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Pride And Covetousness

Updated on June 2, 2011

Pride and Covetousness

Pride and covetousness are somewhat correlated to each other. Lucifer’s heart is proud and covetous. He is proud because he desires the best place for himself in the universe and he is covetous, for he covets God’s throne.

This is also very true for us, even though we have become Christian for many years, we are always prone to be proud and covetous. We have many ambitions in this life that we are not aware that they are forms of covetousness in disguise. When we think that we always deserve the best thing in the world, the best career, the best house, the best Pastor, the best church, the best spouse and many other things, are we not becoming proud like Lucifer who desires the best place and position in the universe.

We must also be careful with our ambitions, most of the times, ambitions are disguised form of covetousness. We dream of a great career position , we call it ambition, in having this dream, we must examine very carefully the motives of our heart. We may be dreaming of this because it will provide us a very high income that will provide us a very prestigious lifestyle, something that we see from others in the higher echelon of society.This is indeed covetousness. Covetousness and pride are two inseparable things. Lucifer’s heart is possessed by these. We as christians, should our hearts be also housed by these desires? As a Christian, our hearts must be emptied of any form of pride and covetousness. These sort of things such as selfish ambitions must have no place in our hearts. We must stick to the simplicity of life offered by true christianity which is a life of faith, humility and complete dependence upon God.

For you have said to yourself ‘ I will ascend to heaven and sset my throne above God’s stars. I will preside on the mountain of the gods far away in the north. I will climb to the highest heavens and be like the Most High, ‘

ISAIAH 14 :14


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    • profile image

      Eve 9 years ago

      thanks po for posting blogs like this :] keep shining for JESUS

      - Eve from Grace Bible Church

    • profile image

      Patrick Teng 9 years ago

      This revealation will help me check my motives when i am ambitious with career that can command high income. i have learn to be contented and trust in God in everything He places in my life