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Quotes of a Master #12

Updated on October 15, 2019
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I like to come at things from a different angle. Usually if we take some words and apply them to ourselves we can then apply to the world.

The Name is Rose

Just for fun my son and I called roses "pops" for a bit. They were still roses.
Just for fun my son and I called roses "pops" for a bit. They were still roses. | Source

Please Have Some Fun

The number was just picked, that number means nothing. It was back in 2014 I did these. It seems to me from what I have observed that numbering stuff like “how much” money, only gets us into some trouble. Now don’t get me to be drastic here. A little girl needs a 5th birthday party. I like knowing what time it is, kind of. I have 16 Hawaiian shirts in my collection, and forgive me, I am proud of that. Check this crazy one out; I caught my young son counting how many farts he could have in a day. Oh well that is nothing to change your life about unless you get addicted to counting. And I do like numbers for chapters or a series.

We are chosen. Yet we are not chosen. We choose. What good is there in being chosen if we do not choose to be chosen? To return the love of choice is to lift another up to make the choice of love.

Life is a dance and you get to check in and pick the rhythm. You get to choose the tempo. Will you pick an upbeat one and dance with me. Here we go.

I have sailed in 3 seas. But the only important one was when I lifted my sails and overcame resistance.

There is a blank slate easel in my head each moment, I can start the painting over anytime I choose. My mother taught me that.

Greatness is greatness. Nothing more and nothing less.

A goal is fantastic. Fantastic is a great goal.

Some say love comes and goes, to that I say bullshit.

I seldom “do” dance, dance does me.

Don’t fall into love, be in love, in this there is no place to fall.

An infant’s hand is not to hold, it is to caress.

Full is full, please fill it.

There is a season for everything? Perhaps we create them ourselves.

Let me know when you are in hell, I want to hear all about it.

Let me know when you are in heaven, I want to hear all about it.

If I do well, will you drink my water? Perhaps if I do love you might as well.

Every day is a bed of roses, so is it is our spiritual duty to prepare for thorns.

Without work to do I tend not to work.

Some folks suggest to forget yesterday and just move forward. I would rather not, yesterday was great.

I have a tough time doing gardening, but a tougher time just laying down to relax.

Quote This Lady

Sometimes The Best Route Leads Nowhere

This one is a real heart attack training hill.
This one is a real heart attack training hill. | Source

Why Me? We Ask.

“You should” is my favorite joke.

“Can I help” is my favorite prayer.

“But” indicates a desire not to fulfill.

“Butt” makes kids laugh. (I better move my butt and get back to gardening)

I figure XOXOXO is in my top 10 favorite words.

I love excuses, I am just running out of excuses to use them.

Momma did not raise a fool, I did it all on my own thank you very much.

Sex is something I just don’t get. Good luck figuring out what that means.

It is said that children are our best teachers, maybe we should grow up.

If love is the last bastion I would hate to see the first, or maybe I have.

A sentence should be seen as no more than part of the conversation.

Never read a sentence without the whole chapter.

I have failed my whole life, I wonder what failure looks like, I just don’t see it in the mirror.

Have I loved as much and as deeply as I should have? Nope.

Probably just me but I like ‘passed on’ better than ‘dead’ as a noun or a verb. Aren’t both action?

Professionals now say we have at least 14 senses. Hell’s bells and cocker shells I would settle for common sense.

I know a homeless man with no feet. Sometimes I push him around. He laughs that I have to walk.

Why do I sometimes get happy with sad music?

My brother called me an idiot. Fantastic he recognized me as a real person.

Mom told me not to be nice. ‘it is more important to be right’, and I still don’t get it.

Piece is a part, peace is a whole.

Great Place

The hike to get to nowhere is sometimes brutal and worth it.
The hike to get to nowhere is sometimes brutal and worth it. | Source

Is It The Music or Youth That Makes It Great - Or Both?

Actually "Goodbye" is a Cool Word

Now I had a health coach she was awesome. But she fired me.

Life does not go on, we go on and life follows us around.

My son and I decided that anger is hell, not other’s but ours.

Sobriety can happen when you are drunk, sobriety is not prejudiced.

Drunkenness can happen without a drink, drunkenness is not prejudiced.

The final countdown is more often our dryer than a spaceship launch. Especially if we want to wear what is in it.

Settle is a good word to think on when looking at stars.

Money makes sense. My wife says it is good sense. Count me in tomorrow.

My dad read the newspaper and smoked on the toilet. My son watches a computer deal while pooping. Seems it all comes out the same.

My boy will give me a haircut, if he messes up I will go get a haircut. Maybe next time. Life.

Do not love someone, love them.

A buddy said I was non-denominational. I get it. It is a good label. But I really am any-denominational. Never met a group that did not like me.

Someone told me I did not get Christ and His teachings. She is right.

Never met a horse, and I have met plenty, that I did not want to hug.

How come we give our pets human names? Or do we give humans pet’s names?

If I were satisfied with life I would be done.

If I were satisfied with myself then I would be done.

Now here is a fun thing about these. Someone will tell me that one makes no sense at all. And on the same one someone will say that they needed to hear that. Some are commentary on our hypocrisy so if you think they make no sense just look at our society. Some are just so stupid they make us laugh.

Merry Christmas Today


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