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Introduction to Spirituality 101

Updated on September 1, 2015

Magic and Spiritual Psychology

Spirituality 101: Introduction to Spirituality

I have learned from my experiences dealing with spirits that all spirits are seeking some form of help no matter what your encounter is. Seemingly hostile spirits typically try to get their familiars to feed them by misqualifying light with a negative response. They will not go to the original source of light because they disagree about their lifestyle. These spirits typically love all kinds of pleasure sensation fun activities and believe that if they go into the light that they will have to give up their greatest pleasures be they sex, drugs, rock n roll, food, shopping, sleeping, or any number of problematic behaviors. Consequently, they remain on the Earth plane trying to live out these experiences through unsuspecting fun and pleasure seeking masses. That is why it’s so hard to treat these conditions in humans because the spiritual aspect is usually overlooked and an addict is dealing with not only their own addiction, but also the addiction of untold numbers of spirit being addicts who are attached to them. The solution is to jointly treat all person’s addictions. When this process is complete, then all parties will have evolved to a higher way of life. The secret lies in convincing them that it’s safe and good to transcend their current state. They may fear judgement also, which needs to be taken into account.

Treating spirit attachment is a work best done from the heart as even spirits will know and question your motives; which they see as indicative of their future treatment. So, if you are ill inclined to the served population, do not go into this kind of work. Spirits will believe a friend, but those they see as enemies only reinforce their position of clinging to their current lifestyle. This is not a battle between light and darkness or good and evil. We are all in this world together as one, and how we treat those who are here – whether they are flesh or spirit – affects us all both collectively and individually. We are all in this work to lift the entire Earth and all its’ beings up into a higher ascended state. Can this help you to see that there is no us and them? If we are all raised up together, then all are one and there is peace and harmony. But if we only raise up part, then the other part will make us miserable wherever we are.

Above I described what initiates to spirituality often go through before qualifying their relationships with the spirit world through rites of passage. Once we qualify our relationships, then they are no longer problematic and can be pleasant, desirable, and beneficial. Rites of passage happen in stages relative to a person’s growth. When the student is ready the teacher will appear. There is no certain timetable or order. My first initiation to the spirit world involved being judged by spirits. They blamed me for every mistake I ever made and they knew them all and could read my mind so there was nothing hidden that they didn’t bring to light. All my dirty little secrets were as they were being exposed on radio and T.V. for all to view and my very thoughts were being broadcast for all to see and hear. I had no privacy in the spirit world, but this was just the first few hours of them introducing themselves. It’s enough to send someone running to the hospital for help through medications and psychiatry, but really that is a tragedy that is played too often. We should never go down that path, but many of us don’t have the guidance of other spiritual people to see us through the difficulties of becoming an initiate to true spirituality. I was medicated and diagnosed with schizophrenia, which often happens to spiritual intuitive people, but I continue to fight to regain my position as a spiritual person and this is the pit that many of us fall into because we don’t have the knowledge and support of a spiritual community. Through my own experimental epiphanies I have discovered along the way that lighthearted humor is the key to passing the initial step in any rite of passage. If you take judgement too seriously you will be miserable to the point of death wish. The key of light hearted humor will not only help you with your spirituality, but it will generalize over into all aspects of relationship. So when the hanging judge is ready to give a verdict, keep pretending that you didn’t hear him so they can’t go through with it until you do which you never will. Finally the judge will break down and invite you into the chambers for refreshments and voila’ you now have a relationship with the spirit world. This is just a metaphor with infinite permutations. There are many paths into the heart of the spirit world through light hearted humor. Go and doest thou likewise.

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