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Praying for Healing

Updated on July 19, 2013

Dear Friends, Jesus lives. He is alive TODAY. He performs miracles and healings TODAY...I believe in His miracles...I think God is a good Father filled with love and compassion and his desires are for men and woman to live a peaceful life free of sickness.

Who Created All Suffering And Evilness?

God, our celestial Father, did not create suffering and sickness. He did not create diseases and plagues. These are creations directly from Satan. Satan is a horrible being that wishes to destroy mankind and take them directly to life of mediocrity and scarcity following eternal condemnation. To accomplish this he uses temptations of all types of worldly pleasures to seduce the souls of men and lead them to live an egocentric and superficial life.

Who Is Jesus Christ?

Jesus Christ came to this world to teach us about who is God...our heavenly Father. He spoke about a God full of love, power and mercy that only wishes well-being and hapiness to all men without any exceptions. He taught us how God desires to answer our prayers and deliver us from all suffering and danger. When we walk with Him in this journey called life meditating on His word with perseverance, we are loved by God. He wishes the best for us and we can prey for his intervention and for miracles. Friends, pray to Him with trust and tenacity. You will receive many miracles from God.

Who Can Pray For A Miracle?

Miracles are not only for supersaints or special people. They are for all of those that choose to put all their trust in God no matter what happens or what comes their way because we are walking not by what we see but by FAITH. It does not matter to God all the mistakes you've made or if you've lived a life full of sin and violating all His commands. Jesus said He did not come for the healed BUT FOR THE SICK. What God cares about is a soul that is willing to believe him despite the circumstances and the adversities, a soul that won't give up, a soul that will remain believing in Him until the end. Friends, in any situation you are facing their is always a decision to make. You don't have to choose to continue to live in suffering and bondage listening to Satan and all the lies he whispers in your ears: " You won't make it out of this one, you heard what the doctor said...If God promised to help you, why are you living this miserable life". He is the father of all lies. He is very smart at what he does and he attacks our mind first knowing very well our weaknesses. God loves you and wishes to bless you, never forget nothing is impossible for God.

One morning a lady called her church so they would come and pray for her husband. He was not doing very well in the hospital and they were going to operate on him. When the faithful people from his church got there, The man told how a type of tumor had developed in his stomach and the doctors want to operate it right away. The man was very scared about this whole experience. His brothers and sisters from church told him that God loves him and can do two things:

  1. "God can heal you right now with his almighty power and the power of The Holy Spirit"
  2. "or God can heal you through the doctors"

They preyed for him and asked God to have mercy on him and to touch Him with His healing hands. After that they said goodbye to the men and his wife and they left the hospital. The next day they called to find out how the men was doing. His wife answered the call and very excited told how the doctors were operating on him looking for the tumor but they never found it! They took all types of x-rays and the tumor had disappeared! All Glory and Honor to God all powerful!

A Prayer For Healing

Our Father who is in heaven, blessed be your name...I believe in you...I believe in Jesus Christ...I believe you are the only true I come to you to give you my life and my heart...and to implore that you please forgive me for I truly repent of my sins...please forgive me the same way I now forgive others for all the ways they have hurt me...I want to be free from all bitterness and resentment...please heal me...cleanse me...and purify me with your precious and holy blood...touch me with your healing and all powerful hands...Father I will obey and follow you with all my heart...I need you...please deliver me from all sickness and opression...Father I believe in you and your healing power...I receive now healing for my soul...for my body...for my mind...I am receiving your healing now...I believe in Peter 2:24: "He himself bore our sins in his body on the cross...and by his wounds you have been healed"...Thank you God...I declare that I am healed...I am free From all sickness IN JESUS NAME. AMEN.


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    • evalissette profile image

      evalissette 4 years ago from New York

      Thanks Jericho for your support! This is soppose to be the "Anatomy of a Counterintuitive Zombie" ....but you are right they do look alike!

    • evalissette profile image

      evalissette 4 years ago from New York

      Thank you Michele Travis for sharing that information with us... The power of faith and prayer never stops amazing me...These types of clinical studies are so important to share!

    • jericho911 profile image

      Kenneth Claude 4 years ago from Parts Unknown

      Nice hub ! Is that one picture from the game Plants vs Zombies ? LOL I love that game. The creature looks very familiar !

    • Michele Travis profile image

      Michele Travis 4 years ago from U.S.A. Ohio

      This is true, we do need to pray for healing, it helps more then doctors do. In fact studies have been done about prayers.

      In 1999, patients in a Missouri intensive care unit recovered faster after prayers were said for them compared with those who did not have prayers said. This study was unique due to its size—nearly 1,000 patients—and neither the patients nor their doctors knew which patients had prayers said for them.

      Kind of interesting isn't it?

      Great hub, voted up!