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Proof of existence isn't proof it exists

Updated on November 17, 2011

Even seeing is not believing

Just because he/she/it, is not, or cannot, be seen-doesn’t mean it does not exist.

The question asked was, If God exists, why can’t anyone see Him? I cannot see air, but I can feel it, I know it exists, I feel evidence of its existence. In Anglo Saxon language, God means good, good exists, we see evidence of it every day. I am not famous or known, outside of my family and friends and those that read what I write, they see me, they know I exist, but is my existence questioned if I am not seen by anyone else? If seeing is proof of existence, by whom must we be seen in order to be recognized that we exist? I cannot see faith or hope, yet I know they exist. I have feelings, I cannot see them, yet they too exist.

I cannot see evil, yet evidence of its existence is everywhere. I have Lupus and Fibromyalgia, and I often hear, “But you don’t look sick”. Does this mean because people cannot see evidence of my illnesses that they do not exist? Am I any less ill because people cannot see evidence of my illnesses? People that are schizophrenic hear voices and see things, imagined or not, in their minds, in their life, they exist. The fact that we are unable to see or hear what they do does not make them any less real, to them. If someone is blind or unable to see, does this mean that nothing exists?

I have read and heard of many things, people, events, and places, but have not seen them, does this mean that they do not exist, or did not exist at some time? I cannot see hate, ignorance, or intelligence, but I see evidence or their existence. I cannot see emotional abuse, yet I feel and see evidence that it exists. The damage a rapist or pedophile inflicts is not always visible, cannot, or is not always seen, but it exists. I cannot see pain, but I see evidence of its existence, I feel and have felt evidence of its existence. I cannot see my loved ones that have passed away, but I know they existed, and I still feel their presence and spirits with me. I have never seen God, yet I do not question or doubt His existence.

Faith is about believing without seeing, believing, and trusting in something/anything good. If we do not remain or retain a sense of hope, it’s a whole lot harder to see the good and stay focused on the good, when you allow yourself to be blinded by the bad, negativity, and or doubts. I question and am mystified by the meaning and purpose of many things I see, seen, saw, and have been through, I’ve even questioned my own purpose and existence. Ironically, however, I have never questioned or doubted the existence of God.

This does not mean I have not been mad or angry with or at God at times, because I have. Thankfully it does not last long, but I always feel better when I tell myself, that you can’t be mad or angry at someone, or in anyone or anything if you do not believe in it/Him-better to be mad, than to deny Him or His existence. Just don’t stay mad, staying mad, angry, bitter, or hateful, with or towards anyone for any reason, just gives them more power to hurt me again, at a later time.

I’d rather forgive and show mercy every time and never see or speak to you ever again, than to pretend that we are friends because we are family, when I have friends that are more family to me than some of my flesh and blood family has been to me. That’s fine, I can accept that, for me, it is all good. Perhaps there’s nothing that hurts worse than lying/denying ones true feelings, unless you’re the one being lied to. But for me, as long as good continues to exist in this world, God exists as well, after all, God means good. There is no God without good, there is no good without God, and I fail to see how having hope in anything good can ever be deemed bad. Still, whether you believe in God or in His existence, or merely believe in good or in the existence of good or not-Just for good measure, I always find myself saying a prayer for those people that doubt or question God’s existence-I pray that when you need Him, He never doubts or questions yours.


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