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What is Life?... A Quest that never ends.

Updated on April 9, 2020
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I love reading books. For me, life is full of ups and downs. To live life fully is an art.One has to learn it.


Life is a quest, every day we open a new page and get new experience.

What is life...?

It is really very hard to define life in words. Its meaning depends on people to people. Many eminent scholars have tried to weave it in words. For Shakespeare "Life is like a stage. Human beings are actors and actresses; they come and perform their act and leave." An eminent philosopher said, “Life is like a journey, we are passenger and when we reach to our destination, we alight." So it changes according to views and thinking of person. For some it is full of joy, while for others it is not a bed of roses, for some others it is a mixture of experience.

And their definition encourages them to lead their life in their own way. Some wants to live life fully, some think it is to perform duties properly, some think it is merely for enjoyment. . . Actually it is like half glass water and it depends on us how we see it. But one thing is sure we must live our life in a very lively way, because it is the most precious gift (of God).

Many questions arise in our mind time to time. When we are happy, we thank God that He made us, when we suffer, we start cursing why we get a human body? Many more questions strike in our mind simultaneously. Why God made this world, Why He made us, why living beings are there, why earth is earth, why we exist, and why we die? Why this process is going on for thousand years? When it will end up ? etc. etc.

These are some questions that can help to define life, although it is another matter that they cannot be defined too. We can only predict according to our own experience. Of course, the definitions given by philosophers are their predictions only too. They write what they experience and help us to find out the real meaning of life. We follow what we like and try to live with those people who have the same thinking. So in other way, we limit ourselves in a group and start criticizing others, who do not follow us or our group. And from here division starts. Even life starts having many branches. These branches further divides into many more branches and this becomes one of the biggest reason of the division of the world. From this point life loses its true meaning.

Life is really a very beautiful gift of God. We must be thankful to Him that He made us human being. He gave us a chance to set examples for other; He gave us a chance to live life happily, to experience its different aspects, and to add our definition in its dictionary. But many of us, do not respect this beautiful gift and end our life in fury. I mean to those people who commit suicide because of any reason. Everybody has to die, God has given us certain time to perform our duty, to live life happily, to have different experience and of course to win, to feel it deeply. How anyone can finish it just because of some hurdles. It is a crime, a crime against God.

Our attitude and thinking play decisive role in our life. There is only one need to change our attitude and everything will become beautiful. For this, we can follow some good quotes given by great people. We can learn from their experience and add it in our knowledge. So before doing anything or giving any definition we must think once whether it will be useful for us or not.

Life is really very beautiful. We can open it one by one and every layer gives us some new experience.

So live and let live.


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