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Prayer Warriors Needed! Prayer for Targeted Individuals

Updated on January 15, 2013
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Ms. Miriam is a Prayer Warrior and educator by profession. She was placed in an unregulated criminal eugenic assassination program. But God

Prayer Warriors Needed! Prayer for Targeted Individuals

You are cordially invited to an online prayer seminar because prayer warriors are needed all across this earth. Our online location links are located below.The agenda for tonight includes:

  • Scriptures of the Night
  • Prayer for Targeted Individuals
  • Reading:The Prayer Warrior’s Way: Strategies From Heaven for Intimate Communication with God, The Great Paradigm Shift, by Dr. Cindy Trimm, Former Congresswomen
  • Bible Quiz: Women that would have made headlines in the local paper of Bible times
  • Match Beginning and ending of proverbs
  • Noted Rebels in the Bible, Do you know them?

Prayer for Targeted Individuals

Dear Most High God:

We come before you to give you honor and praise. We exalt, worship and praise the Most High God. We thank you God for you being God, all sovereign and merciful. We thank you God for leaving on earth the Bible to give us instruction and guidance for living on this earth in accordance to your will.

We plea the blood of Jesus regarding ending the targeted individual program. This is a program demonically masterminded to devour and destroy innocent and healthy people under multiple demonic master deceptions. We ask the Most High God for divine intervention in exposing and ending this assassination program.

We bind and rebuke the spirit and manifestation of eugenics on this earth. We pray that you heal each of your chosen people from all demon masterminded induced eugenic sicknesses. We bind, rebuke and call null and void all attempts to criminally usurp control over mankind and depopulate this earth.

We call exposure to, bind, rebuke and call null and void, US funded eugenic manifestations on this earth, including,electronic torture, mind control programming, induced hospitalizations, induced cancer, induced breathlessness, corrupted dentistry, and all eugenic master deceptions of the devil.

We call sacrificial offerings for worldly power, criminal usurpations, and demonic governance over nations to be null and void. We pray that each person enduring any type of induced suffering to be granted peace, healing and a stable mind that comes from intimate relationship with you.

We give you all the glory and power in advance for we know that this earth is yours and thy will, will be done. Let us each put on our soldier hats and be the men and women you put us on earth to be. Lead and teach us to pray continually, fervently and according to your will.

Let us remember that God answers ALL prayer, but sometimes the answer is no, sometimes it is not yet, and other times the answer is yes.Teach us to be patient, faithful, and unwavering in serving you and waiting for the blessings that come from serving you. Give us the strength to use our free will to break all blockage and strongholds hindering our prayers to be answered.

Finally, O God, make all grace abound towards us, that we, will always have sufficiency in all things and
an abundance for every good work, according to thy will. This is my prayer in Jesus Name.

We are located at:





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