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Praying Through 2Chron 7.14 (Article 16)

Updated on January 11, 2021

Wielding the Word: Article 16

I first wrote this around 10 years ago, when I was reworking the study on intercession. It has remained virtually unchanged, with only some minor tweaking.

Please feel free to use and pray the prayer exercising your faith.

This was the last article of the 16 previous posted hubs on intercession from my study.


Taking the WORD, finding the meanings and using them in your intercession and prayers.

It is always a good help in prayer if you know the meanings of words before you begin to pray. This way you are using your mind and spirit to see God’s will accomplished.


“ If my people, who are, called by my name will humble themselves, and pray and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sins and heal their land.”

IF> Suppose that /in case of /by condition /hope from God, asking

MY PEOPLE> a possession of God=ownership/people=whole or individual/those persons=the whole particular body or group. Who are my people /who are called.

WHO ARE> reality or already in possession of /verb /in the first person /present tense /plural.

CALLED> given a place /we are called /chosen /specific /designated / characterized, also called by /we have a name or particular calling, vocation /job /inheritance /place of recognition /others will know who we are.

BY> by way of or through.

MY NAME> there is no higher name to be standing under/no greater places to be in possession of/no better family to be a part of. There are many names to God.

WILL> our will intertwined with his /knit together /understanding his heart /our wills laid at his feet=humility. Willingly loving God with all our heart, soul, mind, strength. Willingness, willfully. Jesus prayer “let your will be done…”

HUMBLE> Free from pride or vanity /being in a condition of servitude, obedient/meek lowly submissive /unpretentious /to mortify the flesh.

THEMSELVES>acknowledging God, forgetting themselves /bowing down /covered with the mantle of humility.

AND PRAY (PRAYER)> Humility comes before prayer /Communication /touching the Father /Our Father, must know him as Father first.

AND SEEK> look for until found /search /explore /hunt for /investigate /pursue /track down.

MY FACE> Why his face? Relationship /face to face encounter /not any other way /our lives are based upon relationship one with another and with God. Eye to eye contact and his word penetrates our soul, cleansing, freeing, strengthening. Truth is revealed in the eyes.

AND TURN FROM> making a calculated decision /altering ones course /change /deviate from /shift.

THEIR> taking responsibility for ones actions=ownership /shouldering the blame

WICKED> immoral /impure /shameful /unrighteous /vile /evil

WAY(S)> path /course in life /habit /manner /practice /lifestyle /system /tradition /religion /who you are allied with, operating out of the tree of life or the tree of good and evil.

THEN> referring to an action about to take place.

I WILL> a calculated response by God, out of his will, grace and mercy, a promise, he has reasoned within himself to do something on our account, because of our weakness, by his love.

HEAR> to listen with intent /to care /to want to respond /attending to our cry /consider /heed /listen with regard.

FROM HEAVEN> His place of residence /throne /the place of power /authority /the place where his will has completeness.

AND FORGIVE> because of his lavish gift of love /by his choice /mercy /grace

THEIR SINS> all the evils committed.

AND HEAL THEIR LAND> promise to cure /fix /remedy /reconcile /renew /revive /build up /refresh /repair what the sin has damaged, he can do this because he is God, it is his will by choice.

Now we have broken down the verse; how do we use what God has said?

We remind God of what has been promised, and what he has said regarding us his people.

We as intercessor represent his people; we can stand in, remind him, and humbly beseech him to have an ear to our petition, to forgive because we come humbly. We have authority given through Jesus to forgive and to ask forgiveness. We can ask believing and Jesus said that he would answer us when we come believing. We also know that restoration, forgiveness, healing, mercy and grace are at the heart of God and in accordance with his will.

We also know that he looks for those to stand in the gap.

Our prayer should go something like this:

Heavenly Father, we come to you in Jesus name, humbly asking that according to your promise of healing and restoration for your people, these words recorded in 2Chron.7.14, that as intercessors chosen by you to stand face to face with you; we ask that you will assist us, your people, your church, your chosen in changing our course of action, that you will become involved more intimately in our lives, because of your great love, mercy and grace. That you will strengthen your church to do your complete will; that you will block the activity of the enemy, even destroying his plans against your church as we pray for daily protection from the evil one. That you will involve yourself in greater measure to help bring revival, restoration, and more outpouring of your Spirit. That you will raise up a multitude of intercessors. That the leaders, apostles, prophets, pastors, teachers, evangelists will hear clearly and will repent of their pride and lack of trust in you. That the ways of the world will be broken off of your church and that purity of heart, mind, and spirit will be fully restored. That Holy Spirit will be welcomed in all our sanctuaries and that true worshippers will arise from the ashes. We ask that your Holy Fire would descend upon us to purify once again. Forgive all of us for wandering away from the path, for seeking our own way, for being fleshly and thinking that we were spiritual. Forgive spiritual pride and arrogance. Give us ears to hear what you are saying to the church. Let your true prophets come forth and share your heart. Help us to get on our faces before you and not get up until you have answered. Help our weaknesses our feebleness, our sickness and our blindness. You want your church to come together as one man, in unity, to act as Jesus and to fulfill his and your mandate. Forgive us for looking to programs, politics, control, manipulation, any and all things that did not include you. We have not been humble; we have forgotten how to serve one another. We have forgotten to welcome you into our house, to wash your feet and to greet you with a holy kiss. We have missed out on the blessing that this would bring us. Forgive us. Instead we have welcomed your judgements. We plead with you now, do not forsake us, do not leave us empty, hungry, unclothed, blind, barren, beaten up. Have mercy as the Good Samaritan did to the man on the roadside, for this is your church, your people, your chosen, with your name. Come oh God, for your name sake, come now with mercy, come and restore, come and fight for us again as you have in the past. Come heal the land, with all the authority that is in and belongs to Jesus of Nazareth, your true son and our chief priest as we ask and we thank you in his name. Amen.





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