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Principle of the Blessed Trinity

Updated on September 2, 2016

Simplified Structure of the Triangle God

The Blessed Trinity arrayed in a Right Angled Triangle.
The Blessed Trinity arrayed in a Right Angled Triangle.

The Blessed Trinity means three persons when it is represented by a straight line. The Blessed Trinity is an angel when the three persons in one God are arranged such that they form a right angled triangle.

An Angel = Three Persons

Example of three persons in an angel:

  1. Shedrach, Meshach and Abednigo.
  2. Abraham, Isaac and Jacob
  3. Peter, John and James

Peter-John-James was the Trinity at the Transfiguration, Shedrach-Meshach-Abednigo was the Trinity under the refining furnace, and Abraham-Isaac-Jacob was the Blessed Trinity of the promise.

Line BAC below is a straight line with sum of angles equal to 180˚. The Straight line represents the three persons A, B, and C, in an angel. In the Blessed Trinity: Abraham-Isaac-Jacob,

Abraham (A) = the Father

Isaac (B) = the Son

Jacob (C) = the Holy Spirit

The Blessed Trinity Arrayed in a Straight Line and a Right Angled Triangle

An Angel is made up of Three Persons

An angel is a human being, with two wings, represented by the right angled triangle ABC. Each wing of an angel is not a conventional wing like that of a bird, insect or any other organism or thing. Rather, the two wings of an angel are two human beings. The person at angle 90 is the one visible as a human being. He is the person occupying the first position – the position of the Father.


In the Blessed Trinity ABC representing Abraham, Isaac and Jacob respectively; Abraham (A) is at angle 90 of the right angled triangle ABC. The other two persons - Isaac (B) and Jacob (C) - are standing at his right hand and his left hand respectively.

Here, Abraham (A) is the angel, and Isaac and Jacob are his two wings. This means that God the Father can appear as:

  1. An angel with two wings (a right angled triangle) or
  2. A man with two other men (a straight line)

Abraham saw God the Father as the Trinity made up of three men:

“As Abraham was sitting at the entrance of his tent during the hottest part of the day, he looked up and saw three men standing there” (Genesis 18:1-2).

One of the men was God the Father identified as the LORD, and the other two were His Messengers. The Spirit of the Father - the LORD –was with Abraham, while the spirit of the two messengers were sent out to combat the sinful world:

“Then the two men left and went on towards Sodom, but the LORD remained with Abraham.” (Genesis 18:22)

From the above revelation, it is clear that human beings are the basic units of angels, and angels are the basic units of God. Since the wings of angels are people, we could understand why the wings of the living creatures were described as having eyes:

“Their bodies, backs, hands, wings, and wheels were covered with eyes.” (Ezekiel 10:12)

The Twelve Apostles represented by Four Living Creatures

Trinity in this diagram means three Apostles in one Living Creature, i.e, AOD = AB-BC-CD, GOD = DE-EF-FG, JOG = GH-HI-IJ, JOA = JK-KL-LA.
Trinity in this diagram means three Apostles in one Living Creature, i.e, AOD = AB-BC-CD, GOD = DE-EF-FG, JOG = GH-HI-IJ, JOA = JK-KL-LA.

The Twelve Apostles are Four Living Creatures

The twelve apostles of Jesus Christ are divided into four groups which are four Arcs in one glory of God. The four groups or Arcs are AD, DG, GJ, and JA.

  • Arc AD (Group AD) is made up of three Arcs – AB, BC, and CD.
  • Arc DG (Group DG) is made up of three Arcs – DE, EF, and FG.
  • Arc GJ (Group GJ) is made up of three Arcs – GH, HI, and IJ.
  • Arc JA (Group JA) is made up of three Arcs – JK, KL, and LA.

Arc AD = Living Creature AOD

Arc DG = Living Creature GOD

Arc GJ = Living Creature JOG

Arc JA = Living Creature JOA

The angel (Living Creature) AOD is made up of the three persons: Peter-John-James

Peter-John-James = ABC

Peter (A) is the first person, and John (B) and James (C) are standing at his right and left hand sides respectively.

Peter is the person, and John and James are his two wings.

Angel (Living Creature) GOD is made up of three persons: Andrew-Philip-Thomas

Andrew-Philip-Thomas = ABC

First Person (A) = Andrew

Second Person (B) = Philip

Third Person (C) = Thomas

Philip (B) is the right wing, Thomas (C) is the left wing, and Andrew (A) is the human figure at the middle.

Angel (Living Creature) JOG is made up of the three persons Bartholomew-Matthew-James.

Bartholomew-Matthew-James = ABC

Father (A) = Bartholomew

Son (B) = Matthew

Holy Spirit (C) = James

Matthew sits at the right hand of the Father, while James is at the left hand.

Angel (Living Creature) JOA is the Blessed Trinity Simon-Judas-Mathias.

Simon is the angel, Mathias is the left wing of the angel, and Judas is the right wing of the angel.

Therefore, the twelve apostles are four living creatures united, through the Blessed Trinity, into one square. It is through this principle, the New Jerusalem, which is a circle (a glory) is as well a square.

Table Showing Apostles and their corresponding Arcs

An Arc represents an Apostle in the circle - the glory. Example: Arc FG in the circle means the Apostle Thomas.

Table Showing how the Blessed Trinity is used to Create the Four Corners of the World

Corner (Group)
Peter, John and James
Andrew, Philip and Thomas
Bartholomew, Matthew and James
Simon, Judas and Mathias

Father and Son Trinity

As humans are the basic units of angels, angels are as well the basic units of angels. The magnitude of an angel depends on how many angels are contained in him, and how many righteous souls are contained in him. The Trinity making up an angel is made up of three righteous souls. The more the number of angels in an angel, the more the number of righteous souls he contains; and the more powerful the angel is.

“Angels are strengthen by the principle of Father and Son in one God”

This principle is the union of the Old Testament and the New Testament in one Holy Bible.

Father = Old Testament

Son = New Testament

One God = Father + Son

= Old Testament + New Testament

= One Holy Bible

The Father is himself God, the Son is himself God, but the Father and the Son are fused to form the same one God with the same magnitude.

It is mathematics of 1 and 1 = 1

And = ×

= multiplication

Therefore, 1 and 1 = 1 × 1 = 1

It is not the mathematics of 1 + 1 because it is the same God the existed as the Father in the past that is existing as the Son in the present.

Two angels –two living creatures – unite in this way to form one Living Creature. We know that each Living Creature is made up of three persons, and two out of the three persons were wings in the elementary level of a Living Creature. This means that when two Living Creatures are uniting, it is two pairs of wings and two persons that are uniting. The product should have been a Living Creature with four wings.

“The two persons unite as Father and Son to form one person”

At this level, the three persons in an angel are considered as three wings, and when the two angels are uniting, it is really two pairs of three wings that are uniting to form six wings.

In Ezekiel’s description of the Four Living Creatures, each Living Creature is a Living Creature made up of two wings, such that there were four wings.


Two Living Creatures = 2 Wings + 2 Wings

= 4 Wings

= One Living Creature with four wings

In Isaiah’s description of the Living Creatures, the two persons were two extra wings such that there were six wings.

Two Living Creatures = 2 Wings + 4 Wings

= 6 Wings

In Isaiah’ description, the human figure disappeared, and the Living Creatures were like flames of fire or burning stars called flaming creatures. While in Ezekiel’s description, the Living Creatures retained their human attributes.

Diagram showing a Living Creature and a Flaming Creature

The Living Creature was described by the Prophet Ezekiel, and the Flaming Creature was revealed by the prophet Isaiah. They are two different manifestations of the Cherubim.
The Living Creature was described by the Prophet Ezekiel, and the Flaming Creature was revealed by the prophet Isaiah. They are two different manifestations of the Cherubim.

The Two Living Creatures in the Throne of God

The Living Creatures and the person sitting on the Throne constitute the majesty of God. Each Living Creature is the Blessed Trinity made up of three persons. Therefore, the two Living Creatures are six persons. The person sitting on the throne is the seventh person, thus completing God – 7. What this means is that the person has become the king, and the angels are now at his service. This is demonstrated by two Living Creatures kneeling by the left and right of the throne of the Pope; symbolizing how God placed humans in charge and appointed the angels to defend and protect the humans he placed in charge.


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      Setank Setunk 16 months ago

      Interesting work. With 12 as an order of symmetry perhaps you could correlate all of this in an Trapezo-rhombic dodecahedron.