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Principles of Hope and Faith Part 3 - The Hopeful Fellow

Updated on August 27, 2015

No one can talk about hope unless he has a dream to fulfill or a definite goal to achieve. When trying to have hope in life expecting your best in all possible ways, sometimes you may feel like the night is forever. This is where hopelessness comes. So to get over this hopelessness you must apply this hope techniques in which we are going to treat in a broad topics.

1. First of all you should make sure that you live a different life. Watching people to follow or imitating there life always may cause hopelessness. Often, your way and channel of success might be different from theirs. Be what you are and keep on figuring out what may be good for you. In some cases, you can assume some successful people as models. This is not bad but you need to be peculiar too. Success awaits those who know the value of their visions. Full of anticipation for a predicted future, your ambitions and aspirations need to honour your person. You have to envision life without the need of pursuing others' dreams.

2. Learn to encourage yourself and avoid telling people all your secrets.
If you have a plan to accomplish in life or you dreamt to be a successful artist, don't you ever tell someone. A wise man once said "an idea shared is an idea wasted". Just keep the hope to yourself. Work on it and keep on hoping, figuring out the way you can succeed. Human beings are natural dissuaders, they can make you daunt for life and deter your hope from yourself, ultimate and natural ability. Try to think about your progress, whenever you begin to daunt your ambitions. Only think about your downfalls in an hopeful attempt to mend it.

3. You must learn to get off your comfort zone. Include fun into your daily activities and relax to enjoy everything you do. Although it is great and important to be "identity preserved" sometimes, getting off your comfort zone will get rid of all the depressions, stress and hopelessness, thus hope will come and fill the void.

4. Hope doesn't wait for an opportunity.
Opportunity might come and pass without you even recognizing its movement. So, make use of every little opportunity to create bigger one. Don't wait for it, and when it comes grab it with love, filled with hope, for the future is bright. Always believe in the power of creation. It is where all dreams can be brought to reality.

5. Don't abstain yourself from hard work.
A hopeful mind is a hardworking mind. One can't find hope where there is no business. And so, business doesn’t have to be of always buying and selling. The mind is responsible for the nourishment ans satisfaction of the body, and this satisfaction brings about activities which is interpreted as work. To be successful, you must work hard on your visions and goals. No success comes without hope and hard work. You must make up your mind to work the hardest; the predictable future might be easier than expected but you must work towards it.

6. Life is full of chances! Believe me there is no human being on earth who is born with no hope. There are many great and famous blind men, just because they have hope for a glittering aspiration and avidity. So also lame and crippled. They know how tomorrow can be designed with a hope, never relenting. Your social status or origin doesn't matter in determining your destination but where you aim to, where you visualize as your destiny.

7. You are Your Best!
To have hope in life you have to understand that you are the best, no matter how. Life is simple and any other man is his own future 'judge' and commander. There is no magic on being the best among the best - it is only when you call yourself your best. Meaning; this is you; the way you walk is the best; the way you act is wonderful; you could be a hero of all times in your career. Your hope can only be confirmed when you start believing in yourself.

8. Your friends should be your influence.
If your friends are the kind of "I don't care" people, forget them. Live your life as your mind tells you. Don't give them a chance to destroy your dreams and hopes. Avoid mingling among them all the time once you think they have no benefit or can't support your dreams. Be a fellow who has an opinion to stand on. Only surround yourself with people that can help you improve as a person.

9. Share your feelings with the older or elderly.
Mistake is a mistake but repeating the same mistake is a choice. This fact should be embedded in your brain. Don't ever hesitate on asking for an advice in order to overcome a failure. Most elderly people have an experience of life where they can tell you the benefits and loses of every situation. But remember, not everyone is good enough. Always think for yourself first and have faith that you'll meet a responsible person. Pile up all the information you need then make your decisions.

10. Hope on the Little.
As I've said earlier, no one is born without hope no matter how. You little hope can born the bigger hope you dreamt for, after all passion breeds passion. Every day is an opportunity but if you don't figure out those chances and work with them to your goal, you might be half-way to becoming a continuous dreamer. All you have is hope, and everywhere you go in life is chances. Hope and livelihood work together. In all this, my final and best advice is to rely on your ability on every aspect of life. Always learn to be independent and kind. The only way to confirm your independency is by being kind to those who depend on you. You automatically boost your hope when you introduce hope into people's life.

When all you have is hope in relationship

We're going to explore ways to have hope in all aspects of relationship and living. This will assure a long-term relationship with your partner, work and business. Remember that love has a limit. You can't love someone and hate yourself. Neither will you expect to be loved all in all. Don't expect more from your spouse but the better. You should be grateful for just the little time your Love has for you. When heartbreak comes the pain won't be so much and your hope will stand. Don't assume hope! Have hope only on people you trust. Never be a prisoner of your past life, keep away from remembering every bit of your past mistakes. They can ruin out your passion and deter your hope to excel further. Just live to design your own tomorrow and find a way of getting better and better while increasing your hope. While doing this, make sure your today is better than yesterday and hope for tomorrow to be better than today.

To avoid nervous distractions and emotional conflicts, always love everyone including your haters. Just forget about their actions and continue further with an anticipating hope that they are going to change to reasonable people in the future. Don't leave them to achieve their aim of hating you - to see your downfall. In fact, enjoy them and be happy that you got them. After all this is how life supposed to be. Always hope that you have something to live for, even in a hopeless relationship. Your life has a meaning and its purpose is the greatest, but the greater is the hope built within the mind. Once you figure out the reason you live, then pursue it, avoiding, resisting and crossing any obstacle that may come by the way.

As long as there is life, there will be no end of hope or opportunity. In fact someone defines end as "Effort Never Dies". In terms of having hope, moving on in a relationship or future planning, if you get NO as an answer, remember its full meaning as "Next Opportunity". That's how to be optimistic in life and no effort can go unrewarded. Avoid feeling sad in times of lost. Remember also that when a tree loses a leaf, a new leaf usually grows in its place. Your life might be just similar; you just need to have hope and good visioning of dreams. Missing an opportunity or losing a material thing doesn't mean you are a looser, but the lost has happened to open a space for a better leaf in your life.

Don't feel hated or depressed when you find out people are envying you. You supposed to be happy because that shows the sign that you are better than them. What's next; hold your steer and move on to be ahead and ahead. This is how hope grows and your present tears might soon be a past -- replaced with laughter, only if you have hope and confidence of the reality. Do you know that one good action is greater than millions of intentions? What I’m saying here is to get further with your dreams. You may spend a long time contemplating about a future happening. Take action now or you might end up only a dreamer. Time is waiting, don't create hopelessness to yourself. Go for what you like--that’s putting your hope into action and your dreams to possibilities. The only thing that matters most is you, who will take the first step and the rest will be a fun. Try it! Go further and live a life that you are dreaming of because no one will take action for you if you didn't.

You don't need to get deterred while in competition or jealousy. Someone say, you need enemies and competitors in order to be very successful in life. Yes it is very true to some extent that most of the famous people of our time have faced something similar on their career journey and it’s a self-imposed hope that obviously kept them. So, competitors should encourage you to have more hope, where you can beat them in all effort. No one takes the goal unless he or she has been working for it, and as long as you worked hard for it, nothing will take away your hope. Success needs sleepless effort. Success is not like a dream, you need to work on it. It can't come just the way you dreamt it, but as you have hope you can work yourself to where it is. To feel richer, you must count all you have that money can't buy. So also applies to hope - to feel hope, you must count your chances that others don't see or have.

To have hope, you must learn to deal with your heart fragility. Don't worry about many things, hope for many things. Worry can't solve a problem but extinguishes hope. Hope can't bring worry but pushes anxiety far from you. Maintain your peace and let hope reign by keeping your life moving with smile. When you have two choices to make, don't think much about the possible gain or outcome of a resource but be conscious of the lost. Avoid a risky career choice or any other goal that can cause you some potential lose. Every situation of yours most be an opportunity not a problem. Do not choose the better one, choose the one that makes your dreams bigger, your aspirations wider, avidity wilder, utopia a standard, and your envisioning capabilities stronger.


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      3 years ago

      Success needs are right about that. I hope more people will realize the importance of hardwork. Tnx.


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