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Quotes to keep us going when the going gets tough

Updated on February 5, 2013
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It has been said that we can truly behold the true character of someone when he/she is faced with adversity or are in possession of power. How many times have we seen and experienced the best and worst in us when we face disasters and when times are tough?

Many of us often blame God or other people for our current situation when it is bad but neglect to see that God and/or other people too have been there for us to get us out of a tough spot.

Some Helpful Quotes

  • Never fear for our futures and purpose have already been written
  • Change your perception and you can change the world
  • The law of attraction : Perceive the positive and it will come to you
  • Be Grateful for all that you have and Give thanks each day
  • If you have your health, you are luckier than most
  • It is the simple things in life that matter, everything else will fall into place
  • Worry will not help solve any problem, Do the best you can
  • Start with a Smile to attract positive energy to your life



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