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Psychic Attack Part Deux - What If I'm Really Attacked By A Nasty?

Updated on July 20, 2013

Absolutely Nothing to Do with the Subject, but What Fun! :)

Glad You Asked

Okay, enough mush. Let’s talk turkey! The big guns, the powder keg, the whole magilla, The Full Monty (um…okay, not that one). The protection against the out and out bad/negative/evil/psychic butthead who attacks for no reason other than they can or they want to destroy light. This attack can come from an actual flesh and blood person, from a not actual flesh and blood entity or any combination thereof.
“Okay lady. How would you know? What makes you an expert?”
Glad you asked.

Attackee and Attacker

Lived it. That’s all. I’ve been there and back. In my old nasty days if I was the attackee, I’d immediately become the attacker. If I was the attacker, I’d immediately become the attackee. I was damm good at both. And around and around we go. Kinda like those advertisements for burglar alarms. Takes a burglar to tell you how to keep out a burglar. No worries, I’m not in that place any more. I am so far into the light now you gotta wear three sets of shades just to visit me. Those stories and lessons are in my ebook on my site.

For now, let’s get back to defending yourself from the ultimate attack. I’m not saying you need an arsenal of weapons, that’s just silly. All you will need is a choice few. Naturally these will start with what? That’s right. The visualizations of the reinforced aura, the mirror surrounding yourself facing out and the love. Next we have the Angelic Protection.

Drawn by my daughter.
Drawn by my daughter.

Love Violet!


Something else that you can do is call on Angelic protection. Yes, Virginia, there are Angels. Lots of em. The one I always seem to connect with is Archangel Michael, but there are many many more. Simply focus on love and call the Angels for their help and protection. Ask for them to surround you and enfold you in their wings. They will come. I promise you.

Violet Flame

Next, we have the "violet flame". Look at a lit candle. Look at the very center. There, in the middle. The bluish, violet. That’s the one. That color is the “violet flame”. Remember that color. After you have done the first three (aura, mirror, love), to burn with the “violet flame” is certainly a fine option. Imagine you are the center of the candle. Feel all the love within you burst through you with a “violet flame”. You only need to hold this feeling/visual for a short minute. Aside from shocking the hell out of your attacker and making them back off, if love bursts through you in a wave of “violet flame”, you will have the added plus of feeling like you just sucked down a triple cappuccino. You may just hold that feeling long enough to paint the living room.

By The Power

Another of the choice few is one I learned from a great friend I never met, Dion Fortune. You will need to memorize it, but once you have it down, it works amazingly well. Don’t worry if you aren’t Christian, it works for everyone. I’ve given it to people of all religions and it works equally well for all, Jewish, Buddhism, Wiccan, New Age, etc. This one is good if you are being attacked at night and just want to sleep! With the two first fingers of your right hand, cross yourself. Touch head, chest, right shoulder, left shoulder. Then bring first two fingers of each hand together in front of you. Forming a circle around yourself then touch fingers together behind you. All the while you are doing this, say: “By the power of the Christ of God within me, whom I serve with all my heart, all my soul and all my strength, I encompass myself about with the divine circle of His protection, across which no mortal error dare set it’s foot.” Weird, I know. But it works!



Now for my last and funnest (is that a word?) of the psychic defense weapons. Laughter and indifference. Yes, it’s true. When someone or something is deliberately attacking you on a psychic level, most of the time it is about power and pride. They are trying to make you fear them, they are trying to make themselves feel powerful. A psychic bully as it were. So if your aura is strong and you are reflecting negativity and sending love, laugh. Laugh out loud and enjoy yourself. Not in a negative “neener neener” kind of way. Just in a “dude, I love you but seriously, I’m above all that” kind of way. Cause, really when it comes down to it, you are. If you have love and the angels as a defense, you are above all that. Be Glenda: Laugh out loud and say, “Pooh! Begone! You have no power here!”

No One



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    • JPB0756 profile image

      Robert A. Joseph 3 years ago

      Thanks, Savannah==beautiful name, I must say!--; by writing on a topic as a feature of mine, I absorb responsibility for idea introduction; id est, I no longer am the messenger, I become the message. When any and all are ready to deal with lucidity on all levels, poof, there and then...see? See you in DreamLand, my wonderful friend. I aim to fly below the radar, but will consider a synopsis; you are well-spoken, please continue your way.

    • SavannahEve profile image

      SavannahEve 3 years ago from California

      Agreed JPB. I would LOVE to see a hub from you on lucid dreaming. Could you? Would you? :)

    • JPB0756 profile image

      Robert A. Joseph 3 years ago

      You work well for all that is, you exist for all you are; would ANY god be disappointed? Talking Turkey, I, a lucid dreamer from the start, have seen and dealt with your topic and think that you should be aware, of course you certainly are, that dreams do not begin or end, merely our tolerance of the subject matter dictating the onset of Nature's "fight or flight" response, as to ensure safety during acceptance of dream subject. More I will not include, as how you react will dictate your fears and joys. Thanks so much!! Pursue.