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Prayer and positive thinking

Updated on August 4, 2019

HE is the light.

GOD is our source of peace and joy.
GOD is our source of peace and joy. | Source

I look to GOD for my help.

Many times in my life there has been issues that have been laid before me as a test of my faith. I have had to learn through each one. It is still a learning process with me and will be. For to be perfect as JESUS was is an example to follow...but will not be reached because only JESUS can be perfect.

Negativity is such a horrible thing to let into your life. It will cloud your thinking. Take away your joy and any blessings you will have before you if you let it. Those times when it is spoken of anyone or thing will take away your energy and will make mentally tired. This will prevent you from doing any kind of physical task as even to read the Bible. You will feel drained and depressed. Not cool, not cool at all!

I noticed that when I am smiling and feeling really up over getting a blessing from FATHER GOD that I have energy that can move mountains. But if I am around people that are negative....I need to get away from them if I can not encourage them in any positive way. They are dwelling in a mindset I do not want to be in. Ever.

When you are thinking positive, you will want to do more good things. It can be mowing the lawn, Calling your family up to chat awhile, saying good morning with a smile to a person you meet. Even giving a compliment to a person about an outfit that they are wearing. It cheers them up.

If you believe in yourself, and you want to be a doctor then the proper education is what you need. You will then do what you need to do to get the proper education by attending college. Once you have graduated you will seek employment. Do not let any negative people tell you that you can not live your dream. If you live with negative people around you, they will take away your joy in reaching that dream. You will need to bath that situation in prayer and faith. God is not negative, and any negative thought or action is not from our GOD in heaven!

GOD is an all powerful, period. HE loved mankind so much that HE, as GOD sent HIS only SON JESUS to this earth as a sacrifice His life for us so that we may live who believe in HIM.. Now for GOD to love us so...and you have faith in HIM...HE will help you get through this. In the word..the Bible it will tell you so. Reading the psalms and chapter 23 helps me and it can for you as well.

Prayer is a powerful weapon against ALL evil. I know. For I trust in the LORD, each time I had an issue with a situation that was coming from a negative soul, GOD has stepped in and saved me. See I can feel it when HE is stepping in. JESUS is my savior. HE is good, and does encourage me always.

And I want to share this joy with you. Not many people will understand you, many who share the body of Christ in mind and soul will. It is more important that you have the LORD on your side to encourage you and stay positive than anything else in this world.

Never listen to anything negative. It is hard if it is a habit....but work at it. You will feel better and be happier.

Do not talk negative. Do not put yourself or other people down.

Pray. Each day develop a communication with FATHER GOD. Trust in JESUS to guide you, for he is the perfect teacher.

Read the word. The KJV is the closest to the original content. I tell you, the people in the bible days had the same trials we have now. Only now in this day and age we have technology which can speed things up that shouldn't be in the first place.

Read "The power of positive thinking" by Norman Vincent Peale.

I hope this will help many who may feel that just because people tell you, "you are a failure or will be" to listen to GOD first and foremost. HE is the one that has the key to HIS house through JESUS. Get an open communication with GOD, establish your faith. It will be hard at first as you stay in prayer and put GOD first to be able to have that power to think positively.

GODs gifts of beauty!
GODs gifts of beauty!

Reading the Bible and studying the Word

When you read the word good thoughts will come you and flow. If all you watch is soap operas, then you will see your life as one. Your mind will be distracted and not focused on the Lord GOD and you will get used to the negative things you see on this TV program.

But if you watch programs that are encouraging and giving GOD the praise, you too will do the same. You and I are affected by what is around us, we as mortals can not fight the non-sense of the world alone. We need Jesus to carry the burden for us.

A Peaceful Place

It is good to watch nature enjoying what GOD has made.
It is good to watch nature enjoying what GOD has made. | Source

Seeing the beauty and life GOD created.

When you are taking a walk in the park, on any given day...just take the time to see what our GOD in heaven and all of the earth has created. From the plant life to the animals and how they too seem to love a nice warm sunny day.

Feeling the warm sunny come out from a couple of days of clouds and rain seems to perk up all nature. Flowers perk and aim to the sun, birds come out to the pond to get water and food. People are walking for exercise....and people you may not have seen all winter because of the cold weather!

I really enjoy seeing the beauty in the earth. The creativity that our heavenly FATHER has made. Positive, good wonders. When you are feeling like you need comfort, stretch you hands up tp the LORD and HE will give it to you. I know, HE has always done so for me and will for you too.

Be blessed and never stressed. Be positive, and stay away from all negative people and things. Lean on the LORD!


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