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Psychic Reading Stone Casting

Updated on October 26, 2013

Casting Colored Stones Psychic Reading

Stone Casting

Stone in casting field
Stone in casting field

How To Do A Stone Cast Reading


  • Bag of colored stones including crystal.
  • Soft dark material casting cloth, velvet or similar material.
  • Either material paint or you can sew a cross or a circle with a cross on the material.

After getting your materials together either paint or sew a cross onto the fabric you've chosen as your casing area. This is your casting field!

How this works:

Have the person (client) being read hold the bag of stones in their hands and concentrate their energy into the stones. After a minute or so take the bag of stone and mentally ask them to help you read the client. Then open your stone bag and cast the stones onto the casting field.

The casting field represents the person you are reading. The top of the cross is North (mental or emotional issues, area of the head), East (career and financial), South (passion, romance,sex), West (health, personality), the center of the cross is the heart or seat of the soul of the client. Once the stones have been cast interpret the colors of your stones and the stones meanings as to where they fall within the casting field.

Coloring of Stones and Meanings:

  • Crystal or clear Gem - clarity
  • Green (bloodstone) - health, religion, faith, emotions, fluidity, intellect
  • Yellowish - frenzy, panic, nervousness
  • Pinkish - calm, peace, innocent love (parental, child)
  • Brown - grounded, solid, permanent, protection
  • Grey -  murky, foggy, unclear
  • Red - passion, sexual, love, lust
  • Blue - psychic, energy, air, divine
  • Black - the unknown
  • White - Pureness, angelic, guardian

Use these meanings to help you interpret your clients stone casting as to where the stones fall in the cross area and the cross areas meanings... Each stone should represent an issue for the client. This is a simple psychic reading... use your own psychic impressions when doing the reading to give more meaning to the client. Do not guess... if you are unclear as to the meaning do not give the client the meaning of the stone just tell them you don't really know what it means.


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    • profile image

      rachel H 4 years ago

      another great method of divination is tarot, psychic clairvoyants often use this tool to focus the readings!

    • StormJewel profile image

      StormJewel 5 years ago from London

      Thanks for this, it looks like a fun way to try divination as long as you have the necessary crystals!