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Preaching In the New Millennium?

Updated on January 18, 2022

A New Way Of Doing Old Things

Even before Jesus of Nazareth has lived amongst us, people before him have already been preaching “the Word”.

Okay, before Jesus they may have not been preaching the Word, for they were preaching “the Arrival of the Word”—the Word that was to be made Flesh.

And then came Jesus, in the flesh some two thousand years ago, preaching the “Good News”. Okay or news that most people do not care to listen to (for a long time, me included).

But for the last two thousand years, whether we wanted it or not “the Word of God” has been preached by men and women who are probably not that much different than you and me. As it has been written that the Word will be preached to all the world, and then the end (of the world as we know it) will come.

Now fast forward to the new millennium, today, with all the latest technologies and the newest gadgets, preaching or propagating everything and anything from New Wave to New Age to many different and new ways of doing the same old things. Some of which are of course not really any thing new but just seemed new because it might not have been done or practiced for quite some time.

So why wouldn’t the followers of Jesus or of “the Way” today also make use of these new media and tools to “preach” the same Word that has been preached for the last two thousand years?

And this is probably the main reason why I started my blog about everything and anything about this man we now know as Jesus of Nazareth. And that was over five years ago today.

And yes after going online and reading so much hate about Christianity and by some who probably do not even know half of what they were talking about or were only rehashing or parroting what somebody wrote somewhere else and making it their own mission statements, I decided the only way to fight fire is with fire. Or in this case, to present the Gospel (or the Good News) in a totally different light, not coercing, not antagonistically, not using the same old preaching methods but just merely sharing from my own personal experiences and personal assessments of what could be right, true, correct and what could have really happened and what might happen in the near future.

And so, in August of 2005, I first ventured to write my first Christian or at least Christian Related Blog Post in my very own page in the now defunct Yahoo 360. Yes, how time flies and how new technologies die out or are overtaken by new ones. I still have an original iPhone and now just a few short years we are now into the iPhone 4. Yes, so what else is new?

Today, social networking sites, blog sites and many other kinds of websites such as twitter, facebook, youtube and many others are in fashion. Tomorrow, who knows? But just the same, there will just be another one which will be faster, better looking, flashier than those and they will take over.

And so why wouldn’t believers of Christ make use of the current new media to reach out to the connected generation (or those who were born from the 1980s)? Yes, especially if one belongs to that generation—the friend, fan or follow generation.

As recorded, Jesus did say, to go out and preach to all the world. And the worldwide web, the blogs, the web posts, the web videos, the chats, the twitts and text and other related messages are indeed the New World--a world where the new generation can be reached. And indeed for some of them, it may be the only way to reach (out to) them. Okay, if you don’t believe me, ask a few moms (or dads) of any teen and tween.

One TV Ad Commercial I just saw, was saying how the mom can send an instant message through her laptop (or netbook) in the kitchen to their daughter’s netbook located at the child’s bedroom telling her daughter that dinner is ready. Okay, that sure beats the old fashion way of yelling or banging on their bedroom doors, which of course wouldn’t work for most kids whose ears are continuously plugged in with the headphones from their iPods or PSPs.

As of now, I have written close to 150 Christian related blog posts which are now housed over at I moved all the old posts there that were on my page from the now defunct Yahoo 360 Pages. I also for some time, wrote for the website and other sites.

And since the start of this year, I have started writing Online Articles (as opposed to blog posts). These articles, like my blog posts are about God, about Jesus or about Christianity. These are at a new site, (yes this site).

Since then, I have written 36 articles (or hubs as they are called) at this site which currently has a combined 3,000 page views.

I remember, my blog posts from the Yahoo 360, used to have over 30,000 page visits but that count was from a long time ago, I am guessing maybe some two-three years back (or an average of about 10,000 views a year). And as you can see people do seem to be reading these types of posts. And many have responded and have left numerous favorable comments.

So if I can do any of these, there shouldn’t be any reason why you couldn’t do the same or something similar. Or at least you can think of another way to share “the Good News” in your own personal way.

As the bible tells us, preach the Word, in and out of season. And as for the world-wide-web, a place or a whole world that actually never sleeps, indeed one has to be ready 24/7.

Are you?

Your audience awaits.

Hub Number: #037

Date: 2010-September-26

First Hub:


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