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Prophecy: God speaking to man (How to Hear God's Voice)

Updated on April 22, 2013

Prophecy Gives us Light to See the Path

+ WHAT PROPHECY IS: Where are you at with your knowledge and experience of prophecy?

- English Definition: “Foretelling or predicting the future; a prediction or guess.” Very lacking!

- Hebrew/Greek Definitions: “Foretelling; inspired speaking, by extension a poet; to see; a burden; ooze, distil gradually; fall in drops, drip as rain; speak, or sing, by inspiration, in prediction or simple discourse; Greek. “pro” meaning in front of, prior, or (fig.) superior to, and in compounds retains the meanings as above, ago, before, and ever, and “phemi” meaning to show or make known one’s thoughts, that is speak, say, or affirm.” A message from God.


- Amos 3:7, “I AM does nothing without revealing His secret counsel to His servants the prophets,” Joel 2:28/Acts 2:17, “I will pour out My Spirit on all flesh, and you..will prophesy,” Acts 19:6, “…Laid his hands on them, Holy Spirit came on them and they spoke in [SuperNatural] languages and prophesied,” 1Tim. 1:18-19, “This charge…the prophecies previously made about you…by them…wage the good warfare, holding faith & a good conscience,” 1Cor. 12-14, “zealously desire the greater gifts…pursue love & zealously desire spiritual things but especially that you may be prophesying…for you all can prophesy.”

- A message from God given to man (Num. 12:6; Amos 3:7; Ezk. 37:12; John 10, 14-16)

- Compatible with God’s Spirit and Word (John 14-16; Heb. 4:12; 1Th. 5:20-21)

- Happens by Holy Spirit and our communion with Him in our human spirit (1Cor. 12:4/14:32)

- Humans are tri-beings/3-dimensional: spirit, soul & body; with a mind & heart/intellect, will & emotions in our spirit (Mrk. 2:8; Matt. 26:41; Mrk. 8:12), soul and body, three diamonds with three facets each; it’s from the facets of the spirit, that’s righteous, perfect, etc. (Heb. 10:14), one with Holy Spirit (1Cor. 6) that we prophesy (1Th. 5:23; Heb. 4:12; 1Cor. 12-14), as we renew/open our soul, the Spirit/rivers of living water flow (Ro. 12; Pr. 23:7; John 7)

- For every believer, every Christian can prophesy; both a gift/grace (Grk. “kharis-ma”) given by God and pursued/desired/cultivated by humans/Christians (1Cor. 12:6-7, 11, 13, 31; & 14:1, 12, 31, 39)

- The highest/greatest gift, the other eight hinge off of hearing God’s voice; central (1Cor. 12:31/14:1)

- Prophecy vs. prophet. All can prophesy but not all are prophets (1Cor. 12:29; & 14:31). Generally, the office of prophet is when a Christian’s frequency, accuracy, & influence of their character and prophesying are at high degrees, even to the point of influencing churches, cultures, nations.

- If not “perfectly accurate” doesn’t mean it’s not of God or the person is false/has ungodly character, but want right word and right heart and test & weigh all prophecy (Ac. 16:16-18; 1Cor. 12-14; 1Th. 5)

- Needs testing, weighing by the Spirit & Word of God, & established (generally) by two or three witnesses, as does everything (1Th. 5:20-21; Deut. 19:15/Matt. 18:16/2Cor. 13:1; John 16:13)

- Needs to be done in God’s love/fruit to be fully beneficial (Matt. 22:40; 1Cor. 13; Gal. 5:22-23)

- One of the main ways we pursue love (1Cor. 14:1-3; Matt. 14:14/John 5:1-20; Acts 3:1-10)

+ TYPES OF PROPHECY: “There are diversities…but the same Holy Spirit,” & they run together

- Foretelling: Speaking the future before it manifests/natural (Isa. 46:10; Jonah; Ac. 11:27-30)

- Forthspeaking: Speaking forth something into being/existence from the spirit Realm/2nd heaven into the natural/1st heaven; Causing the future (Gen. 1:3; Ezk. 37; Ro. 4:17)

- Typifying: Picture/metaphor/God’s Word used to show the identity of something or someone (Psalm 18:33-35; 130:6; Ezk. 3:17; Matt. 10:16; 1Cor. 9:8-12; 10:1-22)

- Directional: Decisions and actions, determining what to do in a situation (1Cor. 12-14)

- Motivational: May or may not be revelatory, but motivates, inspires, encourages someone or something by speaking God’s heart (Gen. 32:28; Matt. 3:17; Mrk. 3:16; 2Cor. 9:24-27)

- Personal: Given to an individual person (Jer. 1; John 1:47-51; Acts 9:1-9; 2Ptr. 1:14)

- Corporate: Given to a group, culture, nation (Jon. 1:2; Ezk. 2:5; Matt. 10; Acts 11:27-30)

+ PURPOSES OF PROPHECY: “There are diversities…same Holy Spirit,” & they run together

- Communion/fellowship with God and humans (Gen. 1-3; John 14-16; 1Cor. 12-14)

- Edify: Build up, strengthen, uplift, confirm, enlighten, especially by instruction (1Cor. 14:3)

- Exhort: Call near, invite, invoke, desire, entreat, advise, & admonish urgently (1Cor. 14:3)

- Comfort: Relate near, encourage/enhearten, bring to joy, relieve, free, ease (1Cor. 14:3)

- Confirm: (Matt. 18:16; John 14:26; Acts 13:2-4)

- Reveal past, present, future: Word of knowledge, word of wisdom, discerning of spirits (Gen. 1-2; Isa. 46:10; Gospels; John 1; 1Cor. 12, 14)

- Reveal God’s heart & mind: (Gen. 40:5; 41:1-7; Amos 3:7; 1Cor. 14:24-25)

- Restore dignity and self respect: (Ex. 3-4; Judg. 6:11-27; Jer. 1; Matt. 4:18-21)

- Guidance, vision, interpretation: (Prov. 29:18; Hab. 2:1-3) (Gen. 31:10; Acts 18:9-11)

- Protect, warn: (Luke 10:19; Acts 27:13-38) (Ezk. 2-3; Jonah; Ac. 11:27-30)

- Call: (Isa. 6; Jer. 1; Ezk. 2; Acts 9:1-10)

- Open teaching, confirm preaching: (Eph. 3:3-5; 1Cor. 13:9; 14)

- New doctrine/teaching or practices: (Acts 10; & 15; Titus 1:9; 2:1)

- Insight for counseling: (Isa. 9:6; John 14-16)

- Prayer structure: (Matt. 6:9-15/Luke 11:1-13; John 14-16; Acts 2:42)

- Purpose for life: (Gen. 31:24; Phili. 3:12-14)

- Preparation: (Gen. 40:5; Matt. 10:16-33)

- God’s will: (Matt. 6:9-15/Luke 11:1-13; Acts 16:9-10)

- Change/transformation/wage spiritual warfare: (Acts 10:9-10; 1Tim. 1:18-19)

- Evangelistic and/or miracle breakthrough: Over 90% of justification-salvations in God’s Word happened because experiencing God’s supernatural power- Ben Peters (John 16:8-11; 1Cor. 14:24-25)

- and much more! There’s nothing like hearing/obeying (same Word in Hebrew) God’s voice!

+ 4 KEYS TO HEARING GOD'S VOICE: Stillness, Focus, Flow, and Writing: (Hab. 2:1-3; John 7:37-39) [Adaptation/Citation Credit to Mark Virkler-4 Keys to Hearing God's Voice]

Stillness: Peace is central to receiving revelation of God I AM, quiet yourself and wait on God;

Focus: Turn your mind/heart to God, pressing into God, offer yourself to Him, engage with Him, set your mind/heart on God, just as you can take your one hand and set it on the other, focus to God Jesus

Flow: Holy Spirit manifesting as constant and/or spontaneous thoughts/pictures/feelings, that are righteous/compatible with God’s Word, that light up on your mind/heart. Look for God’s visions (pictures that are still or in motion, in your mind/heart; Listen for thoughts, God’s still small voice, a word/phrase impressed on your mind/heart; Feel for God’s feelings, in your spirit soul, or body (love, joy, anger, sadness, touch, weight, etc.);

Writing: Write what you receive, on paper or in a journal. Document your journey with I AM and His speaking to you. This will give opportunity for many things, such as to have your walk with God available to remember and praise, to test and discern, to show others and confirm, and to be amazed at the things God Jesus has shared and done with you.

+ Praying in the spirit/supernatural languages and interpreting: (1Cor. 2:13; 14:4-19)

These are two Gifts/Graces of Holy Spirit that Work together and can Break Through if there is a block to Hearing God’s Voice. They can Manifest through Prayer and Laying of Hands (Acts).


Dates-Can be very obscure; usually conditional on the will of humans (Jonah; Acts 27:31)

Mates-God will confirm, yet let people choose who to marry (Gen. 2:24; 1Cor. 10:5)

Correction-Rare, but sometimes God uses prophecy to correct (2Sam. 12; Acts 5:1-11)

Direction-Not meant to be spontaneous, in general, but crafted, confirmed (Acts 13:1-4)


Visions/Pictures: “I see __(a flower; a kidney bean; Jesus leading you through a forest; the father touching your shoulder and reassuring you that it’s okay; etc.)__.”

Words/Thoughts: “I hear __(love; I love you; yes; no; Jeremiah 29:11; stomach; you’ve been seeking God and He’s wants to train you in a season spiritual vision)__.”

Feelings/Senses: “I feel __(compassion; love; joy; pain God wants to minister to; God touch my left ear; you have a genuine heart; there’s a new manifest grace for you in healing)__.”

Follow-Up Questions: “Does that mean anything to you? If so, what?” “Can I pray that over you.” “Can we wait on God further for a minute to hear more of what this means and what He’s doing?” “I’m not getting anything further, but I believe God wants you to walk with Him further in this and open it up. Can I pray that for right now?”

+ CHARACTERISTICS: Character traits that we need to manifest in prophecy

- Spirit-led (Rom. 8; Gal. 5; 1Cor. 12-14)

- God’s unconditional kindness-love, patience & kindness (1Cor. 13)

- Balanced, grace and truth, firmness and openness (John 1; 1Cor. 13)

- Humility (1Cor. 13)

- Confidence, faith (Isa. 58:1; 1Cor. 13)

- Matching passion/emotion (Isa. 40:1; 43:1-2; 58:1; 66:13; 1Cor. 13)

- and more, basics found in 1Corinthians 13

+ R, I, A: Three parts of stewarding prophetic words/messages of God (Zech. 4; Luke 8:9)

Revelation: “God, what are You saying/doing _______?” (Light) (Knowledge)

Interpretation: “God, what do you mean by ________?” (Lamp) (Prophecy)

Application: “God, what do you want me to do ______?” (Step) (Wisdom)

- * Notice that the word of knowledge is first, then the word of prophecy, then the word of wisdom. Generally, if the knowledge at first is negative (sin, mistake, wound, etc.) then speak the second thing (prophecy, what God wants to do) or, put the negative in a positive way, so as to edify, exhort & comfort and empower (1Cor. 14). God is an optimist (Ps. 2, 16; Ro. 15)

+ P, D, C: Three Main Levels of Prayer (Matt. 6:9-15)

Petition: asking, “Heavenly Father, what are You doing _________?”

Declaration: saying what you Hear from God, “I hear (or see, or feel) God is _______.”

Command: doing what the Father is doing, “And so, _________ be/exist released.”


R/P: “Holy Spirit?” “Anger.”

I/D: “What about anger?” “They are angry in a part of their soul that I want to heal.”

A/C: “I see the Father inviting you to let him into to a part of your soul, to bring restoration and healing, freedom and release. In this place, all anger is rooted out and washed away, leaving peace in it’s place.”

R/P: “What do You want to say God?” “Self-esteem.”

I/D: “What is it about their self-esteem?” “They struggle with theirself in this, their image of theirself.”

A/C: “I see God wants to reveal your true identity, a glorious self image because you’re in Him.”

R/P:“Father, what are You doing in them?” “Calling them to a higher place in finances.”

I/D: “What higher place in finances?” (they could be struggling with sin/wounds of finances)

“How they view finances. That money, in my kingdom (KINGly DOMinion), is good, and is really about relationship with me and who you are inside, prosperity of soul (3John 2). And that will give them access to My supernatural favor & wisdom.”

A/C: Proclaim that to them and pray & release that to them, in Jesus Christ’s name.

+ Beginning Exercise: Basic Hearing

- Say out loud, “the blue crayon.”

- Now say it in loud/in your thoughts, “the blue crayon.”

- Do the same things, with the phrase “God loves me.”

How did it go? Did you hear the words in your mind/heart? Did you fully embrace them?

If so, good, move on. This is what God’s voice can sound like, a main way He speaks to us.

If no, there’s sanctification-salvation (transformation) to manifest first, if you choose.

+ Beginning Exercise: Basic Envisioning

- Envision your house. Do you see it, at least in your mind?

- Envision something beautiful, like a sunset. Do you see it, at least in your mind?

- Envision someone you love. Do you see them, in your mind/heart? Did you embrace them?

If yes, good, move on. This is what God’s voice can sound like, a main way He speaks to us.

If no, there’s sanctification-salvation (transformation) to manifest first, if you choose.

- Now close your eyes and picture a lion (or something), and then open your eyes but still look at the image in your heart’s eyes. This is seeing a vision transposed over the natural. If the image jumps/juts out in between the spirit and natural realms, that’s superimposed vision.


- Sanctification by Holy Spirit and Believing the Truth (2Thess. 2:13).

Communing with Holy Spirit, and believing the truth He speaks, & then releasing that, mainly through repenting (of wounds, sins and/or demon spirits), delivering (sending away demon spirits, Matt. 4:23-24) and filling (with Holy Spirit and the truth/righteousness).

- Prayer/Communing with God I AM: Revealing the block(s)

“Heavenly Father God, I pray with You, reveal to me what’s blocking me here, what is it that’s keeping me from experiencing You through prophecy? In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.”

- Holy Spirit and Truth: Manifesting the Solution by Repenting, Delivering, and Filling

“God I AM, I thank & praise You for showing me this. And I repent of __(name wounds, sins and/or demon spirits, etc.)__, and I send away _(name demon spirits)__, and I fill every part of myself with _(name Holy Spirit and truth(s)_, in Christ Jesus’ name, amen.”


Be Still, Focus to God, Sense Flow, and Write (Hab. 2:1-3; John 7:37-39)

Journal with Him:

In general. About something specific. About God’s Word.

For yourself. For someone or something else. For the person around to you.

- Practicing Prophecy with Holy Spirit Himself:

Commune with Holy Spirit, see, hear and feel. Write It.

- Practicing Prophecy with Holy Spirit through the Word of God:

Prov. 4:18, “The path of the righteous is like the light of dawn, that shines brighter and brighter until full day.”

Ps. 73:1, “Truly God is good.”

Ps. 50:2, “God, the perfection of beauty, shines.”

Matt. 14:14, “When He [Jesus] went ashore He saw a great crowd, He had compassion on them and healed their sick. He healed them.” (adaptations of these verses)

+ Going Further: Resources

- Graham Cooke: Books: Approaching the Heart of Prophecy, Prophecy and Responsibility, Prophetic Wisdom; Website:;

- Mark Virkler: Communion With God Ministries: Audio Messages:>How to Hear God’s Voice 1-5, Filling the Five Senses of your spirit with Faith; Website and Free Ebooks and Resources:

- Chiswick Christian Center: Podcast:>Mark Virkler; James Maloney; Gary Oates; Jerame Nelson; Shawn Bolz; Jason Westerfield; Joshua Mills; Matt Sorger; Lance Wallnau

- Bill Johnson; Graham Cooke; Lance Wallnau; Bobby Conner

- Ben & Brenda Peters; Mark Virkler; Jonathan Welton; Bruce Allen; John Fenn

- Andrew Wommack: Audio Messages:>extras>Series: How to Flow in the Gifts of Holy Spirit; Spirit, Soul and Body (Messages 1, 4, 3); Single Teachings: Revelation Knowledge

- Jim Driscoll: Book: The Modern Seer: A Biblical Gift in Today’s Context;

- Jonathan Welton: Book: School of the Seers: Practical Guide to Seeing in the Unseen Realm;

- James Goll: Books: The Seer; Dream Language


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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      When i was reading "Now close your eyes and picture a lion (or something), and then open your eyes but still look at the image in your heart’s eyes" i heard a lion roaring.

      Thanks for sharing

    • SPIRIT n TRUTH profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Suburbs of Chicago, IL of U.S.A.

      Oswalda, thank you so much for commenting, and expressing your appreciation and the good you got out of this! You're welcome! Yeah those are some of my favorite parts! Hearing God's voice is such an important thing in life, very central.

    • Oswalda Purcell profile image

      Oswalda Purcell 

      5 years ago from Los Angeles

      I appreciate the time and effort you spent on this, especially key's to hearing God's voice and purpose of prophesy :)

    • SPIRIT n TRUTH profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Suburbs of Chicago, IL of U.S.A.

      Read it now! I edited it and made this Hub way better! Thanks.

    • SPIRIT n TRUTH profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Suburbs of Chicago, IL of U.S.A.

      One of the most important things in life is hearing the voice of God, who made life.

    • Seek-n-Find profile image

      Jenna Ditsch 

      6 years ago from Illinois

      Lots and lots of useful information here! Thanks for sharing. :-)


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