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Salvation: Prayers' Power

Updated on July 13, 2009

Prayers' Power

I believe God is always present among us. This was the basic insight that Jesus taught in His sharing among the people. God treasures every individual with a personal and everlasting love.

God has first loved us and continues to share that love with us day by day in so many personal ways. God is always with us, caring for us, supporting, and providing for us in all our needs (most of us do not recognize this although sometimes we may label this as mere coincidence). I theorize that mere coincidence is truly the hand of God.

Carmelites have this ideal: to seek and search for God, to give and spend time with God (vacare Deo is the traditional Latin phrase), to be with God by their commitment to follow Jesus, and thus "to love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your strength, and with all you mind." (Luke 10:27)

This ideal excites and inspires me. It opens a horizon that calls, provokes, and challenges me to try to empty ones-self (except hockey-no one is perfect…) so that we might be filled with the God who created us, guides us, and speaks to us (today). (Psalm 94)

The day after I entered into my coma-tose state (being perfectly still and…) my mother-in-law (yes my infamous mother-in-law from my college lectures) received a call (out of the blue) from the 700 Club asking her if there was anybody that needed prayers. Thousands prayed…Their prayers were answered…John Connor Lives!


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