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Preparing For Ritual

Updated on July 5, 2013

Ritual can mean a great many things to many people. To some it can mean a general routine, such as getting out of bed, brushing teeth and having coffee. To others it can mean something religious and spiritual. For some, it is the motions one might go through before meditation.

I would like to outline a way of calming and centering the self for a concentrated task. It is to help clear the mind, body and spirit of any distractions, negativity, or general noise.

An example of a simple alter representing the four elements, the duel personalities, as well as a tool for cleansing the air of unwanted energies
An example of a simple alter representing the four elements, the duel personalities, as well as a tool for cleansing the air of unwanted energies | Source

Relax during the bathing process. Inhale confidence, setting your mind to a positive state of success. There is no failure, only lack of energy. Exhale worries and negativity. Inhale mental clarity – it might be a good idea to burn mint, eucalyptus or tea tree oil in an oil burner during this time, or place drops of said oils in the bath for aromatherapeutic effect. When you are ready to leave the bath, feel your worries and lingering thoughts go into the bath water, and as you pull the plug and it begins to drain, so do your concerns.

Step One


The bathing process has two functions:

  1. Relax
  2. Cleanse

Often we carry too much weight within us, on our shoulders. Bathing, whether it be sitting in a tub, wandering into the lake, or standing under a shower, can help the muscles and body to relax. So often we have our own morning rituals which includes taking a shower before the day begins. Without realizing it, this is not just physically cleaning, but it is an attempt to wash away the previous day, to wash away the night, the sleep, and refresh the self for the day to come.

Showering for the day is different when bathing for a purpose. The bathing process before a ritual has two functions:

  1. Relax
  2. Cleanse

Yet see how a morning habit and bathing for ritual can have the same purposes which hold completely different meanings.

Your Robe

Acquiring a robe is not terribly difficult. There are a couple options:

  • Make it
  • Purchase

Here are some useful links to help you with either of these tasks. I do recommend making your robe though, as it will hold more significance with you.

Step Two

Air-dry if you can. This means, if your environment does not prove too much discomfort, allow yourself to dry without a towel, without cloth, or anything but the atmosphere of your environment.

Dress yourself in your special robe or gown – white if possible – that you only wear for this purpose. This puts your mind set in a magical place, alerting your subconscious that you are about to make use of the pineal gland. If you do not have a robe, that is fine. Going Sky Clad, or in the nude is just as effective.


A Note About Your Ritual Space

If you are gearing up to practice a spiritual ritual or meditation, you want to make sure the mood is set, so to speak.

Your ritual space should be dark, and private. I have heard of some having to make do with the bathroom for their privacy. Some people have the luxury of a bedroom, but it is just too small to have any of the extras. That is not a problem. Where the will is determined, the ability to make-shift will be present.

If you are in a standard room, the curtains should be drawn and if possible, doors closed. Your space should allow you minimal disturbance - none if at all possible. If doing spiritual practices, it is important to remember that you are doing this for your own personal growth and inspiration, and not as tricks for other people.

Once again, mood-setting is of importance. While I mentioned before to have your space be dark, you still want to be able to see. Candles make an excellent mood lighter, and provide energy as well. Mimic-candles are good as well, though you may not draw the same inspiration from them. The presence of the tiny flames allow for the subtle energies to change slightly.

If you have an alter, or any tools to use, they should be in the middle of the room, facing to the east. When the time comes you will sit behind your alter, also facing the east. A chair is preferable, though not necessary, to be behind your alter or in the center of your sacred space.

If a concern is unwanted energies crouching in corners or hidden spots, you may go to each of these nooks and clap your hands three times or ring a bell three times. Should you ring the bell, please know that this bell should only be used for this purpose and part of your alter.

You are now prepared for Ritual.

Step Three

Take a moment to become aware of your breath, and breathe.

The simple act of breathing as been more beneficial than many anti anxiety medications. Breath is part of life, is a necessity of life. It is an involuntary act which we take for granted. Through each breath, our bodies take in oxygen which is deposited into our blood to carry out to different organs, including the brain.

With everything you do, you should be conscious of your breath. This will allow you to remain calmer, clearer in thinking, and in tune with your body.

Did this help you center yourself for your ritual?

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Meditation | Source


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    • ThompsonPen profile imageAUTHOR

      Nicola Thompson 

      7 years ago from Bellingham, WA

      Greetings! Thank you for the beautiful description! I think that a mass preparation for ritual might actually engulf the world in a warm snuggly relaxation! I've been told of accounts of Monks meditating en mass in DC, during which time the crime rate dropped significantly. I have heard tell of people focusing on a representation of the world, and giving reiki to it, thus giving it to the world.

      I have always said that by taking care of the self and focusing on a healthier, more natural life style, we help the world. By focusing on our own energy on a spiritual level or etheric level, we increase our vibrations, which effect those around us. Perhaps it will create a chain.

      Thanks for stopping by, friend!

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Hi WonderfulPen,

      I am sold, warm bath, a new or familiar clover and a comfortable space all your own

      and then just breath in and out sweeping off all bewilderment!

      I do it all the time and call in self hypnosis!

      But now you’ve got my mind racing in all the wrong directions as I

      think about relaxing the globe, our earth our sole supporter.

      Taking it and giving it a bath, leaving it with a soft warm feeling and then

      wrapping it in a light pure air, offering it a warm glow of the sun bright light

      and giving it’s own true position in space, and all of us breathing ever so deeply.

      Yes lost in the mind of evolution and at peace with our neighbours.

      And then I remember, damn brain…”Collapse by Jarred Diamond” and

      suddenly I am anxious and need to some relaxation. Great mood setting and a soft place you create…and then this silly chap comes along and dreams of the global relaxation!! Love the warm moment and it melted my willpower to be sensible!! Thanks for a great hub!!


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