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Pulling Weeds of Anger

Updated on October 24, 2012

Growing Your Spiritual Garden Part 6

"But now you yourselves are to put off all these: anger, wrath, malice, blasphemy, filthy language out of your mouth." Colossians 3:8

The weeds of anger are silent killers. The goal of anger is to destroy the fruit that springs forth from the spiritual garden. Like most weeds, the weeds of anger begin to pop up here and there. We never seem to give these weeds much thought until one day our garden is overrun with uncontrollable anger.

It is important to understand that a few feelings of anger are normal. We can not be expected to be anger free during our time on earth. Anger is an emotion. As a result of our humanity, we are prone to fits of anger. We may not be able to control the sparks that cause the flames of our anger, but we can control our reactions to certain situations.

Anger becomes dangerous when we let the emotion control our lives. Therefore, it is important to understand the catalysts that trigger our anger. People have different anger equations, and it is important for each person to know his or her personal combination. My personal anger combination includes the right mixture of exhaustion and stress. When I am under pressure and have not had enough time to rest, I am not emotionally able to control my anger. The end result will be displaced agression in the direction of someone that I love. Harsh words will be exchanged and relationships will be damaged.

When I am angry, I can not bear fruit. The weeds of anger will always choke the seedlings of love, joy, peace, and patience that have taken root in my personal spiritual garden. Think about the times that you have been really angry. What triggered your anger? Was it one event or a combination of events that caused you to lose control of your anger? How badly did you react? Were you able to calm down? Did you physically or verbally harm anyone as a result of your anger?

If any of your answers to the above questions give you pause for concern, keep reading to find out how you can regain control of your life.

Walk Away

If you have a tendency to get worked up, walk away from the problem before you say or do something that you will regret. Even mild anger can escalate into something that we can not control. When we are standing on the edge of anger, it is best that we walk away and take time to calm down. Time often gives us a fresh perspective on problems that seem insurmountable.

Try Meditation

Mild frustration can result in displaced aggression. Calming the mind is one way to deal with slight irritation and frustration before it becomes too difficult to handle for us to handle alone. Prayer and meditation can help calm our worried minds and restore our souls. During these times, we can seek help from the Great Physician.

Seek Help From a Professional

If your anger is severe, it is time to seek help. Our anger is our burden to bear, but we do not need to bear it alone. There is help for people that suffer from uncontrollable anger. The first step to breaking the cycle is to admit that the problem exists in your life. Admitting that you have a problem is the most difficult and, at the same time, the most important step.

The next step involves finding someone to help you get back on track. Ask someone you trust like a minister or member of the clergy to be your support system. If you start to feel things getting out of control, contact this person for help. Talk out the problem before things begin to get out of hand. If your problem is more severe, find a counseling program to help you understand your anger.

Anger does not have to be a problem. Destroy the weeds of anger before they destroy you.


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