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Praying for a Legacy

Updated on February 20, 2018

Failing to Pass On Our Legacy

Our failure to pass on our Godly heritage is the reason for the moral void that Satan has filled in. It’s not the forces that attack us but that we have left the field of spiritual battle.

Priority Number One!

Satan has crept through our weak defenses. Our churches and families have been infiltrated by the world's standards which come from Satan. Now we must defend orthodox Doctrine in our own churches when we should be taking our message to the lost outside our building.

And even more than this, we should be living wholesome life styles within our families. We cannot do this casually - it must be a priority not only in our families but in our individual lives. I have not done this in the past – so my legacy is tainted – explaining some of the tensions that exist with my adult children.

But We Have the Holy Spirit

So do we pray to pass on our legacy – or do we pray to have a legacy worth passing on? I believe firmly that God is the God of the impossible – after all He created it all and it’s still subject to His command.

We’ll never pass on a perfect legacy. But we can pass on a legacy of imperfect people still able to touch people’s lives. We can pass on a legacy of imperfect people subject to the molding of the Holy Spirit. And we can pass on the legacy of reconciliation. Imperfect people are the best people to minister to an imperfect world because we can understand it and share our failures and successes.

Fix Ourselves First

Our object in touching people's lives, reconciliation, and transfiguration is not for the purpose of witnessing, it is for the purpose of being worthy to witness. True we are sinners saved by grace, but our witness can't be effective (or genuine) if we're stuck right where we started.

Witnessing is more than understanding someone else and possibly be aware of similar struggles in our life. But it works a whole lot better if we can show how we've overcome our failures and weaknesses. And our past is not bragging rights about being the worst and now the best. Our past should remind us of our pain and the pain we inflicted on others. This same awareness gives us an incentive to help others avoid the pitfalls in life that we encountered or deliberately chose.

What to Pray For

So with these ideas in front of us then we need to pray:

  • to know scripture and use it as a discipline in our own life
  • to be ready to defend orthodox faith (what Steve preaches)
  • for a Godly family
  • for insight into our failings
  • for insight to correct our failings
  • to be a supportive person to others and to ministry activities
  • to be kind
  • to be changed and a change agent
  • to forgive
  • to have close Christian friends who will confront us in love
  • to not settle for the mundane
  • and to have people remember you said “God made a change in me”!

Satan may knock us down but we’re going to get back up and proclaim Jesus as our King! JW


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    • Jw Worcester profile imageAUTHOR

      Jim JW Worcester 

      9 months ago from Riverside (Dayton) Ohio

      I do see I left something out at the beginning of this post. I'm writing from personal experience who although active in the church since I was first married, I've done things that are UN-Christian. But I have, and we all can, through the strength and guidance of the Holy Spirit still clean up our act and preserve a positive legacy in the long run. The post is for believers and the hope that even with a tainted history those that follow can still experience a positive legacy.

    • Ericdierker profile image

      Eric Dierker 

      9 months ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      I think I don't get it. Who would read this if they are lost? I just do not get this message? Be careful here as I am not an idiot but this treatment suggests I am if I disagree with you. Or blow me off.


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