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5 Signs of Psychic Fraud

Updated on January 5, 2013


There are many types of frauds, some more dangerous than others. The article will speak about the basic, garden variety commercial fraud—nothing special or frivolous.

There is a difference between “Psychic Frauds” and “Psychic Predators.” The article deals with “Psychic Frauds” only.

Fraud is ugly, heartless and horrible—especially Psychic Fraud. These variety of frauds exploit people in emotional, mental and/or physical turmoil. The typical victim lacked research, patience and knowledge. The decision was made without careful thought, either on a friend’s urge or advertisement.

Finding a good Psychic can take time. It’ll take a few attempts, with many pitfalls, but you’ll find one eventually. Avoiding fraud should be your first priority. Here’s a few tips to help you along:

  • High Prices

The obvious sign of a (possible) fraud are high prices. Typically, the basic price is cheap, but they'll continually ask for more money. The fraud will provide small readings to give you a taste, then increase prices for more information or services.

Every fraud has a hook or lure that attracts victims. For an example, an advertisement for true love, cures for sicknesses or so forth. These type of customers are emotionally vulnerable, which makes it easy to prey on them.

In recent years, a popular ploy was to warn a person of impending danger or a curse.

  • Egos

A fraud will try to emphasis status, authority or experience. They want to seem powerful and trustworthy. The more solid a fraud can appear, the greater chance of hooking and keeping victims. An excellent example are titles such as “Lord” or “Lady.” These are Pagan titles of respect, knowledge and authority. The title is awarded to coven leaders, advocates and so forth. These people are deeply devoted to their communities, which makes those title ideal for a fraud to use.

A fraud can also emphasis experience and capability. An indicator of fraud are Ads that claim outrageous things—such as curing illness, leading you to true love or providing good fortune. Another indicator are ads that claim a Psychic has been reading for ___ years. (Typically more than a decade.)

An obvious indicator is claiming to never be wrong. Being right feels great, but you’ll never be right all the time. Psychics aren’t an exception to that rule.

Being challenged or questioned is discouraged/disliked. It curbs the illusion of status, authority and/or experience.

  • Lack of Paranormal Activity

Strange activity is an integrated part of psychic life. The people around them will get caught in it, at one point or another.

A true fraud will never display anything strange/unexplainable or out of the ordinary. An extended exposure to them won’t help either. There will never be visions, objects disappearing or lights flickering.

A fraud can seem to mimic psi occurrences through cold reading.

Ask questions, press for more detailed information. Don’t be talkative. These are just a few things you can do to prevent these techniques.

  • Too Much Information (TMI)

A fraud will try to draw more information out of you, starting readings on what you give them. While seemingly harmless, giving them information like birth date or your name can reveal a lot about you.

Astrology, Numerology and others like it can help frauds fake a reading. While considered entertainment, it can actually be pretty accurate coupled with psychology (in most cases).

  • Stereotyping

A fraud can exploit the common misconceptions (beliefs, views and opinions) of the paranormal. There are many people that dislike reading up on it, for one reason or another. Being ignorant helps frauds draw in victims.

If a person dresses like something out of a Hollywood Mideval flick, or a Pagan cut-out, then that person is probably a fraud.

Beware of Hollywood cutouts. Psychics are Psychics—not side-show freaks or Hollywood mold-makers.

There are many goodhearted and genuine Psychics. These people tend to congregate on forums, specialized social networks and even meet-up groups! They offer readings for practice, help and exercise. Believe it or not, a good reading doesn't have to cost money or much money at all!

The concept of exchanging money for information is an old practice, but many Psychics are uncomfortable with it. For many, a genuine ability should be used for good, humanitarian things, not for personal gain or comfort. There are people that exchange money, but a good many still tread carefully or avoid it completely.

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    • Rodney Owens profile image

      Rodney Owens 

      2 years ago from USA

      I have ever talk with a con artist. She asks me a lot of information. But, in the end, she give me a vague and general advice on my life. It is so disappointed!

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      phone are bad to. Psychic Source is also a scam. only paid 20 dollars, but they lied about everything. some psychics are real, but the prices are ridiculous. some will charge you up to 600 dollars for just 30 minutes. people think it's a good amount of time, but believe me its not. not everyone is rich. most psychics only help upper class people like James van Praagh, Sylvia brown, And even John Edwards. psychics are given this gift for a reason. to help people, not to get rich. I would never pay a psychic that kind of money to care about me. who do they think they are. think about it. these psychics say they get their information for the spirits, or our deceased loved ones and that is how they give us our messages. well why should we pay the psychics. the spirits should get the money lol. but if it were up to the spirits.they wouldn't charge us nothing. maybe one day heavenly father will put some psychics down here to care for the pour as well.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Join my camapign to jail these thieves.

      Contact your M.P. to raise the issue in parliament.

    • profile image

      Charles Allen 

      5 years ago

      The best way to deal with Psychics is stay far away from them, because they are first of all too lazy to earn their living with hard honest work, and secondly they live a life filled with lies. Governments should start identifying this fraud in a serious light and illegalize the operations of Psychics all together.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Extremely easy to spot psychic fraud.

      ANYONE claiming to receive message from things which do not cummunicate. (I.E. Dead people) By that very nature can only be one, or both, of two states.

      1) A con artist.

      2) Mentally unwell.

      Psychic = fraud! SIMPLE !


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