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Promoting fitness and health with feng shui

Updated on September 7, 2013

Correct negative energies in your home or office

Encouraging fitness; affluence with Feng Shui.

When next you call on someone’s home and see a diminutive ship looking as if it is laden with cargo in the foyer or near the entrance hall it may not be there just for its exquisiteness or for decoration The owner of the house may well know a lot on its value if he has a knowledge of Feng Shui.

Years ago I operated a tourists memento gift shop in Jamaica. When I went to buy stock the trader introduced the green frog which was doing very well in the bazaar and encourage me to sell it.

These frogs possessed huge penises. I was not intereste but in the end he finally persuaded me and I purchase a few and just as he explained they went very fast.

I believed it was the oversized penis that made them to go so rapidly because there was nothing gorgeous nothing to admire about these frogs. To be honest I found them hideous. I wondered why they were green and not brown like the brown frogs we are accustomed to in Jamaica.

Quite recently while browsing the internet I read in an article that the green frog is one of the symbols used in Feng Shui to generate wealth. It stated that a green frog when placed near the entrance of the house protecting a dish of coins draws wealth to the individuals of that house.

There you go; ignorance is not a good thing. Tourists came eagerly buying the frogs and there was I trying to make money and did not know the significance of these frogs. I simply believed tourist were attracted to the oversized penis; they in turn did not make me any wiser.

I mention all this to explain the benefits of using Feng Shui in the house and work place to promote , health, wealth and love into individual’s life.

As to Amit Jain Invisible energies in the home can create havoc on one’s health , private and professional life, affecting health, finances and happiness. All around us we are flooded with energy, electricity, solar, electromagnetic, X-ray, natural and artificial light, sound, color, and geo-magnetic energies. When in agreement and balanced they utterly affect us just as they negatively affect us when out of balanced .

Did you know the energies that enter your home and office can improve or weaken your health depending on the way your residence and furniture are aligned with the cardinal points of east south west and north? Feng Shui advise that to get paramount health benefits the front door of buildings should point to the east or the north.

If your door faces a different direction other than east or north; concave mirrors or life cards can correct the negative energy

One should get a Bagua and learn how the different sections of the house is designed for various areas in ones life eg.children, wealth and friends.

Keepin these areas free from clutter is the first rule to follow in Feng Shui

Toilet must not go in the south east of your home or office because this is the area that is linked to wealth. Lavatory seat must be kept closed to avoid flushing out wealth. A dripping faucet in that direction must be fixed immediately.

The direction in which the head goes when sleeping is important because more energy comes from the east and north. These directions are regarded as best sleeping directions.

Author:( Soy Criada) Juliet Christie Murray

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    • BkCreative profile image


      9 years ago from Brooklyn, New York City

      Feng-shui? I love feng-shu and am a big fan of Lillian Too, etc. I am an earth ox. In fact on my hub you will find articles about Obama (a metal ox) and another hub about Obama and the lovely Michelle (a water rabbit) as a couple.

      What animal are you?

      Great hubs you have and I will keep checking - and a lot more.

      Thank you so much for such a beautiful, informative article!


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