from Wisconsin

    Very true. Thanks for stopping by and your comments.

  • Bruce Clark profile image

    Bruce Clark 5 years ago

    We communicate to Him through prayer. It is one powerful way only when sincerely done. Answers come through an earnest prayer.

  • yeagerinvestments profile image

    Shawn Yeager 5 years ago from Wisconsin

    Thank you! I appreciate the feedback.

  • rutley profile image

    rutley 5 years ago from South Jersey

    Very good! Voted up! Keep up the good work and blessings from NJ!

  • jagandelight profile image

    jagandelight 7 years ago from Florida

    Good hub.

    I am glad that you are teaching others to pray.

    Please don't forget when praying pray God's word back to Him, that is added strength and power, this is truly praying in the Spirit.