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Prophecy #1

Updated on December 30, 2011

What is going to happen

Islam will become the world religion. However, as the ancient prophets declared; those who follow this anti-Christ religion will find their end in the lake of fire.

Developed and developing nations who found their beginning as a Christian majority will find themselves taken over by Islam.

Islam will take over in two ways:

  1. Through infiltration. Slowly you will see more and more Muslims moving to these nations and thus becoming a political force. Eventually they will come to power.
  2. Through terrorism. Terrorism does two things. It cause fear in the hearts of the public, which in turn demands respect. And it speeds the coming of the one-world-government as prophesied by Daniel, and the book of Revelation.

Notice how much 9/11 changed things. The world was changed. We lost some of our freedoms. Security became the focus.

"There will come another attack", says the LORD, "that will eclipse 9/11".

"Developed nations have become a pot of filth", says the LORD.

Almighty God will decree it. Why? Because Islam will gain the right to this land. How? Because Islam is better than the corruption we see in many nations today. Sexual immorality... The slaughter of millions of innocent lives in abortion... Filth permeating the culture...

God will give these nations over to Islam. Simply stated, it is the lesser of the two evils.

The prophet John wrote of Islam in the book of Revelation saying that the kingdom of the Anti-Christ will behead those who refuse to be subjected to it. This fulfills the law of Islam. No where in the world can you find those who believe in a religious system that beheads people other than the system of Islam.

Ishmael comes before Isaac. Ishmael (the spirit of Islam) is the work of the flesh. He is the work of human effort. Abraham didn't wait for God to fulfill His promise. Abraham, in his own power made it happen. Islam is a work of the flesh. It is a religion of human effort, NOT the work of the Most High.

Isaac (the spirit of Jesus) came as a divine work of God. Isaac was not a product of human effort, but a miracle of God Most High. No human orchestrated it. This is the way it will be in the end. When the REAL Jesus comes back to be KING it will be a sovereign work of the Almighty God. No human will orchestrate it. No human will stop it.

Jesus said that the last days will be like the days of Noah. How can that be?

The days of Noah were marked by violence (terror). The days of Noah were the days will all of the righteous died. Everyone who personally knew the LORD died except Noah and his family. Noah's Grandfather, Methuselah was the last to go before the flood came. In fact, Methuselah is a name that means "his death shall bring" (the flood).

The righteous are dying off. Those who really knew the LORD are passing away. There was a time when a greater number of people knew Him and followed Him. That number is dwindling. Soon it will be left at a chosen few. Then the end will come.


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