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Questions To Aid The Reborn

Updated on March 11, 2018
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In mid 1973 Elijah was conceived spiritually, directed to reread the Bible, to note contradictions and questioned what was written.

The Way of a Reborn
The Way of a Reborn | Source


The Bible’s primary message is an explanation of earth’s events and to get it one must have a clear picture of what its stories are saying. Most who call themselves Christian cannot give anyone a logical picture of what the book’s beginning is saying therefore I am presenting some questions I asked of the scriptures for my understanding of them. I began to ask these types of understanding causing questions just after my new conception led me to read it while questioning every detail that wasn’t logical based on the things I see on earth.

I was raised Christian, had read it through twice but had no logical understanding of its stories presented as its foundation nor many others. Without that knowledge and because I had accepted its preachers and teachers interpretation I could not see its cycle, only a beginning and ending. Therefore I am giving others the benefit of my spiritual fetus’ experiences. So remember, I had a knowing of what was in it, you may not, is why I’m bringing concepts from other places for your sake.

Why Do Man Need The New Birth

The concepts of born again, new birth or rebirth derived from a conversation where the Christ said you must be born again to a religious leader who didn’t comprehend his meaning nor did he reveal what it constitutes. Because he was talking to a leader of people I must suppose Christ expected him to know what he was referring to although he didn’t and we don’t. Since Paul told the Romans the invisible things of him, from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made it must mean there is something created to reveal it to us, which I have found.

Birth itself is a morphing. Animated beings begin the birthing process with a sperm meeting an egg, which over time is born a member of the specie. The self-reproducing environment has some animals giving birth to beings that go through another morphing to become something somewhat like the first but living and doing totally different things. The example I prefer to use is tadpoles becoming frogs.

Frogs lay their eggs in water that hatch into tadpoles living in water by breathing and eating various life-types in it. After a time four nobs can be seen has began to grow and tails shortens until they are frogs unable to breath water and require a different food source. We call that transition a metamorphosis and I believe is what the Christ called new birth was the same.

Using that as the model for new birth where do we find what necessitates man’s?

Genesis established man of both genders whose only duty was to multiply and replenish [again produce many] and have dominion [exceed the ability (old KJV)] over the earth and all things hereon. That shows frogs, in comparing tadpoles to Adam, can spend extensive time in water but it’s life is not lived as the tadpole, thus Adam, his descendants and all who intermarried with the daughters or men, as Adam’s descendants are called at the flood, was not to have dominion powers, only Noah and his family who represent dominion given man. Therefore we have, as Isaiah 52:14 reading in part, his visage [appearance] was so marred [changed] more than any man, and his form [way of living] more than the sons of men: as the Christ who has nothing about his looks and living that is anything like civilized men are known to be which would require a morphing to achieve. By reading the Adam story it is clear he lived without clothing himself from the weather, the need of a shelter, processing his food and the multitude of other requirements civilized man are dependent on was a morphing so it would require another morphing to return man to such living.


If I remember correctly, my first question was how could something be created without form and void of what?

I had read in Revelation “waters represent multitudes, people, nations and tongues” so when god moved upon the face of the waters, said let there be light and then divided the waters above from below the firmament did that waters mean people since on the next day the waters were divided and plants grew?

Could separating the waters above the firmament from below be considered a rapture from Revelation 21's civilization?

On the fourth day the sun moon and stars were put in place for signs, seasons, days and years so why the signs?

Do signs mean Zodiac or for revealing earth’s plight?

Man, both genders, were created with instructions to replenish the earth, have dominion [“exceed the ability of” by definition] over earth and everything hereon and to eat only from vegetation, so why do man eat animals?

Why did chapter two say there were no plants on earth after their appearing on the third day?

Why was a single man formed from the dust when both genders were already made?

Why was a tree of life and of the knowledge of good and evil in the garden?

What vision do I get about the tree of life?

How did it look?

What vision does the tree of the knowledge of good and evil give you?
Does it give you a vision of a tree with two different fruit?

Do you have a vision of a tree without fruit because you have never seen such fruit or tree?

Doesn’t the first noun after tree, knowledge, make it the tree’s name?

How does one eat knowledge?

Doesn’t it suggest eating by the intellect and something told to man but not concrete?

Can you visualize what Adam did in the garden before Eve?

Didn’t he name the birds and animals?

Didn’t that required observing them in depth?

Didn‘t he see some living in groups?

Weren’t some mating?

Weren’t some being born?

Weren’t some eating others and how many other observations could he have had?

How would observing those things make Adam feel?

How did he know about the operation that caused the statement he made after it?

How is it possible for two bodies to become one by leaving their parents?

How were they living before eating the fruit since Daniel 4:1-33 represents both, this and Revelation 21’s, civilizations’ destructions and Nebuchadnezzar their survivors?

Doesn’t that reveal why we human comfort ourselves with stuff?

Have you watched hairy animals mating?

Don’t they only mate when the girls are in heat?

Why did Adam and Eve become ashamed?

Wasn’t their shame a metamorphosis or rebirth like tadpoles to frogs that made the specie man into a sub-specie human, aka, woman?

Why did they have to leave the garden?

What does the flame for protecting the garden's reentry represent?

What does the sword for protecting the garden's reentry represent?

Can you see why Adam and Eve left the garden in their own coats of skin?

Why didn’t they have children prior to leaving the garden?

Wouldn’t a rebirth eliminate the multitude of judgments like good and evil?

Would it not require a rebirthing to return to the garden’s ecological life by returning into man again?

Wouldn’t surviving civilization’s end (Matthew 24:13) be the same as returning to the garden?

Are you Born Again and prepared to live ecologically?

Do these questions cause you to rethink your view of the Bible's creation?

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