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Pruning Is Difficult, But Necessary

Updated on June 4, 2016

John 15 - 16

  • John 15:1-2 tell us that Jesus prunes branches that do not bear fruit so that there can be more fruit. In our lives, we all have some room for pruning. As we prepare for the mission field, it is vital that we are spending time with the Father letting Him prune, heal, and instruct us; it is part of preparing ourselves to be able to be fully effective and fruitful on the field. Therefore, please reflect on what areas need pruning for you specifically. Please journal about it and listen for God’s voice to hear what He wants to tell you about it. We all have baggage, and one of the most important steps in inner-discipleship is being transparent and open with God about these areas.
  • An extremely important focus in John 15 is “abiding in the the Father,” “abiding in His love.” Please reflect and journal on what this means. How do we truly abide in the Father? Note, “Abiding means ‘making your home in/with’.
  • Throughout Scripture, there are many different metaphors for how we relate with God. In vv. 12 – 17 of Chapter 15, Jesus is very intentional about calling us friends. As we are ministering on the mission field, how can we relate this to others? How and why is this especially important? Reflect, journal, and pray about the implications this significance this relation might have on the field.

Continue to journal on the Scripture reading as the Lord points out to you. Please share with the team members some of your reflections to help encourage and build each other up.


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