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Updated on May 18, 2014

You were always on my mind

Did you know that God is thinking about you right now? In fact, you are not here by mistake. God knew you before you were even formed in your mother's womb. He had you in mind before He formed you, called you, sent you and empowered you to accomplish His good will. In other words, you were premeditated in the mind of God.

I just wanted to let you know that sometimes the fact that you are feeling blue has nothing to do with a chemical imbalance or a dosage of medication and has more to do with an attack of Satan. Why would Satan think you were attack worthy? Because He knows your Creator and if he hates God he certainly hates his creation. Maybe you were getting close to fulfilling the purpose that God predestined you to fulfill. Think about it, you are distracted to the point of being sidelined, because spiritual attacks are real. If you don't think so, consider the story of Adam and Eve, two people created by God and both given a purpose in the Garden to tend to the land and to be fruitful and multiply. And they were both sidelined by the Serpent. If Satan speaks to you it can't be good, and it can only serve to distract you from your purpose and quite possibly detour and destroy you.

Remember you are loved with an everlasting love (Jeremiah 31:3) and depression is not what God has in mind for you but rather forgiveness, healing, redemption, love and compassion. (Psalm 103:1-5)

Seek the will of God for your life and go after it with all your passion! Hope deferred makes the heart sick.


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