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To Fable Enable Guys Like Goliath and the NephiIim. I Become, the Digital Dude, "Christobol Mith"! - Chapter 1

Updated on September 2, 2020
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Christofer spent 10 years in family counseling. Later he obtained a Psy. D.. His focuses: Health, History, Astrology, Politics and Fables

Goliath Carries Her Picture in His Wallet?

Queen Meerya and Me with Goliath and his Guard in Pagosa Springs, Colorado

We sat at the best restaurant in Pagosa Springs. Lots of tourists, business men and unidentifiable types strolled and chatted. This was a most attended "secret meeting". But alas, one well watched and observed by The Erebus Group and various members of the Sci Fi Press and Graphic Novels

"Ha, I couldn't believe I seemed to be an object of attention until General Nakash (Goliath) stood above me.

He was late, but he did not look like he was hurrying. I'm Christobol Mith. People laugh at that name and I just wait for them to stop. Queen Meerya, an outstanding statuesque partner of mine, carries the day for me when I need to have public meetings. She is a wonder on the Internet, but we can talk about that later. Suffice it to say, within several months we have been caught up in an unbelievable Whirlwind of News that was all fabricated and fictitious! At least, in the beginning.

To explain me briefly, I was raised in foster homes. I was an undiagnosed "Asberger". I kind of walked "off the Ranch" when I was 16 at a great Foster Home that I still miss to this day. We will speak more of my ID.

Back to Nakshah. Supremely confident, all of his physical self seemed to glory in the "eye balling" he was getting. He was what Myra agreed to call a "Neph". He stood at "Seven Foot Thirteen". but was around 450 lbs. Every one knew he was 8 foot, but when a Reporter let out that name, laughing, the Neph took his microphone and crushed it. He calmed the clamor. However, ever since that day four months ago, he had no troubles with the Press.

Willing What With Earth Who?

He was considered an oddity with "no background". He called himself and his buddies - "Nephilim", because when he and his group were "discovered" in deep ancient caves in Nevada, a group of retro Mormons corralled them taught them who the Retros thought they were, and the story stuck because the Retros kept pointing to the scriptures that seemed to identify them as "Sons of God" who lusted after "The Daughters of Men". Since they spoke an unknown language, they enjoyed the name more and more as the Retro body language envisioned willing copulation with earthling women.

With helpful intervention from myself and Queen Meeryra, we came up with his name "Goliath". This gave him a kind of Heroic Singularity that we would explain to him. By the time The Erebus Group took over, taught them English and gave them a junior high school education and handled the sensational news, Queen Meeryra and I were selected to handle the PR. (That to be explained next chapter).

I was trying to change that by being the "Sensationalist Reporter" who could cover a story and, at the same time obscure it. My government link, Queen Meerya and friends all were given "certain access" so that we could play a part in appearing to be open about the darkest and most secretive of issues. It was as if I was allowed to have a role, but knew nothing.

Meerya peered into my eyes and declared, "I know what you are thinking while you are pretending to look at the Rocky Mountain vista,,," I turned my countenance to Myra's riveting beauty. Nakashturned his massive forehead to me. "You are thinking, how difficult a time we "Nephs" have had surviving. I see the lack of fear in your eyes."

"This is what my first Mormon friends first taught me. Over 4000 years ago, in the Middle East, we had 10 little villages and about 3 tiny towns. For hundreds of years we kept to ourselves, and settled open cliffs and steep slopes. David's fame was because he knew his strength and our weaknesses. We were done by then anyway. Big story there," He placed his left hand on my shoulder. People say I look like an Egyptian "Ahknaten", but we were awash in genetic mixing. I refer to myself as "Goliath" because that's the way Queen Myra and my bosses, your bosses and all the secret technicians in the Deep Caves want it."

Goliath nodded and dismissed the coterie of 3 ("Neph" bodyguards who had melted into the peopled background.) "My guys have barely learned English. We are breathing deep and loving the Rockies. We occupied the dining table in the center of this restaurant. Made to attend to the interests of Western Clientele, the tables were round and adorned more in a Parisian style. As we moved as a group under a street light, he addressed our little Group. "Our Mission is to disappear by being visible, speak up by praising the Rockies, but saying nothing quotable. Choosing situations that diminish our size. And this one's easy. "No romance, no romance. No romance."

"Goliath". It was Goliath's largest Lieutenant speaking. "And remember we don't do well with alcohol." He quieted his voice. They laughed. Myra and I held hands.

"Remember Who was executed by the skinny hands of David." Myra whispered what they said in their tongue, which she had picked up over the past year. We fell silent.

Their vocal power seemed like it was amplified though soft; layered into ears from an excellent outdoor speaker. “You can have no earthly idea how utterly unique this meeting is. Myra, I do not understand her kind that well intuitively. But as I sit here, I am captivated by a problem.”

I nervously dropped a teaspoonful of sugar in my tea, and stirred. I was so completely captured that the slight sound of metal against porcelain seemed like a bell in a dark moist forest. “Can I help? Of course the government wants me to assist."

In Ancient Times Nephilim Males Could Be Frightened Into Aggressive Conduct.

What's the Best Take on "The Sons of God Seeing the Daughters of Men"

You Are Going to be Very Helpful

He smiled showing teeth that were flawlessly white, and laughed a tenor’s laugh. “Oh, you are going to be very helpful. You have no idea.”

I was growing uncomfortable. He leaned back and stretched his interminably long arms over the two chairs on either side of him. “This saddens me because when you hear what I am saying, and when you undergo what you are about to undergo, you will think that I am the cold blooded embodiment of evil.”

I could not muster a response.

“When in reality, I am not cold blooded. This is very difficult to introduce."
I sipped on the tea and decided to construct a half smile. Because -- he was exercising a very hearty self-indulgent laugh.
“When in reality, I am not cold blooded. Forgive me - the conditions I work under allow very few moments for smiles, let alone laughter. This is all going to depend upon PERSPECTIVE.”

“General Nakash, what on earth are you trying to tell me?” My color was whitening, I could feel my pulse pounding in my ears.

“I agreed that because of your fantastic DNA Heritage, and your royal status, that I would entertain you as a kind of Liaison for the upcoming future.”

Naksha continued. "We can not violate our own sayings because we are all we have. So if I wish to trespass against my own sayings, I am committing a sacrilege against myself.”

I called my waiter and switched to Tequila, 1800.

I Must Obey Myself

“No one from another race. Chiefly your race can get near me. This near me. The nearness that we are now experiencing, without a most exact experience. The slight smiles that my guards give you are not intended to be derisive; they just like their work.”

I kept remembering Meerya's comforting statement; that this was the highest degree of diplomacy. I was fearful and angry. My hands were shaking.

He put out his long fingered hand and came near to touching me. He furrowed his brow with what he would call loving concern. “You see, that’s just it. Since this is the highest degree of diplomatic contact, our laws declare that you have to undergo this encounter.”

“By the time you are done, that will be a deepest love expression of love for me."

I was practicing a deep breathing exercise. I spoke up. "I hear that thousands of years ago that your people left the Hebrides, Scotland, Iceland, Greenland and Norway, after you left the Middle East and before The Great Sunken Caves. I heard one of yours talk about Solomon."

Nakshah simply said "Interesting."

Nakshah, (now "Goliath" by his useage) understood this as a kind of agreement. He nodded in voiceless ascent. "So you understand that you are appreciated and admired".

What We Will Have Here Is An Ability To Communicate

I responded as a kind of Defense. "You see us little Scots creatures would attack with Scorpion like fury. We would immobilize your men, open your veins, adopt the willing (smaller sized) females and raise a new village within days".

Goliath held his temper. "You were a pestilential people. Our Thinkers have concluded that a certain amount of what the Earth calls your people's DNA is still in us." Goliath's men collected around the group. Some cameras clicked. Electronic recording was humming like cicadas.

"We establish Christobol Mith, our most illustrious Friend of the Nephilim, to marry my daughter, the partly human Princess Alethia, the Wonderment."

I tried not to faint. My jaw dropped to my chest. "But I'm a High Functioning Retarded Eccentric Reporter. I was raised in Foster Homes. I never knew my real parents. I am not worthy. I am not worthy." My protest was absorbed by the crowd's hubbub.

The rolling sound of pleasant applause floated through the Summery cool Rocky Mountain breeze in Pagosa Springs. And my life would now change.

Look for continuation Chapter 2 - June 17

In a POD of Ultra Specialized Government Helicopters Queen Meerya and Alethia and Goliath Are Taken to a Super Secret Cave near Moab, Utah. The Marital Ceremony Begins Supposedly.

The Remaining 4 Helicopters filled with Nephs, Governmental Personnel and Officials of The Erebus Group are pilotted to the super secret Labyrinthine Deep Caves.

But then Insurrection! A singular Copter kidnaps Mith, Goliath and Alethia. This Kidnapping in the middle of a Festival Changes Everything. Meerya out.

So Much More to That Line about "The Sons of God Seeing The Daughters of Men..."

"Our people were overwhelming, many things shortened our Dominion."

Nakshah was flesh. A long nose that looked like it was designed to filter out sand filled air. His heavy lids and sharply green eyes made me stare.

Just by casting my eyes about I could see he had an arresting effect upon those around.

At once you thought, he is so strange looking,

"At first, the most terrified, murdered us in our sleep, and then stole back the females.

There is so much more to that one line -- ."

© 2011 Christofer French


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