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Psychic Prediction--The Inside Scoop From Two Professional Psychics

Updated on April 5, 2013

A young person wanting to be a professional psychic asked us a series of questions.

First she asked if one type of psychic prediction works better than another.

We answered that each psychic, medium, adviser, or intuitive uses his or her own unique form of psychic prediction. It's up to the individual to figure out what works best for them.

Some use pure psychic insight alone, but we've found those who offer consistently accurate prediction through this mode to be rare.

Others use tarot cards or tea leaves. Still others use palmistry, physiognomy (reading faces/bodies), and many other means. We've found ancient (up through 1000 AD and even beyond into the 1500s) astrology and numerology to be the most accurate forms of delineation and prediction.

Modern numerology is also good, but it's best, in our view, to use it in conjunction with ancient astrology and numerology. In our experience, by itself, modern psychologically based Western astrology offers inadequate predictive accuracy. It is best used as a psychological personality analysis tool in conjunction with other modes.

We take our twin readings a step further by using channeling and psychic insight to cross check our findings for the highest level of accuracy.

Her next question was if certain people are more suited than others to do psychic prediction.

We told her yes, we believe so. There are those who say everyone has psychic ability and that all you have to do is tap into it. While we agree this is true to a point, only some have the type of natural, consistent psychic ability that allow them to do this type of work professionally.

There are also those who claim to come from a long line of psychics in their family. While having a psychic parent or grandparent may help one to develop their abilities, we feel that psychic ability is a talent one develops over lifetimes, not a "gift" or strictly from one's genetic makeup. Also, it's common for professional psychics to have family members who are psychic, but who don't make known or are unaware of their talents.

If someone doesn't have strong psychic ability, then at least a heightened intuitive sense helps if they are more of a chartist (e.g., using astrology and, or numerology) since higher-self guidance is necessary to identify the most effective methods. Regular meditation helps to maintain keen intuition.

Additionally, a sharp sense of discernment and a knack for objective analysis is necessary if someone is doing chart work. A lot of it can be learned, but it certainly helps to have a natural aptitude.

Beyond all of that, they must really enjoy it and have the desire and passion to do their best, as with any field.

We feel regular meditation is key if you want to help yourself and others through intuitive work.

All in all, becoming very proficient in this type of work demands an almost around the clock effort and leaves little time for anything else if you strive to deliver excellence to your clients.

She then asked us if it's possible to predict our own future.

We said yes, but those in our field are likely to tell you that when it comes to matters of the heart, for example, remaining objective isn't as easy as it is when you're doing the work for someone else.

She also asked us what we've found people's views to be about psychic prediction.

We told her that we've found them to be mixed, largely due to misconceptions or bad experiences. Every field has those who you are best avoiding, and prophesy is no exception.

However, clearly, there are many talented, well-meaning professionals doing the type of work that we do. The more objective and educated a person is about the psychic sciences and predicting personal fate in general, the more likely they are to choose a talented reader and be receptive to the forecasting and prediction of their personal destiny.

What has contributed to a negative view of prediction and metaphysical work? Since the Age of Reason (1600's AD) astrology and numerology (and psychic work in general) have been in a state of decline in part due to a prevailing condemnation under the guise of "logic," a distorted redefinition of the meaning of science, all but relegating the sacred science of astrology and numerology to myth and pseudo science.

From that time forward, the science authorities dictated that astrology and numerology (referred to as number mysticism in pre-modern times) weren't sciences because they didn't hold up under the scientific method, which involves logically compiling observable, measurable data.

That judgment is unfounded because numerology and astrology are sciences by definition, since results are consistently and empirically drawn from the same sets of circumstances. Science is based on observation.

She was also wondering what is the most interesting thing about being a psychic.

We answered that serious, in-depth study of the ancient sciences of numerology, astrology and tarot (predicting personal fate) is literally a study of the meaning of life.

Regular meditation and becoming proficient with numerology, astrology, and tarot accelerates personal growth and understanding, and demands that one lets go of ego-self (personality) outlooks (everyone has them to some degree).

Comprehensive, objective study of these mystic sciences reveal incredible insight about human character and past, present, and future circumstances, making it very difficult to deny a lot of life's cold, hard truths.

Although potentially shocking at times, this raw perspective is ultimately a great asset.

Copyright © Scott Petullo, Stephen Petullo


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    • Mrs. J. B. profile image

      Mrs. J. B. 

      7 years ago from Southern California

      I really enjoyed reading this hub. It explains in easy terms what the difference is between mediums etc. I am sure many more readers will have a better understanding. This is such a pre-judged topic. Based on lack of facts. You opened some eyes on those skeptics.

      Mrs. J. B.


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