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Prayer for or against an enemy

Updated on July 25, 2012

The word “enemy” can be ambiguous especially when used by theologians. For instance an enemy can be used to mean the devil /Satan who nobody has ever seen. It can also be used to mean those the religious consider as agents of the said devil. That is the devil which they can see. There are situations in which the religious consider those that do not share their religious points of view as an enemy even when such people do not persecute them or speak against them. These people are enemies just for the simply fact that they are unbelievers. There are other instances in which the religious had and still suffer persecution just for their belief and they can rightly call such persecutors “an enemy.” It is for these reasons that the word “enemy” becomes an ambiguous in the religious point of view perhaps just as it is said, “who is not with us is against us.”

No matter who an enemy is or a category an enemy belongs, there are situations where prayers are made for or against an enemy. The writer has witnessed such prayers as was made by Christians. There are times Christians pray for an enemy to repent and receive Jesus as lord and personal savior. This seems to be one of the commonest prayers and wishes of Christians as a religious movement. There are also times in which they pray for an enemy to be killed or destroyed by Holy Ghost fire or by other forces. They also pray to thwart the plans of an enemy. Therefore, it simply means that their aim is to use prayers to achieve their heart desire for their enemies, no matter what such desire may be.

From the above, it follows that prayers can be used to achieve one’s heart desire for an enemy even if it is to destroy an enemy. Then if that is the case, it does not look much different from non-Christians that use other means or medium to achieve their heart desires for their enemy. These people may include other religious movement, spiritualist, pagans, mystics, among others and some of them may use invocation or other forms of meditation/practices. What seems important and common to all the mentioned groups and Christians is that they want to achieve their heart desire for or against those they may call an enemy.

For instance a group called religious tolerance which is lead by Mr. Bruce Robinson claim they have received numerous prayer/death threats and threats of hell especially from Christians. Let us assume that these people whom the writer does not really know their belief decides to return similar prayers. Then again, let us assume they are pagans or they practice witchcraft. Then they can easily be accused of using witchcraft to defend themselves or to attack their enemies while it was their enemies that first started it with prayers even though prayer seems less effective these days unlike in the past when the true followers of Christ were known and believed because of the things they did through prayers because signs and wonders followed them like Jesus promised. It is because of these observations in which many people claim to be Christians but the powers promised to Christians is not in same proportional that made the writer to exclaim as was written in one of his hub , “The world would have been better if there are Christians on earth.” This communication will be continued in another hub title “Is God the source of all powers?”


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    • davidkaluge profile image

      davidkaluge 5 years ago

      To pray is one thing and what you ask in your prayer is another, my friend, and it is that which people ask in prayer that is of interest here not the prayer.

    • Ericdierker profile image

      Eric Dierker 5 years ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      There is no doubt on this maxim, we pray for our enemies. A discussion of what is or what is not is irrelevant. There is no one that we are not charged to pray for and uplift in their battles.

      If we see gray or shadows, we decieve ourselves. No other human is not worth our attention and prayer.