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2019 Predictions for Sagittarius

Updated on November 24, 2018

With a new year comes new expectations and aspirations for the future. 2019 offers a fresh start for Sagittarius; allowing them to make some changes in their personal, professional and love life. It is the right time to set those yearly goals; plan that trip to the Bahamas or have more one-on-one time with your special someone. The New Year comes with a lot of hope, happiness and prosperity for Sagittarius, and all they need to do is keep living on, just like they always do. Here is what 2019 holds in store for our beloved Sagittarius.


You are expected to start this wonderful year with several pleasant surprises. The great benefic Jupiter will be in domicile in your sign, and you will continue to have this luck for the next six months. Although, you will have the urge to get things done and have everything planned out during this month. Whether it is balancing your budget or making a list of your New Year’s resolutions, it is good to have it all planned out before diving into 2019. Moreover, once you have it all planned and ready, you will feel more relaxed and can enjoy the little favors life has to offer this month. While you are making your agenda for the year, prioritize your health and make decisions which work for you. Perhaps set a certain amount of money aside for that gym membership or those new workout clothes you have been planning to get. It is a great time to motivate yourself. You might even expect a really nice date at the start of the year. This is the right time to embrace new things, whether it is moving a step ahead in your relationship or making a new business deal with your business partner.


Everyone loves being around you. Your social life is filled with so much positivity this month. If you have been on the sidelines in 2018, this is the time for you to shine. This month you are the life of the party, the favorite child in the family, and the best employee at work. With Valentine’s Day falling in this month, it also all about love and affection, not only from your friends and family, but from your romantic partner as well. You will be getting all the much deserved attention from your special someone. The key to make all this work out in your favor is to communicate. Use your amazing communication skills and enjoy the spotlight.


This month you should focus on self-care. Be gentle on yourself and understand what you need the most. Understanding yourself and your aspirations is essential for setting everything straight. Take your time, make that green detox juice and go for that walk, or perhaps, stay in bed as long as you want. You must do what makes you feel happy, healthy and peaceful. You have been working so much and getting increasingly stressed for a long time, perhaps slow down and prioritize yourself over everything. Take out your yoga mat and relax. Perhaps go on that date with the cute guy you met at that coffee shop; a change of perspective is what you need.


Before you step into April, take a piece of paper and write down “don’t overdo it”. Paste it somewhere you can look at every day. Although, April will start off in a great mood, but it can get a bit frustrating if you do not know how to manage all this excess energy. There will be times when you would want to take over the world, whereas at other times you will be all over the place. Hence, you must try to take one step at a time and relax. Remember, you can make it all work, but maybe you need to change your approach a little bit. A good advice for this month would be to reach out to someone in authority and don’t be afraid to seek help, whether it is from your parents or a teacher.


If you were able to get through April, May would not be that easy. Take some time off and recharge your batteries before stepping back into this fast paced world. Take a longer walk in the park or go on that long drive out of town; take out time for yourself to be happy. There is no need to rush things this month. Business deals and important decisions can wait. Romance will also find its way towards you. Remember life is not a race and you will get everything you want at the right time and the right place.


June will be the month of self-reflection for Sagittarius. You will constantly find yourself asking deep questions such as how the world works and how do you fit in it. It is time that you tune your inner self with your outer persona and allow yourself some peace after all these stressful months. Also, some good news is definitely on its way. However, it is important that you keep your eyes open for all those signs. The same mood will also continue in your love life. You will find yourself thinking about the kind of person you want in your life and understanding the deeper meaning of love. Nonetheless, do not just disappear into your own deep thoughts and also let yourself enjoy the romance and magic that this month brings.


You will be more open to life this month, and more willing to accept new challenges. July is all about making that extra effort. If you are feeling that you have been lagging behind on an important project for the past few months, perhaps this is the time to pick up pace. Actively seek out solutions to all your problems; they will be easier to find this month. You just need a good balance in life and you are all set for the second half of the year.


You will be craving a lot of independence this month. It is okay if you want to do things on your own and in your way. People might think you are becoming rebellious, but if it makes you happy, it is fine. However, unlike many other things you will find it hard to predict love. Perhaps, the key is to stop fighting and accept it instead. Let yourself be happy. Go to the gym, lift some weights, or call your friends and go out for a picnic. It is great to celebrate the freedom you could have this month, however just don’t forget to communicate with your loved ones about this.


If you are waiting for that cute guy to ask you out, perhaps he will now. You are a magnet this month, attracting anyone and everyone you want. The best part about this is that it makes you happy, being the center of attention. So, make the best out of this time and enjoy all the attention you are getting. However, remember to take off your party shoes and relax for a while, if all this gets too much for you. As far as your career is concerned, this month will be a great time to initiate new business deals.


You will have a lot of responsibilities to take off, relationships to fix and people to reconnect with this month. Make all this easier by allowing yourself to communicate with those you care about. Spend more time with your friends and family. Your charisma and great communication skills will help you in reviving the relationship with your close ones. All these efforts will bring stability and certainty in your love life as well. A fulfilling life, with those you love, is all you need to get through October.


You are a social butterfly this month, talking to everyone you meet, whether it is strangers on the subway or people at a rock concert. You are open to learning new things about others and spending more time outdoors. It is all about adventure this month, and letting yourself grow in all directions, whether it is personally or professionally. You are both bright and articulate, and this is what will make November such a treat for you. So, go to that bonfire party and roast some marshmallows, while you make amazing conversation with someone new; you might even find someone you are interested in romantically.


The year has come to an end. December will offer you the best time to reflect on your past mistakes, think about the lessons you learned and plan for the coming year. You will find yourself loving the outdoors this month; always making plans with friends and family. Also, it is your birthday month, so do not forget to party. Moreover, with Christmas and New Year’s holidays coming, you will have a lot of time to give and receive. Enjoy yourself and maintain your bright and charming persona for the next year to come.

If you are interested in learning more about what 2019 will bring for you, check out this video:


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