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Promise of Jesus Coming: When will it Happen (Int)

Updated on June 30, 2013

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Is the Millenium (thousand year reign of Christ) a literal event or something else.

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    To please God, we must have faith.  To approach a subject like prophecy, we need faith.  Yet many great themes of the Bible are disbelieved today.  You probably know “believers” whose faith and language are about the same as the world’s.  Do we see a cohesive faith among “believers” about how long it took for God to form the universe?  Is there one pattern for understanding the events of the return of Christ?  God says, “If the foundations be destroyed, what shall the righteous do?  The Lord is in His holy temple, the Lord’s throne is in heaven: behold, His eyelids try the children of men.” (Ps. 11:3,4).
If the foundations be destroyed, the world disbelieves Him.  The righteous need to look up to the God, Who is watching us.  There is no point to studying prophecy without a faith that chooses to be on God’s side. The promises of Jesus’ Coming are part of God’s plan of salvation.  Yet confusion reigns.  Many people wonder if His Coming promises are really included among the secrets He has revealed.  If we agree that His Coming is important, then consider this promise: “Surely the Lord GOD will do nothing, but He revealeth His secret unto His servants the prophets.” (Amos 3:7).
    We don’t expect to know the date of His Coming.  However, since God revealed His secrets to His servants the prophets, should there not be something in the prophets for the generation that will see His Coming?  This generation should understand His promises clearly, just as we know the rest of His plan for our redemption. 
    Jesus used only Noah and Lot as predictive illustrations of His coming.     “As it was in the days of Noah, even so shall it be in the days of the Coming of the Son of man.” (Lk. 17:26)  And then: “Also as it was in the days of Lot” (Lk. 17:28).
Lk. 17:26 And as it was in the days of Noe, so shall it be also in the days of the Son of man. 27 They did eat, they drank, they married wives, they were given in marriage, until the day that Noe entered into the ark, and the flood came, and destroyed them all.
Lk. 17:28 Likewise also as it was in the days of Lot; they did eat, they drank, they bought, they sold, they planted, they builded; 29 But the same day that Lot went out of Sodom it rained fire and brimstone from heaven, and destroyed [them] all. 30 Even thus shall it be in the day when the Son of man is revealed.

What do their days reveal?

Pattern for the Church
Pattern for Israel
Gen. 6:22; Jn. 10:27
Noah obeyed
Lot Argued
Gen. 19:18-20; Acts 7:53
Gen. 7:1; I Pet. 2:9
Noah was called
Lot was forcibly removed
Gen. 19:15-16
I Thes. 4:16
Noah called above by God
Lot sent away by angels
Gen. 19:21
Jn. 14:2
Noah entered a prepared place
Lot went to a worldly refuge
Gen. 19:17-22; Mk. 13:14
Gen. 7:7; II Pet. 3:11
Noah’s fear led to obedience
Lot’s fear led to Disobedience
Gen. 19:18, 26
I Pet. 3:20
Noah’s family was safe
Lot’s wife was lost
Gen. 19:26; Matt. 24:19-20
Gen. 7:17; I Thes. 4:16Gen. 7:17; I Thes. 4:16
Noah, lifted up from the Earth
Lot ran to wicked Zoar
Gen. 19:22
I Thes. 4:17-18
Noah entered into his rest
Lot lived in fear
Gen. 19:30
Gen. 7:7,10; I Thes. 5:9; Rev. 4:1
Noah entered 7 days before judgment fell
Lot escaped just before judgment fell
Gen. 19:23-24; Jer. 30:7; Matt. 24:20-21

Notice the difference between Noah's day and Lot's day.

    How can both Noah and Lot fit the pattern of Jesus’ “day” when they are so different?  God has constantly used pictures to help us visualize His intentions.  He designed the image of the cross into the Tabernacle and the Passover.  He named the constellations in Job 9:9 (not for astrology).
    In His patterns, similarities as well as differences are meaningful.  Let’s look for God’s pictures.  Jesus’ used two examples of how the days of His coming will be.  From Luke 17, He referred to Genesis 6 (the days of Noah) and also to Genesis 19 (the days of Lot). We need to make a wide bracket pointing up.  Below that, we will visualize God’s pattern for the “DAYS” of Noah.
    Inside Noah’s wide “DAYS” bracket is a narrower bracket.  The upward points of both brackets meet together in the horizontal center.  The narrower bracket represents what Jesus called the “DAY” of Noah.  In Luke 17:27b, 28, Jesus spoke of “the Day that Noah entered the ark, and the flood came, and took them all away” as being like “the Day of the coming of the Son of Man.”
    Please read now the selected verses from Genesis 6 through chapter 22 in the Scripture Bibliography for input that will soon be represented in vertical columns.  You may want to leave a few bookmarks in your Bible at these key chapters.
    A quick visit to Genesis 7 shows that God said to Noah, “Come thou and all thy family into the ark.” (Gen. 7:1)  The context shows that Noah obeyed God “that selfsame day” (Gen. 7:13).  He and all the animals entered the same day (Gen. 7:13-16).  Genesis 7:4 counts from that same day when God said, “For yet seven days and I will send the flood upon the Earth.” 
    So, Noah was called in on day 1, before the seven.  This gives us eight days so far within Noah’s short bracket before the rain starts, and it rained 40 days.  Forty-eight solar days are represented in what Jesus described as Noah’s “day” (Mat. 24:38,39).  He called it a day like the “Day of the coming of the Son of man.”   
    A column is added to the chart here, just inside the left edge of the shorter title bracket. It has a title bar noting that a man met with God one day before Noah’s week began to develop.  Below that you see what will develop into a column that will recognize such meetings.  Noah heads this column.
     By shrinking parts of the chart to show how ideas developed, references became blurred and color became a distraction.  I temporarily removed them from here. On the full chart and in this text, they enjoy the clarity they deserve.

Up in Noah’s chart, at the left edge of the narrower bracket, we can derive two simple facts: 1) Noah was called out at the beginning, on the day before the week. 2) God personally delivered Noah and brought the flood.

We have hardly started, but a similar set of brackets belong for Lot and we will ask those same questions. That pair of rounded rectangles are again shown, inserted between Noah and Lot to show a few contrasts between these two. This material will be infused through the chart and the text, but its presence here illustrates these tremendous differences. On the full chart Noah’s block is a light blue to represent the sky and heaven. Lot’s is green for this Earth and the MillennialKingdom.

An orange irregular shape (shown as light gray here) is placed here to represent a group of people who will become common to every section of this chart. They are the lost who reject the truth. They persist in their apathy. They sin throughout the development of God’s wrath until they reach their terminal judgment. They are reserved for the second death. Still, some escape. Look near the horizontal center of Lot’s bracket, and you will see a small arrow escaping down as new believers who will endure to the end.

The flow of the lost will also affect Israel in the Tribulation, for new believers will also need such an escape route from among their lost neighbors. They have an arrow of their own, just below Lot’s.


1). Noah entered a prepared place, before the week of intensifying wrath.

 1). Lot was sent to the mountains out of the middle of the overthrow.

2). God delivered the man of faith, Noah, and brought the flood.

2). Angels delivered bumbling Lot, and brought the fire.


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Is the resurrection literal and physical

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                So much for patterns, right?  So far,almost nothing agrees.  We look at those two rounded rectangles which are inserted between Noah’s pattern and Lots’.  How can we find Jesus’ “Day” of His coming in either of these examples, not to mention in both of them? 

                You may have seen a small plaque in a Christian bookstore with lines and curves that appear meaningless.  They are meaningless until you realize that they are not the message.  It is an optical illusion.  The lines are the spaces around the message.  When you know how to look, JESUS pops into your mind: and then you can never forget it.  Like that, during parts of this study, you will look at some familiar things and suddenly see new meaning.

                 We will find God’s plan if we look as Jesus told us to look.  Both days, Noah’s and Lot’s, do spell out aspects of the DAY of His Coming.  The chart we just started is only the beginning.  The finished chart provides many answers as it grows.  In just a moment you will see why Noah and Lot seem so contradictory.

                Well, buckle your seat belt, dear Believer, for this road has already taken you to a pinnacle from which we are looking at one of God’s panoramas of the future. If our comparison of Noah and Lot seems so incongruous, do you suppose we may be missing something?  Here is a clue.  At the end of Lot’s account we read that Lot escaped from themidst of the overthrow.  Won’t Israel also come out at the middle of Tribulation?  What would happen if we compared Lot with Israel in the Tribulation?  One interesting feature is that both Lot and Israel will have many more kinds of people-groups than Noah.  Noah just had those in the ark, and those outside.

You see in its place, that rounded rectangle represents four matching people groups and three matching separations for both Lot and Israel. As Lot’s chart expands, you will see that it ends with a place for Tribulation endurers, and Tribulation martyrs. Is there any clarity to be found by comparing Lot with Israel in the Tribulation? Israel’s horizontal space has yet to be filled in under Lot’s bracket.

If we compare Lot to Israel in the Tribulation, there is similarity in that:

(1) Israel will be sent to the mountains out of the middle of the Tribulation.

(2) Angels will seal the 144,000 witnesses and pour out the sets of judgments.

Isn’t that remarkable? Everything is opposite from Noah. And as we develop themes, the consistency and beauty of these comparisons will reach much deeper.

Of course, Lot knew nothing about God’s plans for a Jewish nation. It is as we look back with the Holy Spirit as our teacher, that we can see how Jesus nested such hidden truths in ancient prophecy. In FIG. 3, a raised view of that tan rounded rectangle which is needed for space, as the activities at the end of Lot’s days (and of the Tribulation) get far more complex. We will need to note 4 types of people, and 3 separations, for both groups, Lot and Israel. That information finds its home in this rounded rectangle. Suddenly, we have many agreements between Lot and Israel in the Tribulation.

If God paired Lot with Israel in the Tribulation, then what happens to Jesus’ instructions that we should understand Noah? Should we be comparing Noah with someone other than Lot? Remember that list of contrasts we just saw between Noah and Lot? Noah could represent someone else in the day of the coming of the Son of Man. In fact, it would seem that he mustrepresent someone, as Lot represented Israel.

As Lot did not know about Israel (yet to be born from Jacob), so Noah did not know about the future Church. They did not need to know, since God knew what He was portraying for the future. At this modern point of time, we should know too. Should we try comparing the Church (God’s other Chosen People) who are being called out of the whole world, with Noah who was called out of the whole world?

At this point in this study I began to see a Biblical pattern of precepts and lines. A pattern of great scope seemed to be presenting itself. This would require great responsibility. God’s points must be presented fairly. If the pattern is true, I needed to be willing to follow wherever He leads. I trust that you want to do the same. We surely should see if Noah can help us understand Jesus’ directions.

If Noah fits the Church well, this might give us direction for understanding what God will do. Let’s compare Noah’s pattern with the Church. Because these patterns are so identical, I am going to compress their introductory patterns a little. Noah’s pattern sees Noah sealed into a prepared place of safety the day before his Week. “Come thou and all thy family into the ark . . . For yet seven days, and I will cause it to rain upon the earth. . .” (Gen. 7:1,4) Does the Church fit Noah’s pattern? With the church in a horizontal row directly below Noah’s, we extend Noah’s headings and columns down to fit every pattern. The columns work.

Above, we have already compressed some of the lines for Lot and for Israel in the Tribulation together in extensions of the same columns. We now have two twin pairs of subjects. Because Noah and the Church have been condensed, they have a new super title: “NOAH AND THE RAPTURED CHURCH.” Likewise, the bottom pair has “LOT AND THE TRIBULATION OF ISRAEL.” First, let’s concentrate on the first five vertical columns:

  • The three to the left, outside each narrower bracket.
  • One underneath beginning each narrow “DAY” bracket.
  • And one to the right of each.

All of the condensed chart sections will use these same vertical columns, and later we will look at more columns. On the next page, Noah’s shorter bracket is “NOAH’S DAY” (Lk. 17:28), while Lot’s title is “LOT’S DAY” (Lk. 17:29). Do you see some possibilities here?

We are just warming up. A glimpse of what is developing should encourage you that this thing works, and you will soon understand it. But this compacted version is just a glimpse of the coming attractions. The complete chart is far more legible. And this is a good time to start following that. There is even a larger 11" X 17" version available.

Those differences we just listed separate Noah from Lot. We can restate these to give you references. Noah and Lot were opposites in:

  • Attitude. Noah obeyed, (Gen. 7:16) / Lot argued (Gen. 19:18)
  • Timing. Noah came out before the week, (Gen. 7:4,5) / Lot came out of the midst of the overthrow (Gen. 19:29)
  • DestinationNoah was called out to a prepared place and raised above the Earth (Gen. 7:17) / Lot ran for his life to a wicked city and finally fled to the mountains (Gen. 19:19,20)
  • Protectors.Noah met the Lord (Gen. 7:1 with John 1:18) / Lot met angels (Gen. 19:15)
  • Family Situation. Noah’s family was all safe (Gen. 7:1) / Lot’s wife died under died under God’s judgment (Gen. 19:26; Luke 17:32).

For each pair, note the heavy horizontal lines separating the title sections and each of the 2 lower sections. In the wide bracket part over the left-hand column, we need a heading for when “INIQUITY (was) FULL WITH.” Immediately below, we are on Noah’s line where we enter, “GIANTS IN THE LAND” (Gen. 6:2-12). In the line below that (The Church’s LINE), see “INIQUITY FULL” (2Th. 2:7-10; 2Pe. 2:9).

Below that, the title “INIQUITY FULL WITH” is repeated, on Lot’s line, identifying “SODOMY.” The bottom entry in that column is Israel has been under the chastening of God and anticipates her official restoration in the 70th week of Jerusalem (Dan. 9:27).

The second vertical column notes that “WRATH BEGINS AFTER.” On Noah’s line, the column begins, “NOAH WAS CALLED OUT.” On the Church line below, the column begins, “FULLNESS OF THE GENTILES AND THE UPSPRINGING TRIGGER ISRAEL’S 70TH WEEK.” Below that, the title is repeated. On Lot’s line, Abraham met God.

In the third columns, the irregular orange shapes show how the “WORLD’S APATHETIC CONTINUE” as wrath develops, until death is a certainty. Fortunately, not all sinners are apathetic. Every believer, who has left a life of apathy, was lost in sin to be ransomed by faith in the redemptive power of Jesus’ blood. In the two upper horizontal sections, Noah’s and the Church’s, the destiny is fixed before the Tribulation begins. No one entered the ark after God shut the door. No one will enter the Church after God calls the fullness of the Gentiles to come up in the Rapture. However, following the Rapture, in Lot’s section and in the section for Israel in the Tribulation, some willbecome believers. They are represented in the lower orange pattern, in the middle just before the rounded rectangle, with those arrows slanted down. These arrows show when they escape from being among those who are flowing toward condemnation, as these new believers enter the flow of the saved. Lot escaped out of the midst of the overthrow, as some who understand from Israel will flee mid-Trib from the abomination of desolation.

In each chart, the fourth column of vertical entries is titled “CALLED OUT 1 DAY BEFORE WRATH.” In Noah’s horizontal line, see that Noah was “CALLED TO MEET JESUS IN THE ARK.” God told Noah to ‘come into the ark’ when it was yet seven days before the flood fell (Gen. 7:2,4). On the Church’s row, we will be “CALLED TO MEET JESUS IN THE AIR.” Below that, in Lot’s row, the column begins, “God & ABRAHAM had supper the day before Sodom’s judgment.” (Gen. 18:7-13).

                The widest columns cover a time of developing wrath, moving toward sin’s sentence of death.  In Noah’s line, he was on board, “SAFE IN THE PREPARED ARK.”  For the Church, we will be in Heaven, “SAFE IN PREPARED MANSIONS.” 

                For Lot, the actual length of his day was less than 24 hours. Lot missed out on Abraham’s meeting with God. He emerged from Sodom in the middle of his day, i.e., 6:00 a.m.  Still, the chart begins to blossom with people groups and separations.  More identification became needed, and so the rounded rectangle was overlaid.

                Concluding the last column for the lost in the “DAY” brackets is “FINAL JUDGMENT.”  At Noah’s line, we record “flood” (Gen. 7:4).  Lot’s chart records the judgment as “fire” (Gen. 19:24). Since the Church will be Raptured, the Apathetic lost of both groups face terminal death.

                What very simple charts don’t show can be more important than what they do show.  All kinds of error can be hidden in those empty spaces.  I promise you that this chart will expand until it is filled with truth, for Jesus revealed that both Noah and Lot clarify His Coming promises.  The factors, which Jesus emphasized from Noah and Lot, combine a natural flow of Biblical truth with a very exact framework, with clarity and precision.  It fills the empty spaces with relevant evidence. Remember the lines of prophecy?  Each comes to a measured place, and is bound together.

                Genesis 19:29 switched on a light for me, as God said that Lot fled from the midst of that overthrow.  Lot’s growing spiritual nature showed clearly as he then went quickly from Zoar to the mountains, where he had first been told to go.  Some people use Lot to teach a mid-Tribulation Rapture.  Does your idea of the Rapture involve arguing with angels about where you should go, running for your life to escape destruction, hiding against the angels’ command in a wicked earthly city, and finally struggling for survival in a wilderness?  But wait, doesn’t Lot’s flight remind us of another future midst-Tribulation command: to flee from the middle of a future Tribulation week?  It should, for Jesus expressly used that connection when He instructed those who will flee from the abomination of desolation to “remember Lot’s wife.” Israel must urgently flee to the mountains.

                Horizontally across the bottom section of the chart, we find Israel’s Tribulation events during Jerusalem’s 70th week.  Matching events fill the space below Lot’s “days” and his “same day.”  The same top bracket headings still fit, except that the first few columns of this last group seem pretty sparse.  It is half way across Lot’s “DAY” column that you see a small blue arrow deflecting downward to mark when Lot ran from the midst of the overthrow of Sodom.  Below that, at the center of Israel’s “DAY” bracket, another arrow marks the mid-tribulation flight of Israel, matching the flights from the midst of each judgment to an Earthly destination.  And Jesus tied the two together with, “Remember Lot’s wife.”

                Daniel (Ch. 12), Jesus (Mat. 24), and John (Rev. 13) described Israel’s future mid-Tribulation escape to an earthly refuge.  Is this similarity between Lot and Israel in the Tribulation, a key?  Do you see the possibility growing that we should not have been comparing Noah and Lot.  Rather, should we compare Lot with Israel in the tribulation on this chart?  Good thinking.

                Then, I thought we have barely begun to see how well Israel’s Tribulation WEEK fits Lot’s “DAYS” and “DAY.” Still, what will we do with Noah’s “DAYS” and “DAY” as predictive of the “DAYS” and “DAY” of His Coming?  We know that Israel and the true Church are God’s two great themes through Scripture.  Noah’s Day began with the events that Jesus emphasized as like His “DAY” (as with Noah’s invitation to enter the ark before HIS WEEK began).  Might Noah’s day be prophetic of God’s other precept (the Church) during the 70th week?

                We first noticed the difference in timing.  Jesus’ description of Noah’s “day” began with God’s invitation for Noah to enter safety into the ark on the eveningbeforethat week began.  That’s different from Lot’s “day” and from Israel’s Endurer’s “day,” where they each escape out of the middle of their “day” brackets.  While Lot’s pattern looks nothing like Noah’s, everything in Lot’s columns will perfectly match Israel’s future.  Doesn’t “Lot” match “Israel’s Endurer from the 70th week” better than Lot matches “Noah’s week?”

                If we are right, this chart should be able to grow to encompass many important details.  What sin triggered God’s wrath?  How was God’s protection offered?  What are God’s future plans for each group?  As the patterns developed, they forced me to address issues I never intended to touch.  Roadblocks became turning points to blessings.  For example, when you first glanced at the complete chart, you wondered what an “up-springing” is.  What could Noah have to do with God’s true Church?  “Springing up” is the first Biblical term for the Rapture, and you will clearly see God’s glory in how He used Noah in the book of beginnings, to predict for His end-time people His plans for the once-hidden Church. 

                Overlaid on the final chart at column 3 are twin red-orange paths to destruction.  They show the destiny of lost “apathetic” people. I believe that every person who dies lost, at some point hardened his heart for his last time. Our premises suggest using a simple term to identify such people who rebel against God, who have heard the truth and willfully rejected it.  Let’s identify the nature of these.  Though they have been warned of God’s judgment, still they allow NO PLACE FOR GOD, as “Apathetic people.” We will use “apathy” for their nature.

                As we search, it will become clear that a few terms for Biblical ideas have sometimes been used imprecisely.  We will rightly treasure the unchanged meanings they originally intended.  Some vocabulary has to be polished, even if it risks the wrath of the seven last words of the church: “We never did it that way before.”  What has been done before has not produced agreement among Bible believers.  Believers who read this book through will see thatGod’s one pattern can be seen.  Agreement with God will bring Godly agreement among His people.

                As the chart developed, headings were added and refined.  A letter-number index was added to the blocks (as above) for easy reference.  The complete chart uses that index.  The letters designate horizontal sections.  Numbers are for columns.

                The greatest value of this book is in how it reveals the support and development of the Scriptures, which find expression in this chart.  As you read, please invest a few seconds to look at the chart every time the chart is referenced.  You will quickly see God’s patterns and become familiar with a huge amount of Biblical revelation.

                Jesus’ “Day” contains events which Jesus identified from Noah and Lot.  He used events from both to span the seven years of the Tribulation.  Because of these two facts, we have here the secret to understanding “the Day of the Coming of the Son of Man.”  Jesus’ “DAY” must be more than one solar day long.  His prophetic day must span all the events He stressed here.  This day begins with His Coming to remove the Church.  It ends with His rescue of enduring new Tribulation Believers at His Faithful and true Judgment Coming.

                Just because Noah represents the Church in the day of the Son’s coming does not mean that Noah represented every event that would ever happen to the Church. Lot does not represent every future event for Israel.  Jesus specified the time frames and He applied the events of Noah and Lot to reveal His coming day.  It is His choice to give us understanding and to carry us to Heaven before the 70th week of Jerusalem.  As his twin patterns develop everything will fit.

                Believers with the patience to let God’s Word grow in them will rejoice in God’s answers.  After all, when we have it right, we will have answers to questions like these:


  • What Old Testament prophet described the Rapture of the Church in terms hidden to Israel? (Isa. 45:8)
  • Why are sincere people confused?  (Isa. 45:9)
  • Does God really care about wrong plans for His Coming?  (Isa. 45:16)
  • Where, in times ancient before Isaiah, did God reveal His “Coming” plans?  (Isa. 46:10)
  • What did Jesus expect us to understand in Noah, “and also Lot”?  (Mat. 24:37-51)
  • Which day did God shut Noah in the ark?  Not the seventh!  (Gen. 7:16)
  • Why is every reference to His Coming singular, when we can find many Comings after His Resurrection?  (Lk. 24:39; Jn. 20:27, 21:14; Acts 1:1, 9:17; 1Co. 15:23; Rev. 1:17)
  • If Jesus will appear the second time to those who look for Him, (Heb. 9:28) when did He appear to them the first time?  (Heb. 2:9)
  • Who are the five groups to whom Jesus will yet come?  (Mat. 24:37,40,45,48; 25:33)
  • How will people without wedding garments be able to enter Jesus’ wedding supper?  (Mat. 22:11)
  • What should the Sadducees have known when they erred, not knowing the Scripture?  (Mat. 22:29)
  • When viewing the chart, “Noah, Lot, and the Coming of the Son of Man,” can you see any other way to put these events together as God’s template?
  • What are His twin patterns that fit His single template?  (see chart)
  • Why are the books of Genesis and Revelation, the Alpha and Omega of the Bible, under special modern attack (2 Pet. 3:3)?


                I have spent over 39,000 hours in study and preparation of these materials, and I hope you will come to value the results to the Glory of God.

                Computer users: A free sample of the introduction and first Chapter are available by E-mail.  You are welcome to make and share copies of the Introduction and first chapter only, so long as they are complete and not changed.  A computer version of the complete text is available.  This would let you run whatever compatible search engines, etc. your computer programs are capable of.  I do ask that whenever you may develop teaching notes from this source, you credit the source and include the E-mail address found below. The computer text is meant as a study tool.  While purchasers of the computer version may print yourself one copy of the book, my inkjet printer used over $40.00 worth of ink for the master copy.  Add the cost of paper, a binder, and ordering a color cover and chart. . . and you may prefer to order the complete bound 8 ½ x 11” book

                While this book uses thousands of Bible references, the core of it is visualized and supported by over 300 key verses referenced on the chart (both chart and book are copyright 1996 Rev. Ken Schwebel).  This will develop a great depth of understanding.  A frameable 11X17 chart is available.  The quality color reproduction and laser-fine detail are maintained as we require that you please do not make unauthorized copies of the book or colored charts.

Pastor Andrew Grosjean

26805 Van Born Rd.

Taylor, MI48180



    Yesterday, Ron called.  One year ago today, he called me at three a.m.—prepared to kill himself.  This call was to celebrate his first anniversary of new life in Christ.  Now active in a good church, and having found a godly woman, they are married and praying about full time Christian service.  God used some of the material from this study, in leading Ron to Jesus.  Ron, thanks for calling!     
    Thanks be to God for His unspeakable gift of life in Jesus; and thanks to Him that He uses people as tools which echo back His goodness so that the glory is all His.  My wife Marie and children David (and his wife Sandy), Judy, and Jon, have shared in the joys and discovery of this book.  The Lord used two modest Believers to provide the computer that has been absolutely essential to this work, plus several others who helped with computer upgrades.  Thanks to those who challenged, questioned, rebuked, and encouraged me.  I thank my friends at Intelligence, Inc. for Godspeed © and Ark © Bible search tools (© 1987 Kingdom Age Software, by INTELLIGENCE, INC).  This are the world’s fastest computerized Bibles and the tools.  Without them this book would be years from completion.
    Information on Herod’s temple is largely drawn from the magnificent model at the Keswick Christian School center in St. Petersburg, Fl; and the narration explaining that model by Elwood McQuaid, Executive Director of the excellent Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry in Bellemawr, N.J.
    Several times when my computer refused to work, the Believers at “ALL IN ONE” computer consultants in St. Petersburg, FL., used their special talents to revive it.  It always returned better than ever before.
    God brought more people into my life than I could possibly credit.  Fairness would be to express grateful appreciation to these whose great love for the Lord motivated them.  Included is my genuine thanks to some friends, whose conclusions are very different from mine, but whose thinking became part of God’s polishing process. 
    In the order that God brought them, I thank my spiritual mother, now-retired public school Principal Miriam Barker; Dr. Allen E. Lewis, former pastor of Euclid-Nottingham Baptist Church and later director of Baptist Mid-Missions; and Wes King whose love for young people grew many Christian servants.  My friends Ken and LaVonne Daubenspeck; Marvin Rosenthal, Executive Director of Zion’s Hope ministry; Renald Showers of Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry; James McKeever, President of Omega Ministries; Ray Brubaker of God’s News behind the News; Charlie Kimmins; John Callina; and Len Crabb.  Editorial help came especially from Alice Boyd, Sandi Siskal, Lynn Keup, Madeline Vance, and my nephew Pastor Andrew Grosjean.
    One can read this book like a visit to the Grand Canyon.  We might spend an afternoon cruising along the red asphalt road on the canyon’s rim and finally watch the sunset.  Have we seen the canyon?  Hardly.  The unforgettable memories are real, but just an overview.  To know the canyon better, we can take to the trail with a knowledgeable guide who highlights geology, plants, and animals, carefully disclosing its beauty.  To know it better yet, let’s approach from an alternate viewpoint, by rafting down the Colorado River.  Try camping there.  Visit at different seasons.  The treasures of the canyon would begin to flow into our hearts.  Some of these learning experiences require more effort than others.  Like studying God’s Word, the more one interacts and understands, the better the whole is grasped.       

“Here is the Promise of His Coming” invites you to the beautiful terrain of God’s majesty.
His Spirit teaches His Word as the perfect guide.
Pray and watch.  For an evil power has enticed many
into dangerous gullies or sheer drops.
Ask the Holy Spirit, the Author of the Guidebook, to confirm truth in your heart.
Safety is found on the path of rightly dividing the Word of Truth.

In quoting, italics and bold represent my emphasis.

This book is dedicated To God, whose prophetic testimony is perfect.

Editor's Note

This is a book that my uncle, Ken Schwebel, wrote. He has authorized me to edit and publish this book. It is a work that he spent at least 20 years working on. He wrote it to help God's people understand prophecy, the rapture, the second coming of Christ, and what it means for us. Let's face it, there is much confusion in this area. But God promised that His people should not be caught by surprise in His coming for them.

I Thessalonians 5:4 "But ye, brethren, are not in darkness, that that day should overtake you as a thief."

My uncle has put together some things from God's Word that no other prophecy teacher has taught, but not because it is of him. For these things are clearly laid out in God's Word. God's people in the end of the Church Age will understand.

Here is a Question: Why does Jesus say that the Day of His coming will be like the day of Noah and the day of Lot. If you understand the similarities and the differences between these days, you will understand if and when the Rapture will happen and why there is so much confusion in this area.


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