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Quest For The Afterlife - part 14

Updated on July 22, 2012

Knowing Is Believing

My conversation with my granddaughter had taken place within the first few weeks of me having started working at the Egyptian restaurant. My daughter and her family ate there on a regular basis and so knew quite a few of the staff. Her acquaintance with them made things a little easier for me to get settled in. I was set up with a server who was to show me where items could be found and to explain the seating areas each server was responsible to maintain.

Jamie was a young blond girl, only about 25, and married to a dark skinned Egyptian man named Iman. The two had been married for a little over three years and were expecting their first baby together. Jamie had a six year old daughter from a previous relationship. She was just entering her third month of pregnancy and was very excited. Prior to this pregnancy she had been pregnant twice before but both times she had miscarried at about seven weeks. This time, she had managed to make it to the eleven week mark and was feeling good about the future.

I had been working there about two weeks when I arrived to discover that Jamie was not coming in that evening. She had just been to the hospital where she had lost her baby. She was back to work in a few days, but having a difficult time of coping with her loss. Her doctor had informed her that there were some problems preventing her from carrying children to full term and that her first daughter was really something of a miracle. It didn't seem that Jamie could ever hope to have anymore children.

Each passing day she seemed to be becoming more and more depressed and withdrawn. I didn't know what I could possibly do for her, what to say to make her feel any better. I didn't really know her that well. She was much more intimate with all the others who worked there as they had worked together for several years. She was on my mind a lot.

About a week after her miscarriage, I was settled quietly in a chair, relaxing after a long shift. Jamie was on my mind, so I decided to do a little meditation and see if maybe I could come up with any way to help her deal with her pain. I focused on thoughts of Jamie, with the intention of receiving whatever information may be sent my way. It wasn't long before I saw a room with a bed, dresser and window. There wasn't anything spectacular about the room except I felt I needed to take notice of the colors of the items, right down to the purple and violet bedspread patterned with stars and a moon. The furniture was the kind finished in a highly polished black lacquer. The curtains matched the bedspread and pillow shams. I instinctively knew it was a bedroom linked to Jamie.

I waited for more and before long, the room sort of melted away and there was a small child of about three years old looking up at me. I wasn't sure if it was a boy or girl at first because of the style of hair. He had the darker skin of a child of mixed parentage. It was definitely a boy. Then just that quickly he was gone to be replaced by the image of Jamie holding an infant in her arms. She was smiling broadly, gazing at the baby who was about two or three months old. The lemon yellow of his one piece sleeper was in bright contrast to his darker complexion. I knew this baby was the little boy who had been standing there only seconds before. I also knew that he was Jamie's and Iman's son.

I came out of my meditation, not knowing what to do. Jamie had continued to suffer cramping and pain in the days following her miscarriage. She had just informed me that a D&C had been scheduled for the following week. Not really having any experience at interpreting what I had seen, I was becoming alarmed. I wondered how I could see Jamie holding her own baby when it wasn't likely that she could physically carry a child. I worried that maybe she hadn't really lost her baby, and that somehow there had been a mistake made. What if she was still pregnant but experiencing problems, and they went in to do the D&C and ended up killing the baby? I didn't sleep all night.

I didn't know Jamie well enough to tell her what I'd seen. I didn't want to do or say anything that would give her false hope, not to mention that she might think I was a total fruit loop. After all, it wasn't like I was very experienced with understanding all that I saw I knew to the core of my being that the vision of Jamie holding her child wasn't my imagination. I also couldn't convince myself that the baby didn't belong to her and Iman. I just knew. What I didn't know was how to go about taking action, or what kind of action to take.

I arrived at work early so I could take a few minutes to talk to Jamie. I still wasn't sure what to say or even how to approach the subject. I asked her how she was feeling. Of course, she was sad and not really up to being at work. I was careful how I asked her questions because I didn't want to upset her. She told me there was no hope that the baby had survived. There had been no heartbeat. The concern over her continued problems was that she probably hadn't expelled all the tissue, therefore, the procedure was scheduled.

I changed the subject and proceeded to describe the bedroom I had seen, leaving out no detail. She was looking at me in queer way, so I asked her if the room sounded at all familiar to her. She told me that yes, she was familiar with it. When I asked if it was her bedroom,she stared even harder. Then she admitted that it was her old bedroom at her in-laws home. She and Iman had just moved to their new apartment the week before she suffered her miscarriage. She still had the same furniture and bedspread but the layout was a bit different.

I couldn't take her looking at me like I was a freak, so I chose my words carefully as I explained that sometimes I can see things if it's important for me to do so. I hesitating, weighing my decision about whether to tell her about the baby. I had such conviction regarding what I had seen. There was absolutely no doubt about whose baby she had been holding. After a few false starts, I told her. I warned her that I didn't have a lot of experience with that sort of thing, but I knew what I saw, and I knew what it meant. I just didn't know when it would happen. She didn't retreat from me or act as though I was some weird character who needed to be carefully handled. She just accepted what I said without much reaction, at first. But then she smiled and said it was nice to at least have that hope to cling to.

Jamie's spirits seemed to pick up slightly as the next few weeks passed. Then disaster struck. She and her husband hadn't handled the death of the baby very well. Each had sort of isolated themselves from the other while dealing with their pain separately. Apparently, Iman had become more and more distant, but Jamie had assumed that he would return to himself once he had finally accepted the tragedy. As it turned out, he had started seeing another woman, and chose to leave Jamie in order to go off and live with her.


I remember well, the day Jamie looked at me and said, “Well, I guess you were wrong about the baby.” I knew I wasn't wrong. I told her I knew what I had seen. She thought maybe it wasn't the baby I was wrong about, but rather the father. Maybe she really would one day have a son; he just wouldn't be Iman's. No. I told her I knew he was Iman's.

A few months later, Jamie left to go work at another restaurant owned by the same people. Occasionally she stopped in to see me. She was talking about getting a divorce. After about a year, I left to take a job with another company. I fell out of touch with Jamie, except for random moments when we would run in to each other. My daughter still took her family down to the restaurant to eat. Sometimes I went along.

We were just getting Lindsay's children settled in their seats and placing an order for drinks when I felt a tap on my back. I turned around to find Jamie standing behind me smiling. She had just stopped in to visit her old co-workers. She gave me the news that she and her husband had just gotten back together. I congratulated her, caught up on each others lives, and waited to see if she would mention anything about the possibility of a baby. She didn't. I didn't either.

About a year after that encounter, Lindsay called me to say she had been down at the restaurant the evening before, and Jamie had stopped in to show off her brand new baby boy! As Lindsay held the baby and she commented that she hadn't known Jamie was expecting a baby. She asked her if she had known what she was having before the baby came. According to Lindsay she said, “No, but your mom did.”

During the early days of my employment at the restaurant, I had just finished reading a book called “Journey of Souls.” I had kept it in my car whenever I went anywhere so that I had something to read if I had time to kill. That year, I had agreed to work late on New Year's Eve, and wasn't scheduled to leave until midnight. I never read at work unless I'm off the clock, but for some reason, when I grabbed my purse off the front seat of my car, I picked up the book too. I didn't realize I had it in my hand until I was inside and hanging up my coat. I didn't have time to take it back out to my car, so I found a place under a counter and went to work. It was around 11:30 and I was getting things cleaned up and put away when one of the daily regulars came in through the doors.

The restaurant was a family restaurant but still had a counter running across the front of the dining room. I was behind the counter filling and restocking when the woman came up and took a seat. I had only waited on her a few times because she only came during the day and was usually leaving right as I was coming on. I was surprised to see her.

I asked what brought her in that night considering that it was New Year's Eve and it appeared to me like she was dressed up to be somewhere special. She ordered a cup of coffee and explained that she was feeling out of sorts. She had been invited to her sister's home but didn't want to ruin everyone's holiday. Only four days before, a very dear friend of hers had died unexpectedly and she was missing her friend.

The words were no sooner out of her mouth, than I got a glimpse of a man standing behind her with his hand on her shoulder. The image was really just a kind of flash. I didn't say anything to her about it, as I listened to her talk about how much she was going to miss him. She didn't say so, but I got the feeling that he was more than just a friend, even though the man I saw had to be a good 15 years younger than her, and she was just entering her 70's, though she didn't really look it.

I never loan out my books. I've had too many instances where they don't get returned to me. But on that night, I walked over to the book I'd put under the counter and brought it out. I never even gave a thought to the idea that she might not appreciate the contents inside. I hardly knew the woman, didn't even know her name. But that didn't cause hesitation. I simply knew she was the reason I had carried the book inside.

I laid it on the counter and told her to take it home and read it because it would help her to understand. I only asked that she return it to me when she was finished. She looked at me in amazement as she picked up the book, turning it over to read the information on the back. Then she smiled and introduced herself.

Maryanne told me that she had felt drawn to me from the first time I had waited on her. She had a keen interest in the paranormal and all things metaphysical, though she claimed she had never personally experienced any of the things of which she read. She wondered out loud if it was because, somehow, we were able to pick up on the similarities of interest.

I had no doubt that things happened just as they should. I learned that there are no coincidences. That all things happen for a very specific reason. We may be able to control how and when they happen if we put our free will into the equation, but if there is a lesson to learn or a karmic debt to pay, we've already made the decision to make it happen in the chosen life. One way or another, Maryanne and I would have met.

These examples of clairvoyance and claircognizance were rather unexpected for me. I knew and believed that anyone could do it, but I wasn't expecting to have incidents happen spontaneously. I wondered if it was going to become a common occurrence or if it would pass once I'd learned whatever lesson I was to be learning. I wondered how common it might become if I actually put some effort into becoming good at getting information in such a way.

I knew that there was even more just waiting for me. There was no way I had learned everything, yet. I wondered how long it would be until I moved along to my next stop.

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