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Obeah : Powerful Prayer to God Patron Saints and Guardian Angels

Updated on November 4, 2014
 hand in a praying position
hand in a praying position


Many times one may come across article whether in hard or electronics giving references to prayer as the greatest power on earth available to humans. If you like me believe it this article may interest you on the other hand some may find this very obnoxious as it goes against some of their central beliefs.

Powerful prayers –Do we need them and what are they. I recently came across and article alchemy related that had a sections  classified powerful prayers in it was a section like, Prayers to put one self before God, power to obtain power over evil spirits from God , and a number of other topics. The ones entitled  Power to put one in the presence  of God caught my attention  which was actually three prayers addressed to three spiritual  beings, arranged that they be read one behind the other.

1. Prayer to the Eternal God –Father of all created things

2. Prayer to ones Patron Spirit

3. Prayer to ones Guardian Spirit.

 According to the articles and how it was presented these prayers were intended for Christian to repeat. Some of the prayers were requesting what was called virtues from the , such as  justice , faith, strength, charity, hope, prudence all gifts that may be obtain from the Holy Spirits as fruits of the spirit.

I decided to take a look at the first prayer to the Eternal God. And here is a copy

[O Ineffable and Eternal God, Holy Father of all things, Thou who sees and embraces all,

Listen to the prayer of Thy Servant prostrate before TheeGrant me the contemplation, fervor

And sincerity necessary for the sentiments which I want to express to Thee. Be propitious unto

me, O Ineffable Father, as well as to all those for whom I am come to supplicate: for my

Brothers, my family, my friends, my enemies, the quick and the dead, as well as for all those

who owe Thee their life; all Thy creatures, O Merciful Lord…

“Hearken unto me, O my God! Grant me the gift to pray to Thee with efficiency! Here

Am I abandoning myself to Thy Holy Care! Have pity on me, and may Thy Holy will be done.


This is indeed a beautiful prayer but I found it difficult to understand why one should pray for ones who are dead for the Bible states that there is no repentance in the grave. But by large it is a beautiful prayer with much good.


The second part have me a bit puzzled so I decided to do a little research to find out who or what is referred to as  My Patron Spirit here is a copy of that prayer

[“My Patrons, ye spirits removed from the bonds of Matter, ye who rejoice henceforth in

the fruit of thy virtues and whose names I have the good fortune to bear, I conjure you by these

same Holy Names which ye formerly invoked with such fervor, confidence and success; I

conjure you to contribute to my eternal salvation and by your protection in the Father of Mercy,

the Redeemer Son, and the Conserving Spirit…

Obtain for me and for all my Brothers the favor of the Divinity, His favor, His

clemency, which now repays you for the battles ye had to fight in this sojourn in which I still

find myself… Through your salutary said, let me live and die like you, in peace, in joy, and in

sanctity. Amen….]

If I am understanding correctly from articles I have read on the internet, these are referred to God seven arch Angels spoken of by the apostle John in revelation.(debatable)

They are constantly around the throne of God to do his Command. Some branches of Christianity believe that these are the angels God uses to control and supervise the other angels that are given to humans. It is also believe that they give humans the attributes of the spiritual virtues. Such as the gift of wisdom, understanding, counsel, justice, piety, charity, strength, courage, understanding ,hope , knowledge, fear, prudence, faith. It would seem that each patron is capable of give more than one attribute, and these in turn help man to display the fruits of the spirit mention by the Apostle Paul.


One of the articles suggests that each person on earth depending on the day they were born was given the attribute of one of these angels. For Example Arch angel Michael is the Patron of Sunday the protector of the Mysteries of God and so will fight against evil forces and his day is.

The angel Gabriel is the Patron for Monday God messenger bearer of the secretes of God.

My birthday was Monday and it pricked my interest so I made a deduction and said to my Self I bet that Ellen G. White was born on a Monday and guess what I was right. Many of these so called patrons were addressed as Saints. St Michael and others but why call them Saints if they are angels created by God.

The questions to ask is:  Where in the Bible do we find the names of these arch angels? It is understood than only Michael and Gabriel are referred to the 66 books Bible that Protestants have. In the apocrypha books of the Old Testament are reference to the names Raphael in Tobit and in Edras reference to the name Uriel. The other three are said to be found in the book of Enoch, which was band from the Bible by the Councils Of churches at Rome 745 because it was seen as a book of Magic. One article states the teaching of angels was not encourage by the Catholic Church so as to prevent angel worship. But Eastern Churches do accept all of them.  

Although not all are named, reference does make to angels in the Bible.  However to call on them and to pray to them as ones patron there is no such instructions.

 Methodist  Church  Lucea town Hanover Jamaica
Methodist Church Lucea town Hanover Jamaica


We now move on to the third part of this prayer, this is where one prays to the guardian spirit.

“[And thou, O Pure Spirit, my Guardian, charged by the Eternal One to watch over me for

the complete reconciliation of my spiritual being, I conjure thee, by the Name of the God of

Mercy, to come and help my soul all times that it may be in danger of succumbing to Evil, every

time that it may be called by desire, sighs and meditation, every time it may hunger and thirst for

counsel, instruction and understanding… Help me O my Guardian, to obtain the protection and

assistance of the Patrons whom I have just invoked, like the submission of those Spirits I shall

invoke in this Operation. Help me, aid me, in my poverty, in my nakedness, in all my needs.

Amen. Amen. Amen…”]


Who or what is a guardian Spirit? Here I find some conflicting arguments the first is the acceptable teaching of Christianity that these are angels assigned to man by the Eternal God. They watch us and take note of what we do and take this record to God daily.

I also came across articles that explain these spirits guides that they are spirits of dead departed individuals who sometimes show themselves as human forms or can take on other form.

Some culture sees them as the spirits of animals who protect animals.

They are able to work with mediums and can carry out specific jobs. They are said to act most times as teachers.


Should we who say we are Christians have to pray to these three individuals in order for our prayers to be answered? If we believe what Jesus said and follow the example of His model prayer then we are doing something not required by God by praying to Patrons saints and Spirit guides,


This article was so intricately written that if one does not have a discerning eye one could easily be mislead. It explained a lot about mixing and the purifying of metals, then it also spoke of the decomposing of metal into nothingness, analogous to vapor and spirit a pure state of man. Juxtaposing all this knowledge are suggestions and links to Catholic and Protestant Bible.

In  reading  this article  if one is not fully grounded in ones Christian’s beliefs one could supplely  be drawn into some mysticism unknowingly  because open up  before  are two paths , I dear to say worshipping  the true God Or worship to Satan. Here one can have power of getting in the Presence of God and The angels. But Jesus gave us the opportunity already. One can have power to control good angels and demonic angels. Why would one want to control angels or worship and pray to them? We have a Mighty God to do that for us when we pray he knows which is better able to do the job we request and send that to do our request?  You are offered the opportunity to get wisdom, understanding, knowledge and a number of other virtues, Jesus told us he will give us the Holy Spirit after we have accepted him as savior and Lord and it will give us the fruits of the spirit and teach us all truth. Man has the ability to obtain wisdom without evoking the help of angels. The Bible says the fear of The Lord Is the beginning of Wisdom.


To all those who wants to have all that power then you are really making a choice between the all mighty God and the God of this earth Satan.

Do you belief that the spirit of our dead relatives can help us in time of troublw

See results

Many years ago I came upon a magazine inviting individuals to join programme of studies taught by a body call the Rosicrucian .The advertisement came out even in the news paper of my country. I was considering taking the lessons but told one of my elder relatives about it. The person said it was a good idea because most of these organizations often mislead individuals and do not really teach what they set out to teach and one could be drawn into something that was not good. So I let it rest.

But this week while surfing the internet looking for something on spirituality I came across this article on Spiritual Alchemy. I always wanted to know what really Alchemy is so I decided to read this 103 Pages document. It was written by someone who was also trying to explain that

the Rosicrucian Principles were built on Alchemy principles( the art of changing base metal into gold) and were not what many expected it to be. The article interest me and I read it to the end although it was a bit heavy.

The thing that interest me was that it talked about The doctrine of Hermes Which is the study of Metaphysic (beyond or after the physical) and make me a bit more enlightened than when I wrote my articles on the Freemason Beliefs and The Freemason and God. Few Mason got peeved about my articles stating they were poorly researched.

Now I do stand by what I have written because the doctrine of Hermes is associated with the Free Mason Beliefs Which also has some similarity with the teaching of the Rosicrucian’s doctrine of Hermes with Hermes being linked to the metal Mercury. The Hermetic Philosophy is concerned with the secrets of Alchemy, Magick and depth.

Does God entertain Magic in his believers he told Israel they were not to study Astrology, and witch craft and such things that are associated with the worshiping of other Gods? Magick and other things that deal with Hermes belong to the other Gods of Egypt. The eternal God states “Thou shall have no other God before me.”I suppose the mystic, the alchemist , the Hermetic, the "Metaphysicist’ will say they do not put other Gods before the God of all things created that was ever created, but Do they spend enough time to study and worship him .

I suppose because when they pray to be in the presence of God and the Holy Angels they address the Eternal God first, then the Patron, lastly the spirit guide.

True Christians you only need to address the Supreme God. Our Father which art in Heaven Hollowed be Thy name/


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    • drpastorcarlotta profile image

      Pastor Dr Carlotta Boles 

      10 years ago from BREAKOUT MINISTRIES, INC. KC

      I am loving this Hub!!!! GREAT WORK!!!! How have you been doing? I have missed you! When you get a chance, come visit me! As always, your Hubs are very well written, your GREAT! Love you!

    • Juliet Christie profile imageAUTHOR

      Juliet Christie Murray 

      10 years ago from Sandy Bay Jamaica

      Thank you all for your comments. I do hope this article does what it is intended to do ,open people's eyes

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      Excellent article!! Well written and researched! I thank you for sharing this study with us, as I truly believe this will enlighten many to the true Word of God! If we read Colossians 2:18; We know that it is not of God to "Pray to" or worship angels, as it states; "Let no man beguile you of your reward in a voluntary humility and worshipping of angels, intruding into those things which he hath not seen, vainly puffed up by his fleshly mind." Jesus came and gave His life willingly on the cross so that we may have eternal life all who believe in Him! He is our only advocate and mediator between us and the Father. No Saint, Patron, Angel, dead grandparent...etc.. is given the right or the authority to stand before the throne of God to speak on our behalf! Only Jesus, the only begotten Son of the Living God. Amen! Thank you for your message and research! God Bless!

    • creativeone59 profile image

      benny Faye Douglass 

      10 years ago from Gold Canyon, Arizona

      Thank you for a very informative hub on prayer to God patron Saints and Guardian angels, thank you so much for sharing. Godspeed. creativeone59

    • Artin2010 profile image

      Art Wartenbe 

      10 years ago from Northwestern Florida, Gulfcoast

      Very nice article written on the concept of angels. I believe they are and the Seraphim and Cherubim (not sure about spelling) are examples of angel helpers and such. Interesting hub. Thank you for sharing. Be Blessed!


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