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Psychometry and Residual Energy

Updated on July 14, 2014
A night vision photo of a haunted house near Corpus Christi.
A night vision photo of a haunted house near Corpus Christi.

An Ability Everyone Possesses

Residual energy is a term used by paranormal investigators and psychic mediums to describe the energy left behind by the souls of the departed. It is an energy that is also left behind by living beings. Psychometry is a term used to describe the technique that one uses to “read” this energy.

Energy is something that is all around us. The molecules that make up the world, people and objects we live in are constantly vibrating. Everything is charged with an electrical energy. Your aura is an electro magnetic field that surrounds your body and is unique to you. Your aura sends out signals every day and whether you are aware of it or not, you are also “reading” the energy of people you encounter all the time. Some people will have a good energy and you find that you instantly like that person. You aren’t exactly sure why, it’s just a gut feeling. On the other hand, some people have an energy that makes you feel uncomfortable or uneasy. The same can be true with buildings, which hold the energy of the person or persons who either live or work in that building.

Psychometry is a technique used by many psychics to tune into this energy and pick up information. Objects on your person are infused with the energy from your aura. The buildings you work and live in also absorb this energy and store it like a recording on a video camera, which can be viewed by the psychometrist.

Your third eye, the chakra in the middle of your forehead is the screen of your internal visualization. It is the screen on which you view memories and imagine possibilities. It is the screen of your creativity as well as the screen of your fantasies. With psychometry, it is like a TV screen which you can use to view the recordings of residual energy left behind on inanimate objects or buildings or people you are connecting with like a cable connection or antennae that is sending signals to the "TV screen" of your mind to view. Since this screen is also the viewing place for memories and imagination, how is it possible to discern the difference between psychic impressions and pure fantasy? It takes practice to develop the right focus to know the difference.

The best way to accomplish this is with intent. Your intent will be to get images that are relevant to the owner of the object you are reading. If you intend to get information, it will come through. You have to believe in what you’re doing. First clear your mind so that you can focus. Practicing meditation on a daily basis will help. This will enhance your ability to tune into the right frequency. Meditation is simply an ability to focus on your breathing instead of your own internal dialogue so that your mind becomes clear. Your Third Eye will do the rest and the images will begin to float across the screen in your mind but how will you know if what you are seeing is relevant or factual? The best way is through verification. This can be tricky. You may be seeing or feeling some things that are very real but if you do not get verification from the person you are reading, how will you know if you are really tuning in? Practicing with someone you trust is the easiest way to tell if you are on the right track. Never make declarations. Just state what you are seeing. Allow the person you are reading to verify or give relevance to the images and feelings you are picking up on. If you are in a haunted location, historical records are the best form of verification.

Psychometry can be done in conjunction with Tarot to get a clearer picture of the client’s environment and situation. Tarot gives a broad picture based on the layout of cards and the meanings are often determined by what cards are seen in conjunction with others. Psychometry can give you a better idea of the personality and environment of the person you are reading. You will get the imagery that will help to better understand the information you are getting from the cards.

Often, a client may want to get a reading on someone else. Be careful to avoid giving out private information on a person without their consent. Sometimes it’s a reading of a person that has passed on. If the object you are reading belongs to the other person, you can read the vibrations of their energy. Sometimes this will reveal information already known by the client and sometimes it will reveal things that were before unknown. As a psychometrist, you have to use discretion regarding what you reveal. Even in death, people need their privacy respected.

Reading buildings is another form of psychometry. Sometimes when you walk into a house or room, you get an immediate impression of the person living there. Sometimes when you walk into an office, store, warehouse or work area you are confronted by the energy of the people who work there. If it is a happy, busy environment, you will feel good upon entering. If it is an environment full of stress or indolence, it will affect you in a negative way. The aura of the person or persons spending day after day in a building will permeate the walls, floors, and ceiling. Sometimes there will be a certain odor associated with a place from food that is cooked, incense, candles, even the people themselves will leave an odor from their bodies from soap, perfume or cologne, sweat, tobacco, etc. A person’s aura also has it’s own distinct, “odor” which is not necessarily a tangible olfactory presence but more of an odor that is sensed from your own intuition, more of a psychic vibration. People with good energy “smell” good and people with bad energy will have an unpleasant “odor”. This will also affect the house, office, warehouse or whatever type of building you are reading. This energy often survives the death of an individual or individuals. This is known as “residual energy” and is something psychics and mediums pick up on when entering a building that is haunted. That residual energy will sometimes result in a scene or activity being played over and over again like a feed back loop from a movie reel and can be seen as a ghost when in actuality it is more of an illusion. This is the difference between an intelligent haunting, where a spirit is active and a residual haunting, which is more like a feedback loop or a general feeling. Often times, buildings will have both residual energy and active spirits that are either trapped in a place, refuse to leave or are just visiting a location but are not there permanently.

Psychometry is a tool that can enhance the abilities of a psychic but it is also something that people use everyday without always being aware of it. Often your first impression of a person or place is the correct one. You either like someone or someplace or you don’t. You get gut a feeling. An intuition. Psychometry is just a way to take those intuitions to the next level and utilize a portion of your mind that is waiting to be explored.

© 2013 Kevin Kinkade


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    • KevinKinkade profile image

      Kevin Kinkade 3 years ago from Manor, Texas just outside Austin

      No, you are not strange. What you are experiencing is the effects of residual energy. Either an entity has been present the entire time the elderly couple lived there, one they were unaware of or their energy is permeating the residence. Could be that they were ill before they passed on and that is what you are experiencing. You are probably a bit of an intuitive yourself, a sensitive and this is why you are being affected. Moving is a good idea but you also need to shield yourself. To do this, you need to sit still or stand still and focus on something that gives you positive energy. A white candle usually works best. Visualize yourself surrounded by a blue aura and then visualize a white star over your head that fills up your aura with scintillating white light. The imagination is a powerful tool and if you use it in this manner, it will shield you from further harm. Also, get some white sage and a spray bottle. Fill the spray bottle with spring water or distilled water and three teaspoons of sea salt or mineral salt. Do not use tap water or table salt as these are unsure. Open all the windows and doors. Spray the sea salt all around the inside of the house while visualizing the negative energy floating away through the open doors and windows and out into the atmosphere outside. Then do the same with the burning sage, visualizing the sage smoke driving the negative energy away. Once you feel that the energy has changed for the positive, then seal the good energy in and the negative energy out by sprinkling salt around the perimeter of the property. You may have to do this several times but it should work and you should feel a difference. Do the "tower of light" visualization daily. Even after you move you may still be affected so be sure to stay vigilant on the cleansing. In your new place, you might want to do the same sage/salt water spray and salt sprinkle outside to ensure that any negative energy is banished and sealed from returning. Let me know if you have any further questions.

    • profile image

      PaulaBessant 3 years ago

      Can anyone help? I moved into a property 7 years ago. Since moving here I became unwell with anxiety, physically trembling as soon as I arrive home. When I stay elsewhere I become normal again. I have never slept through the night here, wake every 2 - 3 hours, anywhere else I sleep through. my weight dropped to 51/2 stone and I ended upon Valium. When away I am absolutely fine. There is an energy here I pick up I just know. It is worse in the garden and lounge. I miss gardening I used to love it. As soon as I begin the gardening I begin to physically shake. The people who lived here before where two elderly very nice people here for 40 years. The passed away after they moved out. What is going on? Can anyone help? (Yes, I am moving now) Everyone else thinks I'm a little . . . strange, but it is definitely real.

    • KevinKinkade profile image

      Kevin Kinkade 4 years ago from Manor, Texas just outside Austin

      It's hard to believe till you witness it but there are still some who will doubt even with evidence right in front of their eyes. These are the people that think, "If I can't do it, then no one can." That kind of arrogance makes people blind to facts.

    • WiccanSage profile image

      Mackenzie Sage Wright 4 years ago

      Great topic; it's pretty fascinating stuff. I had a friend who was so good at photo psychometry, any photo you gave her she could describe the personality of the person in it and what their life was like as if she'd met them. It's hard to not believe when you witness it.

    • DDE profile image

      Devika Primić 4 years ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

      Psychometry and Residual Energy so interesting and useful, an informative hub with many lines to think about.