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Quell the thoughts and kill the mind!

Updated on November 2, 2012

Krishna teaches Arjuna on the battlefield!

Mysterious mind!

The world attracts our attention through the senses. If one is blind, deaf and dumb, he receives scant impressions of the outside world. Basically, the senses through the sense organs connect us to the world. The mind plays an important role in this process. Even if the sense organs are alert, if the mind is distracted, we won’t get the input. The mind is absent or it is engaged in some other serious thought. It is our everyday experience that whenever we go through the newspaper or watch the TV, if our attention is not focused, we won’t get the impression from the senses. Hence, mind is the main connection between the individual and the outer world.

The saints and sages, realizing the faulty sensual instruments, diverted their attention inside their Self, instead of the outer world. They understood that the Joy man gets from the senses are fleeting and do not last. Their search was for ‘perennial joy’, unhindered by the outer distractions. They learnt the techniques. They found that the thoughts are the seeds and actions are the fruits. If they could successfully remain indifferent to the thought process, they can be free from grief and pain. We must develop the outlook of a child with regard to the world. The child is always giggling with joy since it has no concerns. It is fed when it cries. The needs of the child are looked after by its mother. It drinks milk, plays for a while and goes to sleep. In the present day world, an adult do not get sound sleep due to various distractions of the outer world. He has very many desires and ambitions. He wants to show his mettle to the world and become independent. But he finds that the world do not offer him what he desires. Even if one gets his desires fulfilled, it is not the end. Some other concerns pester him soon! This is the play of the mind.

The main problem today is that we are dependent upon the mind to a very great extent and we rely upon it and believe its stratagems. We are not aware of its cunning nature and it is playing game with our senses which will lead us astray once we fall in its net. Mind is like a live wire. We should not contact it. It can be utilized as an instrument just like electricity is used for many purposes. We can get light, breeze and many other needs from electricity but we never contact it. We use it intelligently for many tasks. This is how we should use the mind. Observe the mind from outside and observe those stray thoughts which tend to disturb our peace. Yes, all thoughts are really distractions. We lose our equilibrium due to the thoughts that arise often. Our aim should be to stop the flow of thoughts. How is it possible? Yes, it is possible with practice. Just be a witness to the thoughts and do not follow them. Finding that you do not evince any interest in a particular thought, it will subside automatically. Only if you show interest, it will engage you. Likewise remain as a ‘mute witnesses and do nothing. In course of time, the rush of thoughts will slow down giving a sense of calmness. Try to remain in that calmness more often by remaining indifferent to the thoughts. A great peace will descend on you in due course which is many times greater than the fleeting earthly pleasures.


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